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LaRouche: Obama Organized an Act of War

November 24, 2015

Lyndon LaRouche today responded to the Turkish shoot-down of a Russian fighter plane by declaring that “Obama organized an act of war, and has thus endangered the United States, as well as all of humanity.”

Qualified American figures have emphasized, in the immediate wake of the Turkish actions, that Turkey’s President Erdogan would never have taken this action if he did not know, in advance, that he had tacit support from Obama. Those sources observed that Obama was furious over the weekend that the French government, under tremendous popular pressure, was moving towards a real alliance with Russia to destroy ISIS. In stark contrast to that sane French response to the Paris attacks of Nov. 13, Obama has renewed his demands that the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Assad must happen immediately, and must precede the actions against the Islamic State.

LaRouche called for Obama’s immediate removal from office, “There can be no more excusing Obama, if mankind is to survive. The way out of WW3 is for honest Americans at every level to denounce the president at every opportunity.”

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