Why Zuma is Right and They are Wrong

Why Zuma is right and they are wrong

Junk status

Banks downgraded


The economic situation in South Africa could not look bleaker !

But hang on a minute – just what the hell is going on ? Is this the real economic situation or is it YET ANOTHER…..

MASKED ECONOMIC WAR on an African country that is no longer playing ball with the City of London?

The media (liberal, puppet press, owned and dictated to by the ruling elite) is calling the Zuma presidency a DISASTER

President Zuma `s years in office are not a disaster . From the day Zuma joined South Africa to the BRICS alliance the history of South Africa CHANGED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER A CENTURY!

Zuma`s presidency is NOT A DISASTER it is HISTORIC. It is the first time this playground belonging to the British financial empire HAS EVER TURNED ROGUE.

Zuma, as unlovable as he is, is the BRAVEST president this country has ever had.

This man, as unlovable as he is, IS A HERO

He does not have the dignity or the appeal of Nelson Mandela but he has fought even against his own party and his once most trusted allies,  to TURN THIS COUNTRY FROM WEST TO EAST.

The lame liberal media of South Africa published yet another article this week condeming Zuma, blaming him for the country`s economic situation. This lame liberal media is the mouth piece of the  empire – part of the Club. It is the club that the Oppenheimers belong to, the Club of Rome, the Club of Paris, the Club of the Isles – a fraternal network centred in the City of London that represents the interests of an oligarchy , of a mere handful of bloodlines who have controlled the finances of the world for far too long . Since the days of Cecil John Rhodes, South Africa has fed its colossal wealth of resources directly into the hands of this ruling elite. The Rothschilds have gorged themselves on this country for over a century. They have gorged themselves on the blood, sweat and tears of this nation.

The ridiculous article that appeared this week suggests that South Africa must look beyond BRICS to improve its foreign policy. Zuma has in fact established the best foreign policy South Africa has ever had! He is taking this country in the only direction there is. That direction IS THE FUTURE. It is a future that for China and Asia ALREADY EXISTS, is already happening, already changinging the lives of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who are choosing to follow Xi Jinping`s Belt and Road Initiative, to follow the NEW SILK ROAD.

The ridiculous article suggests that Zuma is allying himself with countries that have poor human rights records. China in the last three decades,  has lifted 800 million of its citizens OUT OF  POVERTY. If that is not a human right then what is? If Russia was not helping Syria then there would be NO SUCH THING as a human right of any discription in Syria because the country would be run by Western backed terrorists. The NATO states  which operate a mafia-style terrorism thinly disguised as humanitarian intervention have destroyed their enemies, resources-rich rogue states like Iraq and Libya and left those countries in economic ruin, run by puppet terrorists.

Human rights in Africa ?

Is it as the Soros run civil societies would have us believe, gender equality?

Or is it the right to ELECTRICITY? Is it the right to development, industrialization, a right to live with dignity as a part of the modern world, a right to live without  poverty?

The West promises lies, lies and more lies, the fat lie of democracy, the fat lie that overthrew Muammar Gadhafi, that wants to get rid of Assad.

The East, the BRICS alliance, the Belt and Road Iniatitive of Xi Jinping is promising the opposite of lies. It is promising and delivering the most prescient human right in Africa – THE RIGHT TO DEVELOPMENT.

Whoever replaces Zuma is in serious danger of being just another lackey of the City of London, of the British Queen Elizabeth and her Privy Council, another lackey of the IMF and World Bank, Empire`s institutions which have ENSLAVED AFRICA through DEBT, who have withheld any meaningful development and industrialization of the continent since the un-independence days of the 1960s.

If South Africa is to look beyond BRICS to improve its foreign policy then what exactly do they suggest lies beyond BRICS??? More IMF loans, more so-called development aid from Western countries who use that as a ruse to intervene in foreign countries, to manipulate and brainwash. It never was and never will be international development aid – it is an international meddling aid, a soft power tool to destabilize countries and create regime change through colour revolutions.

The BRICS idea and the policy of the Chinese New Silk Road IS THE REVERSE of the IMF. It is the policy of  the City of London turned upsidedown, on its head and chucked out of the window!

The New Silk Road is being built by CREDIT not DEBT. It is a system of MUTUAL BENEFIT AS OPPOSE TO USURY.

President Zuma, you are right and your enemies are wrong.

It is the banking system of Wall Street and the City of London that is MORALLY BANKCRUPT


It is they who have junk status.


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