Britain`s Fake News, Fake Democracy and Fake Politicians

Source: UK Column

UK Column News – 21st February 2017

Published on 21 Feb 2017

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Mark Anderson and Justin Walker for today’s news update, including:

START: The attacks on Donald Trump reach ever greater heights including suggestion by the FT that he should be “brought down”
12:00 Comments on the death of Vitaly Churkin – silence from Britain
13:55 Mainstream media promotes cannibalism
16:00 Immigration in the US
23:45 EU moves to create directive on “tax avoidance” – a step towards a globalised tax system?
28:50 The lie of no money
40:00 More fake news from the Daily Mail on Edward Heath child abuse allegations
43:45 Attack on childrens minds by the BBC

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