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Adaptation Is the Answer

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The Chinese, Russians, and Koreans are building far more nuclear plants than we are doing in the west, and for much lower costs. There are also investment opportunities in the fuel cycle, that France is already a leader in, and the development of … Read the rest

Multipolar Reality with Matthew Ehret: The Fantasy & Reality Shaping the West

Source: Canadian Patriot Press

1 August 2023

In this week’s episode of The Multipolar Reality on Rogue News, Matt and V discuss the world geopolitical terrain and then conduct a deep dive into the fraud of mathematical thinking Read the rest

How the Earth’s Climate Is Changing and Why

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How the Earth’s Climate Is Changing and Why

Prof. Carl-Otto Weiss — Prof. Weiss is Advisor to the European Climate and Energy Institute (EIKE); Professor and Director, German Federal Institute of Metrology, Germany. This is the prepared text as edited of his presentation.


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Pourquoi il est dans l’intérêt stratégique des nations européennes de coopérer avec le Sud global

Jacques Cheminade, Président de Solidarité & Progrès, France : « L’émergence du Sud planétaire contre les blocs géopolitiques »

Source: Institut Schiller

19 Juillet 2023


2ème session de la conférence de l’Institut Schiller de Read the rest

CITIZENS INSIGHT – ASIC: The most dysfunctional agency in Australia – John Adams

Source: Australian Citizens Party

CITIZENS INSIGHT – ASIC: The most dysfunctional agency in Australia – John Adams John Adams returns to CITIZENS INSIGHT to discuss the latest developments around the investigation of ASIC.

Economist, Read the rest

CITIZENS REPORT 6/7/2023 – Deliberate deception to destroy essential services / 3 Others

included in this episode: Ukraine threat to blow up the nuclear power plant : WMDs deja vu! Why the central banks are above the law. Genuine competition for the big banks

Source: Australian Citizens Party

8 July … Read the rest