Africa Urgently Needs America to be Great Again—A Letter to the President-Elect & American People

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Africa Urgently Needs America to be Great Again—A Letter to the President-Elect & American People

December 28, 2016
South Africa and United States of America flags in preparation for a working visit by President Obama to the Republic of South Africa. Photo: GovernmentZA

A New Year’s Message to President-Elect Trump and the American People

I am Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane, the spokesperson for the LaRouche movement here in the Republic of South Africa. In my greeting to you, President-elect Donald J. Trump, and to the American people, I believe I am expressing the hopes of my fellow South African citizens, and of all Africans, for your success.

Mr. Trump: You are coming into office riding an international wave of popular opposition to, and rejection of the powerful elite which has run the collapsing trans-Atlantic financial empire and its failed policies, which have left most of the world, including much of your nation, in economic ruin. Two terms of misdirection by President Barack Obama has brought America to the brink of military confrontation and possible thermonuclear war with Russia and China, which no sane person desires. Obama has launched regime-change wars and has supported and armed terrorists, murdering populations at a genocidal rate around the globe. I can tell you frankly that the United States of Barack Obama, his clone (and your defeated opponent) Hillary Clinton, and the Bushes, whose policies Obama copies, is reviled around the globe and here in Africa for those policies, and he is supported only by the flunkies of the dying Anglo-American empire.

But coming from the East, at the direction of Presidents Putin in Russia and Xi of China, are important initiatives which, if properly understood and joined by yourself and the American people, can reverse the curse of Obama, who is really no more than a puppet of the evil British Queen and her oligarchical retinue. We now have an opportunity to literally build a new future for all of mankind—one that can rapidly lead to a new era of cooperation among nations—ending the geopolitics and competition that pit peoples and nations against each other for the benefit of the degenerate monetarists and their empire of money. We must make all mankind rich in a future of creative discoveries, of breakthroughs in science that will drive civilization as a whole towards leaps in progress.

Such a world, until recently, could only be dreamed of by great men, such as your own Martin Luther King, Jr., and our father, Nelson Mandela, but which Wall Street and the City of London conspired to crush.

The creation of the BRICS alliance, of which my nation is a proud member, with its commitment to deploy massive amounts of credit for what is called large-scale ‘infrastructure’ development, as in China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ policy, is the seed crystal for a new global system, one that ends the enforced under-development in Africa and elsewhere. This policy is wholly American in its origin and is based on the American System of physical economy, as designed by your first Treasury Secretary, the great Alexander Hamilton (see his Four Reports to Congress); he understood that all value is generated by the continuous improvement in human productive labor. It has been the explicit policy of the leading modern advocate of Hamilton’s system, the statesman Lyndon LaRouche, world’s leading physical economist.

LaRouche’s ‘update’ of Hamilton, as laid out in his ‘Four Laws’, rejects the monetarist system’s treatment of men as beasts, as a herd that is to be culled by a self-appointed elite, and instead makes the continuous realization of man’s creative potential the principal force in the universe for change for the good. Government—all governments—must act from the principle which is the linchpin of your own Constitution: that all policy must serve the General Welfare, now, by acting now to improve the future condition of all people, not just some decadent oligarchical elite.

What is actually being proposed by the Chinese and Russians is a policy of mutual benefit and improvement which serves the principle of the General Welfare, whose modern advocacy can be traced directly to the work of Mr. LaRouche and his wife, the ‘Silk Road Lady’, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, over the last 50 years. As I said, this is really an ‘American’ policy, in the tradition of Hamilton, Henry Carey, Abraham Lincoln, and in the last century, Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy.

It is truly not only in America’s real interest, but it is also its historic mission, as bequeathed by Hamilton and your Founding Fathers, to lead the world revolution against British monetarism and its beastman policies, the which must invariably lead to population collapse, because such an anti-human economy can never support and sustain even existing population levels, especially under conditions of financial collapse. Today, unless such policies are reversed, Africa faces a deliberate and predictable genocide on a scale that would make the British-initiated golem, Adolf Hitler, blush with envy. We, in Africa, look at the new initiatives coming from fellow BRICS members Russia and China, for nuclear energy deployment and other infrastructure, as not merely desirable but essential for our survival.

But, if we are to find our way to a future of peace and progress, we must reach out to you, Mr. Trump and to your great American republic, and ask that you, too, help lift us away from the beckoning abyss. We Africans do not beg. We simply ask that you resume the true mantle of greatness for which your nation was created, in revolution against the servitude of British imperialism. Let America join with the world’s other great continental powers, Russia and China, in placing human creative development at the center of a new era of peace and development, and we will have both.

In the 1980s, when he ran for President of your nation, Mr. LaRouche offered a televised message that depicted a future Earth colony on Mars led by an American woman scientist. This expression of a mission for mankind was crushed by the successive Bush governments and the government of the Bush clone, Obama, that have destroyed your manned space programme. But the time has come to once again dream great dreams, and to place Man outside and off of this small planet, and into the universe in search of new discoveries and knowledge. It is my hope that, with the help of the American people, the `Woman on Mars’ might be African!

In offering our hand in friendship, we Africans understand—especially in this time of year when we reflect on our humanity and the essential goodness of mankind—that your help for us and others in need in the world, also helps your own nation, not only in a partnership for economic development, but on the spiritual plane, as we all become better human beings. It is, therefore, in the spirit of the ecumenism of this season that we seek true `peace on Earth and goodwill towards all men and women’ everywhere.

So, I greet the American people and remind them that the world needs you to become the great people that Hamilton, Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Kennedy urged you to be. And to you, President-elect Trump, I extend the hand of friendship from Africa, and wish you success in your oft-stated goal of making America the great nation that it was intended to be and must be, once again.

—Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane
23 December 2016

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