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South Africa May be Undergoing the Greatest Economic and Political Shift Since 1994

South Africa may be undergoing the greatest economic and political shift since 1994

by David Cherry ,        23 January 2022

The near-collapse of Eskom—the beating heart of the country—which had been allowed to happen by a combination of incompetence and oligarchic malevolence, may soon be turned around, thanks to the Read the rest

Ukraine: The Search for Peace

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If our diplomats and media truly had been concerned to prevent war in Ukraine, they would have denounced Ukraine’s disregard for the status of the Crimea in 1995; they would have deplored the 2014 coup d’état; they would have condemned the discrimination against Russian-speaking, … Read the rest

No Famine in Tigray, Govt Did Not Block Aid, says Fmr UNWFP Ethiopia Director

the lies and propaganda against the Ethiopian Government under Abiy Ahmed, sold to the world by the corrupt msm continue to unravel

Source: Hermela TV

19 January 2023

A conversation with Steven Were Omamo, author of Read the rest

Former Australian ambassador John Lander: The fiction of the China ‘threat’

The Western world no longer has minds of this calibre representing Western governments nor as representatives or those working for the UN or UN agencies. The Western political sphere has been infected from the WEF with a materialistic, war-mongering, green anti-human mentality that inverts truth and reason.

Source: Australian Citizens … Read the rest