Welcome a New Era ! The Trans-Atlantic Empire is Dying

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On the Coming Historic Month

How We Should Remember the Future

by       Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane 29 August 2016


I congratulate the founders of The BRICS Journal—and its supporters in government and the business community—for a successful launch as a print and online publication (http://bricsjournal.com), dedicated to the BRICS alliance and related policy matters.

Its launch is especially timely, as we are now entering a month that may determine the future of the human race on the planet—whether we indeed have any future at all, or will be incinerated in global thermonuclear war, launched by the forces of the dying global money empire directed by the British Empire and its loser assets such as American President Barack Obama.

As I look at the world today, I can see the danger, but I can also see the forces of darkness and evil in retreat. There is a new force of confidence and hope for a fundamental change in the human condition and in relations among nations, led by our fellow BRICS members, especially President Putin’s Russia and President Xi’s China. And most especially the latter’s global New Silk Road (One Road, One Belt) development policies.

I am proud that my government stands with these nations whose vision for the future means an end to all forms of imperialism, and most decidedly an end to the evil subjugation of the world by the British Empire and its bitch Empress. It is my belief and hope, that in the month ahead we can and will take important steps toward that future without empires, in the course of an important series of meetings, including the September 4–5 Summit of the G-20 nations in Hangzhou, China and the October 15–16 BRICS Summit in Goa, India.

As has been repeatedly emphasised by Mr. Lyndon LaRouche, the American statesman and world’s leading physical economist, we must design policy in accordance with a vision of the future that places an emphasis on that which distinguishes man from other creatures—our creative powers to see that which cannot be seen or understood through our senses, and to discover what we do not yet know, as universal principles that shape the future, not merely of our species, or of this planet, but of the universe as a whole. Human creativity is the most powerful force in the universe.

The increase of human creative powers is not merely the domain of a handful of so-called geniuses. It is also the responsibility of leaders and their institutions to foster genius in the broader population. I personally accept that responsibility to act on behalf of human creativity and to offer hope to the oppressed nations and peoples of Africa that they will be able to partake in what can truly be a feast of human knowledge and the progress it can create. The philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz called it ‘the pursuit of happiness’—the continuing perfection of man’s knowledge of the universe, and of himself as a moral being. The leadership of the American fight for independence from the British Empire declared it a ‘self-evident truth’—an inalienable right of all men and women, to have the freedom to pursue this quest as they see fit. Today, Mr. LaRouche has re-emphasised this point as an urgent matter, in his reference to the ‘Einstein principle’—that if we are to survive, we must be capable of the kind of creative thought of the great scientist Albert Einstein, to think from a future, independent of past thought and modes of thinking, pushing beyond the boundaries defined by current knowledge.

Mr LaRouche has always thought that way, and has always sought to enlist others to promote such forward thinking. Forty years ago, on September 27, 1976, the great Frederick (Fred) Wills, who saw himself as a poet in the tradition of William Shakespeare whom he so loved, as Foreign Affairs Minister of Guyana, mounted the podium of the United Nations General Assembly and declared that the time had come to implement LaRouche’s proposal for an International Development Bank (IDB) as the centerpiece of a new just world economic order, to replace the decadent and bankrupt system of Wall Street, the City of London, and their institutions such as the IMF and World Bank.1 Wills continued to fight for this vision of the future, alongside Mr. LaRouche and his wife, ‘the Silk Road lady,’ Helga Zepp-LaRouche, until his death in 1992.


The world’s leaders, threatened and manipulated by the British Empire and its assets, did not heed the advice of Fred Wills and Mr. LaRouche.

As we approach this month of decision, the trans-Atlantic financial system dominated by the British Empire is collapsing. There is nothing that the fools who run it can do, to put it back together again. The time has come, once again, to heed the wise advice of the LaRouches: Chuck the entire system aside in favour of a new system based on the same principles defined in Mr. LaRouche’s Four Laws:

  1. The immediate re-enactment of the Glass-Steagall law instituted by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, without modification, as to principle of action.
  2. A return to a system of top-down, and thoroughly so defined, as National Banking. The precedents for this shall be taken from the banking-and-credit system established by Alexander Hamilton, as well as Abraham Lincoln’s action of creating a national currency (‘Greenbacks’), under Presidential authority.
  3. The deployment of a new Federal Credit system to generate high-productivity trends in improvements of employment, with the accompanying intention to increase the physical-economic productivity, and the standard of living of the persons and households of the United States. An increase in productive employment, as accomplished under Franklin Roosevelt, must reflect an increase in real productivity, coherent with an increase in energy-flux density in the nation’s economic practice.
  4. The adoption of a ‘Fusion-Driver “Crash Programme” ’. Real economics is grounded in the essential distinction of man from all lower forms of life. A Fusion Crash Programme, today subsuming a return to Krafft Ehricke’s vision for the U.S. Space Programme, is a commitment to mankind’s future.

In calling for a programme based on these principles, Mr. LaRouche today has powerful allies in the Russian and Chinese leaderships, and in the BRICS alliance generally. The New Development Bank of the BRICS is, for example, the model and seed crystal for the international Hamiltonian credit bank that was and is the IDB. A new fixed-exchange-rate monetary system which restores the order of FDR’s Bretton Woods system, junked by British agents in the Nixon Administration on August 15, 1971, must serve the intention and purpose of the credit issuance of the IDB, providing security and order for long-term development. This is not some reformed /monetarist system, but an entirely new economic order, one that promotes human progress, fueled by scientific innovation and creativity.

I urge the leaders of my nation to study and support these proposals. The time has come to kick the old decadent, imperial monetarist system overboard and go with something new, as Lyndon and Helga LaRouche propose. It can be the dawn of a new, progressive and creative era for mankind. Let us remember that we hold the key to our own future, if we have the courage to fight for what we imagine it to be.

Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane 29 August 2016

  1. For Lyndon LaRouche’s 40-year record in fighting for a New International Economic Order, and the full text of Fred Wills’ speech before the UN General Assembly in 1976, go to https://larouchepac.com/new-economic-order

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