One thought on “Well done England !

  1. You’re a tonic Thomas! Us leave voters need support- sick of being called racist for not wanting an authoritarian unaccountable centralised European Super State telling us how to live our lives. I’ve just spent a week in Brixton ,London and was very impressed by the lively harmonious mix of races there ( mostly west Indians whose parents and grand parents came over on the Windrush) Noone ever gives the white working classes any credit for their good natures and tolerance, because accepting outsiders into traditional communities is not easy. But they did it- and fair play, West Indians are lovely people who integrate while bringing colour and livelyness into thecultural mix. But we can’t take hundreds of thousand of European immigrants . it would upset the balance- especially if Turkey was given member ship. And lets be honest, Muslims do not integrate into the home culture and I don’t want more mosques and Hal lal slaughter houses. – or woman looking like walking coffins! Keep up the good work – love your talks – don’t agree wth everything you say- but why should I? That would be boring.

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