Why destroy Africa? Why obliterate and hide the history of this continent ?

Why make African/Third World death and suffering a third page headline?

What is the threat of the Black person?

What are the `powers that be` so desperately hiding?

Who has stolen what from whom ?

What was the religion of Africa before European colonization ?

Where is Egypt?


2 thoughts on “WHY DESTROY THE BLACK MAN ?

  1. i could not hold my tears when i watched a documentary on gadaffi,s last days furthering my research i came to this website im a young and ambitious unnoticed pan africanist who will go to any length to to free africa from the bondage of colonialism and make the west pay for every thing i live in depression and obsession on what the west has done to africa how i wish i can have access to fully join a pan african movement to contribute my ideas for the toal liberation and comletion of the uncompleted works left behind by our beloved african ghadaffi and other pan african patriots like nkrumah mandela sankara sekou toure just to name a few

  2. we all know european and western mechanisms tilted towards the continuous subjugation of African states to chaos in the guise of democratic movements we are Africans with our own way of leadership as left to us by our ancestors they have not solve all their problems in the west they should do so and leave Africa alone what is happening in central africa cannot be over emphasized sarkozy should be tried for killing gadhaffi and bringing chaos to Libya and holland should be tried in the AU for the outbreak of chaos in the CRA

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