A Tutsi-Hima Conspiracy, as above so below

A Tutsi-Hima Conspiracy, as above so below

In the early 1990s, an underground document began circulating in the Great Lakes. It was the minutes of a meeting held by Yoweri  Museveni`s government. The document detailed a conspiracy of the Hima- Tutsi elite, the Master Plan for the control of Uganda.

It has been ridiculed as conspiracy theory and likened to the Protocols of Zion, another document which details a conspiracy but a conspiracy for world domination.


excerpts of the document:


The Chairman, H.E. welcomed the Basita Clan and other clans present in his home. He briefed members present the purpose of the meeting and thanked organizers for a good job done. He told members that the only opportunity they have is this one when he is still President. He directed Hope Kivengyere to act as a link between his office and these people at grass roots. He told them that they were few in number and that he fought to liberate them so that they could be heard in society and Uganda at large. He reminded them of the need to have a master plan for at least fifty years if the Hima clan is to remain vibrant and rich. H.E. told his listeners that if they cannot use the opportunity maximally, their daughters and sons would blame them in future. At this function he revealed to them a scheme and plan of action in order for them to achieve their desired goals as: To have the highest education qualifications during his term of office for their children. To make sure they are the richest people in Uganda with the 50 years master plan. To make sure they control the army and have the highest ranks in the army. To ensure that they take charge of all the resources in the country. To ensure none of those not concerned, not to know about the action plan. Every one of them was directed to recruit the Bahima boys to join the army so that they could dominate the ISO, PPU, ESO and Military Police as this would assist in the resisting of other tribes that would attempt to take power by the use of force. …………..

The chairman informed the members to unite so that they could remain the only kings in the region. He said that the master plan couldn’t be achieved unless 80% of their youths are properly trained and equipped with the best necessities to maintain these issues. At this juncture the chairman directed Mr. Elly Karuhanga to take charge of educating the sons and daughters and send them abroad in countries such as India, England, America and South Africa. Karuhanga accepted the responsibility without hesitation. The chairman also directed Mr. Kirimani to take charge of educating the daughters and sons internally, especially to ensure that he put up special school in Nyabushozi to cater for the interests of the group, On this note Mr. Kutesa suggested to upgrade Bunyanyeru Resettlement School from Nursery up to Secondary, which was passed with no arguments


The way Forward: a) Deny other people access to economic resources through: i. Overtaxing individuals and companies, which don’t belong to our people and protect those of our people. ii. Destroying co-operative societies and unions. iii. Selling Parastatals and public enterprises that others don’t gain from them. iv. Commercialize education and health services. b) Our people to be employed in lucrative public offices from which they should reap maximally while being protected from prosecution. c) Destruction of the economic, military and political will of Northern and Eastern Uganda. d) Immediate return of non-political Kabaka of Buganda while we promote disunity among the Buganda. e) Uniting all Bahima in the Great Lakes Region and awakening their political, military and economic process. f) Participating in the exploitation of economic resources of rich neighboring states. g) Making strategic alliances with whatever power in the world that will enhance achievement of this plan.


The 1990s was the start of globilization and the rise to power of a particularly unpleasant and ruthless network of individuals hell bent on the complete corporatization of national government and the implementation of a corporate totalitarian world government. The globalists see their mission as the culmination of the New World Order where the entire world is run by corporations under a profit based business model. Globalists appear to be a rogue geo-political element but they are nothing more than the British East India Company aka the British Empire`s last desperate bid to rule the world. The globalists are all connected to the banks of the City of London and Wall Street.

1993 and Bill Clinton became president, head of the American globalist faction. His ties and fondness of Paul Kagame are well known.He was a Rhodes Scholar to the Rothschilds’ Cambridge University and attended Bilderberger meetings.He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, both are the American version of Chatham House (Royal Institute for International Affairs) and are the political vehicles of British control over American foreign policy.

2001 was the 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers in Manhattan, USA. The event justified America`s subsequent wars of aggression disguised as wars of liberation for democracy.George Baby Bush called it America`s War on Terror but it has been America`s War of Terror across the world on behalf of the cartel that is the City of London. 2003 brought the destruction of Iraq followed in 2011 by that of Libya. The globalists have failed to destroy Syria thanks to the Russian intervention under Pres.Putin.

In Somalia, under Clinton, the globalists took military control over Somalia with Operation Restore Hope. Somalia has been an occupied state ever since and starting with its Transitional Government has been run by and for the corporate interests of the City of London. Somalia has vast oil reserves and is a geographically strategic state.

In Sierra Leone civil war raged between 1991 -2002 and resulted in the complete re-colonization of Sierra Leone by Britain.The war has been called Tony Blair`s `Good War.` Tony Blair is another key globalist responsible for the destruction of Iraq.

Liberia was at war from 1989-1997 and again 1999 -2003. and resulted in the presidency of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who held positions in Citibank, the World Bank and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) .Liberia remains desperately poor.

Between 1983 and 2005 Sudan was at civil war which finally resulted in its partition and the creation of the pseudo state of South Sudan in 2011.Violence still continues. Roger Winter of the US State Department got John Garang`s SPLA into power in South Sudan and Paul Kagame in power in Rwanda. Within days of the inauguaration of Salva Kiir, nearly 50% of South Sudan`s oil rights were awarded to City of London globalist king pin corporation – Glencore.

Elsewhere in Africa, Empire re-took control over Mali 2012 and Central African Republic in 2012 and on-going. In Cote D`Ivoire Pres. Gbagbo`s genuinely democratically elected government was violently replaced by the globalist candidate Alassane Ouattara in 2010.

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the king pin of the City of London`s control over the Great Lakes.Uganda has been used as the globalists army in East and Central Africa.

Museveni was complicit in the RPF invasion and coup of Rwanda and the subsequent Rwandan invasion of the DRC.


“The conflict in the African Great Lakes is becoming a revealing example of who these great ‘philanthropists’ are that run the world and are leading it towards disaster, and of how they act.

The most powerful individuals who run the multinationals, finance, politics and the media are either the instigators of or the essential collaborators in the great “reordering” of that region. This reordering has been agreed on at a level that exceeds that of the individual states, regardless of how powerful these states are. At the same time, the general and scandalous position taken by the media with regard to this conflict cannot be explained except by decisions taken at the level of the most influential chief editors. Many others have been unable to stray from the official version for fear of exclusion from the game.

Practically all of the personages who have occupied key positions in this conflict form part of powerful clubs such as the Trilateral Commission. These are clubs that are closely linked to one another and are “beyond” political institutions, they are either above these political institutions or they constitute their most secret core.” quote from:

Joan Carrero, president of the S’Olivar Foundation from Mallorca and promoter of the International Forum for Truth and Justice in the African Great Lakes.




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