Young Rwandan student brutally killed by the State

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Byusa Yassin: Rwandan student kidnapped, killed and burned Kagame’s style

killed kagame style

The story is published by theRwandan. Such cruelty is typical of the RPF regime of president Paul Kagame. We remember some time now the victims of the lac Rweru who were killed then put into plastic bags and were found floating in water. And the purpose is to instil fear in the population, because the assassins could have made it disappear. The question that anyone could raise is: what sin must the boy have committed to merit such fate? Only the perpetrator can tell, because even murderers or rapists get life sentence or death in some places, but they are not burnt. This is Rwanda, the so called “Singapore of Africa” where human life is worthless. It can be burnt like a stick of wood cooking food. The sad side of the story is that the perpetrators of this despicable act will never be found, or those that the public might see will be other victims of the system that authorities will use to cover up.


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