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Globalists Hold South Africa`s Power Producer to Ransom

Globalists Hold South Africa`s Power Producer to Ransom

by PD Lawton     28 October 2022

Recently announced facts, make it clear that the Globalists behind the Green New Deal/Great Reset, are indeed holding Eskom, South Africa`s power utility, to ransom.

South Africans are being threatened with increasing levels of power outages, … Read the rest

Eskom is robbing South Africans

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She added that Eskom is neglecting the base load because it is said the CEO has completely given up on Eskom power generation plants and that Andre de Ruyter has, in few instances, referred to Eskom as a “dead horse”.

Watch: ‘Eskom is robbing South Africans’

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Overcoming Geopolitical and Ideological Barriers to International Development Financing

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Nearly all energy policies being pursued under the guise of stopping “climate change” either ignore or misrepresent the science of energy, both by refusing to promote nuclear energy—the greatest CO2-free energy source—and by making impossible claims about the potential to develop a Read the rest

Implications of a new global reserve currency for BRICS counties

 highly informative interview. Redge Nkosi explains that being a key member of the BRICS alliance puts South Africa in a very optimistic and positive place. Professor Everisto Benyera points out that Gadaffi was murdered because he wanted to change African currency to a gold based system of real value.

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Chinese Built Railway Can`t Break Even in 50 Years – Kenyan Transport Minister

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“African countries are not just grappling with Chinese debt repayment, because African countries overall owe more to private sector creditors than to China,” he said. They are “having to juggle debt repayment to all their creditors, including Chinese creditors.”

Of the $696 billion owed by African Read the rest

OIC, African Group Revive Dakar-Port Sudan Railway Project

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“Ambassador Hameed Opeloyeru, the then OIC Assistant Secretary General for Economic Affairs, announced an alliance with the African Union as the sponsor of the Dakar-Djibouti transport project, which is similar to the OIC scheme.”

“The Dakar-Port Sudan railroad project, which OIC unveiled during the Islamic Summit … Read the rest

“Stopping Ethiopia from Entering the Era of Industrialization”- Mekki Elmograbi

Seasoned Sudanese academic and journalist, Mekki Elmograbi talks to OBN Future Africa on the manufacturing of war on Ethiopian soil in order to stop Ethiopians going forward with industrialization of their economy. Excellent interview

Source: OBN Oromiyaa [ Oromia Broadcasting Network]

Future Africa

12 October 2022… Read the rest