China`s `Heavenly River` – Re-Thinking Solutions to Water

Fascinating project being developed in China to reverse problems in water-restricted areas by moving large quantities of water ( as water vapour) through the sky! This is an example of weather modification/geo engineering being used for positive, progressive purposes.

Wang Guangqian, academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of Qinghai University, delivers a speech on Sept. 9, 2016. ( Tianfu)

Source: LaRouchePAC Live

China’s ‘Heavenly ‘River’ • Future of Water

Streamed live on 17 Nov 2016

New Paradigm for Mankind Show – November 17, 2016 — The regional government of China’s Qinghai province is investigating a proposal to transfer significant volumes of water through the sky, calling this the “tianhe” or “Heavenly River.”

This very interesting project represents the next stages of mankind’s management and development of the global water cycle, and points to a future of water security and abundance.…



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