Yesterday Congolese residents were attacked by a large number of  locals in Isipingo, an area south of Durban, KwaZulu Natal. These xenophobic attacks were sparked off by comments made by the Zulu king, King Zwelithini,  last week;  whose statement has since been officially  `re-interpreted`.

isphingo_image_preview Isipingo

The events yesterday followed the murder two weeks ago  of a  Congolese brother Noel Beya Dintshiantshia who was petrol bombed in a xenophobic attack whilst at work as a security guard. He later died of his burns in hospital.

10891856_839090756128967_8140967046060979548_n Mr Noel Beya Dintshiantshia after the attack

King Goodwill Zwelithini commented that it was time for foreigners (Somali, Congolese, Zimbabwean, Rwandan and Malawian economic migrants and refugees in exile) to pack their bags and return home.

The Congolese Solidarity Campaign have repeatedly asked for understanding as to the circumstance which have forced them to be exiled from their home country.S`bu Zikode, president of Abahlali baseMjondolo and the people of Abahlali have stood firmly in solidarity with the Congolese refugee community, participating in rallies and awareness campaigns in an effort to educate South Africans about the  current situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo;  where millions of people have been murdered since the invasion of Zaire in 1996 by the armed forces of Rwandan Paul Kagame and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni; where millions of women have been routinely raped and a nation is expected to live without justice under an hypocrisy of a constitution.

8pip picc

The Congolese Solidarity Campaign during last November`s Awareness Day.

Since the invasion,  the Kinshasa government of DRC has been a proxy Rwandan operation which has targeted its own citizens and reduced millions into extremely harsh socio-economic conditions. Recent revelations from Apareco, the Congolese resistance movement headed by Honore Ngbanda,  have produced documented proof of shattering truths regarding the politics of the DRC.

559701_395563463855369_617470969_nHonore Ngbanda of the Congolese resistance, Apareco

Apareco have documented the Rwandan infiltration of FARDC, the Congolese Armed Forces, by  Rwandan generals and have exposed the existence of the shadow Rwandan government that operates the Kabila regime.Rwanda itself is also to be viewed as a state under occupation by foreign forces as Paul Kagame known as the Butcher of Kigali is being supported by corporate interests whose main aim is the balkanization of the DRC, the Rwandan and Ugandan annexation of Eastern Congo.The corporate interests are foreign based extractives MNCs who operate from the City of London and form what we used to call the British Empire which is a financial empire responsible for the policies of the United Nations, IMF and World Bank.

Despite its many failings the ANC government must be supported in its role as a primary member of the BRICS Nations Development Bank and the policy of progressive energy using nuclear power.Under the BRICS system African nations will be freed from the clutches of financial slavery with development projects such as the Inga3 Dam providing the necessary energy needs of southern  Africa`s flourishing population.The TransAqua Project, another of the BRICS mega development schemes will develop and utilize the water from the Congo River Basin and feed into the diminishing Lake Chad thus supplying the region`s agricultural revival and improving the lives of all nations concerned.

At present the simmering tensions being felt in South Africa are a reflection of two important factors.With the world economy feeling the dead weight of Wall Street and the City of London`s speculative, gambling den of iniquity policies, South African citizens in the vulnerable sectors are now enduring intolerably harsh and impoverished lives within communities wrecked by drug abuse, crime, zero employment , unbeckoning futures and uncaring state policies; life is now difficult in the extreme.Many are now taking out their frustrations on fellow citizens and expressing it through xenophobia.The other factor at work in South Africa is a destabilization program being engineered to bring about regime change in order to derail South Africa`s present position in the BRICS and to return policies back in line with the monetary system of the British whose presence in South Africa are the 5 corporations who are known as the Royal Balcony of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange,  who have enjoyed the wealth from the near slave labor wages and South African legislature which exonerates these corporations from responsibility to the workforce and nation.

As Abahlali baseMjondolo and the Congolese Solidarity Campaign profess, Africans of all nationalities must unite and recognize that their fellow man is not the enemy and not the cause of the struggle for dignity for so many in South Africa; it is an economic system.

DISCLAIMER – ABM and CSC do not necessarily share the geo-political views of this author

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