What the Queen Doesn’t Want You to Know

South Africa Has a Friend in Texas

By Ramasimong Tsokolibane, leader of the South African LaRouche Movement

A necessary political revolution is brewing in the United States, but we don’t hear about it in our mainstream media sewers, polluted as they are by the imperial servants of Queen Elizabeth. You see, the American people hate the British agent and ass-kisser of the Queen who squats in the White House, Barack Obama. This man is destroying the United States, imposing Hitler-like police-state policies, urinating on its Constitution, and dictating murderous austerity policies. Most importantly, this clown Obama, carrying out his orders from London, is driving the U.S. headlong into a thermonuclear confrontation with Russia, the outcome of which would likely be the early extinction of all mankind on this planet.


Although Americans have acted stupidly in some eras, they also have a history of responding to the call to battle against the British Empire and its forces and agents embedded in their institutions. Unlike our people, Americans have never accepted the queer notion that the Queen and her coterie, including her born-again Nazi consort, His Royal Virus, Prince Phillip, have a right to lord it over anyone. The British have therefore made a tradition out of killing U.S. political leaders who might sound that trumpet call to battle against their Empire and its minions, including its financial colony, more commonly known as Wall Street. That’s what they did to Lincoln, the Kennedy brothers and others who have provided such leadership.

So, it is not surprising that there are few people on the American political scene today who have the courage to speak the truth, especially now, when there is a global war drive underway and a would-be dictator in the White House. Lyndon LaRouche has consistently had such courage. It was LaRouche who properly put the Hitler mustache on Obama’s lip, and the image found its way to South Africa, following Obama on his recent tour here. The British have tried to silence LaRouche, but they haven’t succeeded. Now LaRouche is demanding that the American people rise up and throw the British agent out of the White House and crush British financial power, by shutting down Wall Street, restoring the Glass-Steagall Act to bankrupt the financial predators. This is the only way, he warns, to stop the insane British drive for war that we see in Obama’s reckless policy against Russia, and his support for British plans for global genocide, including here in Africa.


The news that you need to know is that, while the Queen and her minions tell you to stay in line and die quietly, the message of LaRouche has some traction among the American people. South Africa has another important friend and ally in its fight for survival in the person of Kesha Rogers, a black woman and LaRouche Democrat, who leads all the other candidates in her campaign for the Democratic nomination from Texans for the U.S. Senate. Rogers’s message has been simple and direct: Throw the British agent Obama out of office through impeachment and shut down British financial power by imposing Glass-Steagall on Wall Street. Rogers has also denounced the Greenie anti-nuclear and other policies as British-sponsored frauds intended to promote genocide. She is in the lead because she is telling the truth. See Kesha Rogers on youtube.com. Search the site for Kesha + Tarrant County, or just go to:www.larouchepac.com


And the truth is what is at issue here in South Africa. South Africa has the potential to be the British Empire’s worst enemy and nightmare on the African continent. It has the potential to lead Africa away from a British sponsored holocaust of enforced backwardness, to a future based first on safe nuclear energy and then on thermonuclear fusion energy — to power great leaps in development. If South Africa makes such a fight, it will have allies in the United States such as Lyndon LaRouche and Kesha Rogers. There is a new world coming into being, perhaps in time to save us from the worst effects of the attempt to save the collapsing, decadent trans-Atlantic world of the British Empire. So we ask, who among us here in South Africa has the guts to speak up like this young black lady in Texas?

And that is the good news from a beckoning future, the news that the fools and agents of the British Empire don’t want you to think about, or even hear of.