Westminster Finds Blair Innocent, Treason in Britain, Gulf War Syndrome and more

Very important broadcast from UK Column

Source: UK Column

UK Column News – 1st December 2016  

Published on 1 Dec 2016

Mike Robinson is joined by Brian Gerrish via Skype for today’s news update, including:

START Tony Blair proclaimed “innocent” by Parliament paving the way for a return to politics
04:30 Alison Saunders demands Britain remains part of European Arrest Warrant
09:45 Spotlight on Steve Baker MP – is he for leaving the EU?
21:30 Government offers more compensation to servicemen killed and injured in combat – why?
28:00 More hypocrisy over Aleppo and Mosul
33:45 What is the Conflict, Stability and Security Fund?
40:00 More taxpayer millions to “transform” the police

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