A Special Message for Those Who Wish to See Our Nation Succeed

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A Special Message for Those Who Wish to See Our Nation Succeed

by Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane

There Is No Turning Back Now— The Turn to the East Cannot Be Reversed

As the leader of the LaRouche movement in South Africa, I, Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane, offer to all patriotic South Africans this special message, appropriate for this season, but especially to those who might lead our nation, both now and in the future. I would have our citizens judge such leaders and would-be leaders against what I say here.

The recent national electoral meeting of the ANC has elected Cyril Ramaphosa as its new president, and therefore presumptive successor to our nation’s President, Jacob Zuma. While there has been much commentary about the choice, and the restraints that Mr Ramaphosa might be placed under by the ANC leadership that has been chosen to surround him in the party, that grouping alone is not what will determine the course of our nation.

President Zuma, who should and must remain in office to finish his term, has responded positively to overtures from the East, especially from the Russians and the Chinese, and has allied our nation with forward-reaching policies of global economic development and prosperity, espoused by those two nations and the BRICS alliance that they formed, of which South Africa became a proud participating member nation.

Under President Zuma’s leadership, South Africa has emerged as the leading African representative of the New Economic Paradigm, of which China’s global Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a leading policy. This emerging new paradigm must replace the decadent and collapsing junk-heap of financial speculation, known as the trans-Atlantic dominated ‘financial system’ of the International Monetary Fund—the Anglo-American empire of money—and policies that bring destruction and death to peoples and nations, including our own nation.

The recent trade and development deals with the Chinese and Russians, created on favourable credit terms, including plans for nuclear energy development at home and participation in the global transportation corridors and network of the BRI, hold the promise of finally freeing Africa from neo-colonial subjugation to the City of London and its Wall Street satrapy, which have held Africa and most of the world in a state of enforced under-development.

This New Economic Paradigm has been the life’s work of the greatest American of recent times and the world’s leading physical economist, Lyndon LaRouche, and his wife, Helga, known in China and throughout the world as the ‘Silk Road Lady’, whose movement I am proud to represent and lead in South Africa. The win-win strategy and proposal of China’s President Xi Jinping, supported by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, echo the proposals made over the last more than half century by the LaRouches, rejecting British geopolitics and offering us the only real alternative to the wars and chaos imposed by the collapsing British Empire of money.

Only a fool will not realise that for most of his adult life Mr Ramaphosa has been a loyal servant of the City of London/Wall Street. His controllers would like nothing better than for him to return South Africa again into their evil grip. But the shift eastward has momentum and is really irreversible, as Mr Ramaphosa will no doubt discover. There is no hope of solving any of our economic problems outside of the New Paradigm. All attempts to do so will result in the destruction of those who try. Stated another way, our problems were created by our former slavishness to the old, decadent system, and a return to it will produce nothing but disaster, regardless of what Mr Ramaphosa or his past and would-be current controllers might think or want.

In the coming year, our great nation will assume the rotating chairmanship of the BRICS. Mr Zuma will host important meetings that will include the Chinese and Russian leaders, including Presidents Xi and Putin. South Africa will assume its rightful leadership—leadership that was the dream and legacy of our beloved father, Nelson Mandela. This new reality is a force far more compelling and more important than either Jacob Zuma or Cyril Ramaphosa. The eyes of the world will find themselves resting intently on what we do now, with our imperfect leaders. The hopes of future generations yet unborn will depend on what we do now.

Those future generations will demand, as we must do now, that our leaders rise to the occasion. Mr Zuma shall lead the way. Mr Ramaphosa, should he be elected President in the general election in 2019, must follow that lead. The future demands it.

In this season, when we turn our hearts and minds to thoughts of peace and good will towards our fellow men and women, let us commit ourselves to realising these thoughts by bringing the New Economic Paradigm into being. Thus it is with great hope that I look towards a new year when this beautiful dream can and must be realised. With a hope as great as all of Africa, I look forward to the New Year, and to the New World that must come into being. With my best wishes for the season and for the future, I am,

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane

24 December 2017


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