Where is the Compassion ?

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Where is the compassion?

Many people are taking to social media to share their emotions on the recent attacks in Paris. Some are combating with others for not expressing the same sentiments for April 2nd attacks in Kenya.

The heated debate between people is a trap set up by the king of divide himself, the devil.

To those that want to criticize another for speaking out against the violent attack on innocent people in Paris and not speaking out on the attacks in Kenya or other mass shootings is using poor judgement, in my opinion.

Who are you to criticize anyone for speaking out about a mass killing? We’re talking about the slaughtering of innocent people. An attack on humanity. It does not matter where or whom it happens to. It’s all wrong and blatantly evil.

The frustration should really be pointed towards western media. The mainstream media is who tells the masses what they want you to focus on and they make sure they reach the people. So, you can’t fault people for only being exposed to the news about the Paris attacks through this scource of information. Not everyone is going to dig deep into the internet to search for alternative news. Most people will see world news show up on their social media timelines.

Just think about it for a moment. If you are hearing around the clock coverage on one particular incident, no matter what television program you watch, radio station you tune into or newspaper you read, the majority of people will take to social media discussing that topic.

There is clearly a lack of understanding, love and compassion for all…in social media. One shouldn’t be mad at the people, but at the the media. Get mad at the media for not covering global crisis on an even plain.

But here is some ‘shocking’ news, it will never happen. Why? Because the news conglomerates are owned by only a few companies.

So before you comment on someone else’s Facebook post or a Twitter reply questioning why they may not be concerned about another tragedy, like my wife simply stated, “…it’s not a competition. 9/11, Paris, Kenya, Nigeria, and police brutality towards black people are equally inhumane, IMO. All acts of terrorism.”

As the world grieves on the different acts of evil in many different forms, I challenge us all to respect humanity and allow people to show their compassion. But most of all, know that love conquers all.

Sean Anthony