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Strong Defence Against False Allegations Being Made about Ethiopia

In this  interview by TRT World , Ledet Muleta gives the on- the- ground reality concerning the situation in Addis as the TPLF terrorists continue to approach and threaten the capital.

Ledet Muleta is the Founder of the Global Ethiopian Diaspora Society and  Communications Director of `Ethiopia Shall Continue`.

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President Buhari of Nigeria, Demands More and Reliable Energy for Africa from COP26

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They are using so called environmental concerns to deny African nations the right to eliminate poverty and have access to 1,500 watts of electricity 24 hours a day-7 days a week, like Western nations. Western nations developed because they had access to Read the rest

Why Climate Models Fail—The Truth About Climate Change

Source: LaRouchePAC Videos

Every few years, so-called climate change “experts” are telling us we only have a couple years until this or that disaster will wreck the planet—climate disasters that never come. One of the main justifications for these propaganda scare stories is the continued reliance on garbage climate computer Read the rest

Malthusian Origins of the Climate Change Scare

Source: LaRouchePAC Videos

Hard core advocates of the man-made climate change scare are insisting on policies that would ensure mass suffering, mass death, and lowering the global population. Are those horrific consequences of their policies merely an unforeseen consequence, or was that the intention all along? Join Ben Deniston with Read the rest