WHY South Africa is being Destabilized and Zuma Targetted

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David Cherry Inteviewed by Intégration on US Presidential Election


Interview with David Cherry in Intégration, a French-language weekly, issue of Nov. 14, 2016. Intégration is published in Yaoundé, Cameroun, Central Africa. Pages 1 and 6-7.

David Cherry, writer for Executive Intelligence Review.

«In rejecting Hillary Clinton, the American people have driven back the threat of nuclear war»

 Intégration: What do you think the peoples of Africa should expect from Donald Trump, who has just won the presidential election in the USA?

David Cherry: In electing Trump, the American people have rejected the policies of the elites, of the past 25 years and more. That does not mean that our citizens know, or agree on, what the alternative should be. They do not. They elected Trump, but what does Trump stand for? Trump mirrors the electorate in having only rejected something. In many respects, he isn’t sure what he stands for.

What one can say is that, by rejecting Hillary Clinton, the American people have pushed back the threat of nuclear war, at least for the time being. Trump does not regard Russia as the enemy of the United States. This marks him off sharply from the policies of President Obama and Hillary Clinton, who see Russia as an obstacle to their plans to consolidate unipolar world rule. Obama’s provocative actions show that he is capable of triggering a thermonuclear World War III in his contest of wills with Russia.

The election of Trump is part of a sea change around the world, initiated by the fortunate combination of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. It means the rejection of policies formerly hegemonic worldwide. We see that change in China’s New Silk Road policy, in the creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and other new development banks, and in the emergence of the BRICS association of nations. We see it in Germany, in the increasing rejection by German industrial and commercial institutions of Obama’s policy of sanctions against doing business with Russia. We see it in the election of Rodrigo Duterte as President of the Philippines. And we see it in the greater independence of South Africa’s President Zuma, relative to London and Washington.

In the United States, the real work remains to be done—the work of building an understanding among the people of what is needed to bring the human species to a higher level of moral, physical, and cognitive existence. The movement of Lyndon and Helga LaRouche, which I represent as a contributor to Executive Intelligence Review, is dedicated to doing just that. Lyndon LaRouche (in his “Four Laws”) provides a foundation, by calling for Glass-Steagall separation of commercial banking from speculative banking; establishment of a national bank as Alexander Hamilton defined it; use of a federal credit system to increase employment, productivity, and living standards; and a science driver for the economy in the form of a crash program to develop nuclear fusion as a source of energy.

We must also build an entirely new system of relations among sovereign nations. It must be based on a rejection of artificial and arbitrary divisions of humankind, such as by race or even by competing national interests, in favor of cooperation among all people for the benefit of the entire human race. Such a system must finally do away with war as means of settling issues. We must seek immediately to create such a new system of cooperative effort for human progress on this planet, and beyond, extending man’s role in the universe. We seek not only a “new deal” here in the United States, but a global “new deal,” as well as what Mr. LaRouche calls “a new deal for the universe”—the revival of the U.S. Space Program in cooperation with other nations, such as China. This is the only way that we can create a secure peace. It will be a process, taken in steps, but it must be done.

Intégration: How do you see Barack Obama’s balance sheet with respect to Africa, now that he is at the end of his term?

David Cherry: Obama’s policy towards Africa has been to deliberately create conditions of managed genocide. This is and has been the policy towards the continent by the British empire and its dying Anglo-American dominated trans-Atlantic financial system. Obama has attempted to block any real economic development, and especially the vitally necessary development of nuclear energy as a major power source, and has otherwise sought to limit the development of high-speed rail transportation corridors and water management plans.

The sum total of his policy is murder, both in the present and for the future. Fortunately, there is an alternative coming from the BRICS nations, especially Russia and China, which is designed to overcome the sabotage of the British and their puppet, Obama, and offer such development. The recent Russian-South African nuclear deal is an example of this policy, which has brought the wrath of Obama down upon the Zuma government.

Intégration: Do you think that Barack Obama could have prevented the fall and assassination of Muammar Gaddafi?

David Cherry: Obama orchestrated the overthrow and the murder of Muammar Gadaffi. He is therefore directly responsible for the rise—in the vacuum created by the collapse of Gadaffi’s government—of the Islamic State terrorists, and for the slaughter that has ensued. The overthrow of Gaddafi was a part of Obama’s scheme to arm large numbers of Islamist terrorists who could eventually pose a threat to the integrity of Russia. That idea went back to Zbigniew Brzezinski. With the disintegration of the Libyan state, Libyan and other weapons were shipped from Libya to Syria through Turkey. While the country was being destroyed, Gaddafi eventually, and reluctantly, agreed to leave the country, and the arrangements were in place. Obama arranged to have him murdered instead. Obama enjoys killing. He was influenced by his step-father, one of the organizers of the massacres of at least a half million Indonesians on behalf of U.S. policy in 1965.

Intégration: Right now, Obama is being accused of working to overthrow Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa. How do you explain this?

David Cherry: Obama is a puppet of the British Empire, and serves the policy interests of the City of London and its Wall Street satrapy. His target is not President Zuma per se, but the sovereign nation of South Africa. By going after Zuma and factions in the ANC which support him, the intention of the people behind Obama is to make South Africa a bloody ungovernable mess, and to prevent it from playing a leadership role on the African continent and globally, in bringing into full existence the new paradigm for which the BRICS alliance is the seed crystal. A state of war already exists between the British imperial faction of the global elites, and the BRICS nations whose leadership is Russia and China. The attack on Zuma should be seen as part of that war, just as the overthrow of President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil was part of it.

Intégration: And how do you answer those who say that the decline in Zuma’s power comes from Guptagate, in other words from his inclination to corruption?

David Cherry: The Guptas are not the cause of Zuma’s problem but a convenient way to conceal what is actually going on. Let us be direct: the entire globalist system is massively corrupt and that corruption has been paid for in the blood of its innocent victims, whose nations have been looted. As long as this system exists—the Empire of Money—then its sleaze will be used to corrupt governments by those who run the system, for their benefit. The Guptas are part of this sleaze and slime, and are so used.

The reason that Zuma has been targeted is not—I repeat not—because of his alleged corruption or cronyism, but because he has walked, with the urging and support of Russian President Putin, through the doorway into a new system represented by the BRICS, taking his nation along with him. This has made London and Wall Street crazy with rage and anger, so they have deployed their “clean government” apparatus, including their agents in the media, to try to reverse the change that Zuma initiated and plunge the nation into chaos.

The pawprints of this British/Obama beast behind the operation are out in the open, even if generally unreported. For example, the so-called Public Protector in South Africa, who has done a great deal of damage to President Zuma’s standing, is an officer of state. Yet she had received $500,000 from the U.S. Agency for International Development, which is guided by the U.S. President, Secretary of State, and National Security Council. That is corruption! The Public Protector’s most recent report, called “State of Capture,” which attempted to implicate a number of government figures in Guptagate, was written for her by the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, headquartered in London.

Intégration: Are there other African countries in Obama’s sights? In your opinion, what should be the attitude of the African Union to this threat?

David Cherry: Any nation that shows a sign of moving out of control of the British Empire and financial power, in London and Wall Street, is a target. The African Union could play a role in denouncing such operations, but it is itself a victim of manipulations to prevent it from having a decisive voice. The honest press and media need to play a more aggressive role in defending nations from such attacks by the enemies of mankind. Having the kind of dialogue we are having shows the helpful and important role that the press can play—if they have the guts to stand up to the evil and corrupt establishment which effectively censors the truth, denying people access to it. We must, together fight for the truth, no matter what the cost.

Intégration: Does Britain participate in this campaign against South Africa?

David Cherry: The British are at the very center of the attack on the sovereign nation of South Africa, using their puppet Obama as their instrumentality. One of South Africa’s vulnerabilities is its continued participation in the institutions of that Empire, including the Commonwealth. These institutions serve as channels of corruption, as well as for undermining the policy initiatives that are required for national survival, including nuclear energy development. The mistake that many people make is to believe the Empire’s self-serving propaganda that it has changed, that it has no real power, that the Queen and Royal Family are merely entertainment for the tabloids. This is a lie, and the world is littered with the bodies of people who have opposed its interests, including some among its own, such as Princess Diana. The Queen is an evil, murderous bitch, and Obama kisses her disgusting butt. Fortunately the winds of the global revolution, of which the Trump election is a part, must eventually sweep the British Empire away. If that does not happen, then mankind will not survive. I share Mr. LaRouche’s optimism that the change will be accomplished.

Intégration: What lies ahead: a new cold war or third world war?

David Cherry: We are already in the early stages of a new global war. Those who speak of a new cold war are either fools or deliberately lying about what must be the consequences of a conflict between the old, dying system and the emerging new paradigm, led by President Putin of Russia and President Xi of China. The two cannot co-exist, and since the Russians and the Chinese recognize that the abandonment of their current efforts means death—the death of their nations and of the rest of the world in the holocaust brought on by the policies of the trans-Atlantic system—they have no interest in, or intention of backing down. The fight right now is to end the threat of war by creating a new system of relations among nations, based on peace and development, and scientific progress through cooperation. This is the only effective “war avoidance” strategy, and it is what I am committed to, and would urge others to become so committed. The election of Mr. Trump offers us a potential for creating a great and necessary change in the United States, breaking it away from the British Empire, placing it back on its historic mission as defined by such great American Presidents as Abraham Lincoln, and in the last century Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy. It is not so much about what Mr. Trump will do, but about what the American people must do to create the necessary change in policy.

Intégration: Can Donald Trump’s arrival at the White House save the skin of Jacob Zuma and in turn the New Cold War?

David Cherry: It is important to recognize that the power of the old, dying empire is weakening. In reality, no one need listen to it. It has the power to destroy the whole world, but little else effectively if people choose to resist. If they do so now, and if they rally around the policies for peace and development such as the “One Road, One Belt” program of President Xi and Mr. LaRouche’s “4 Laws,” if we can move towards a new cooperative paradigm among nations and peoples, in the interests of all humanity, then we can finally sweep the British Empire and what it represents into the dustbin of history, where it belongs. It won’t be easy, but it can be done. It must be done.

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