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Appeal for the CSC

Africanagenda is appealing to our readers to please consider making a donation to the Congolese Solidarity Campaign.


These guys are AWESOME people, please can we help them realize their dream. They are refugees living in an unwelcoming country. Their country, the DRC, is the utterly shredded heart of Africa.


abm-president-sbu-zikode-opening-address 230px-Abahlali_baseMjondolo_Logo

S`bu Zikode is the founder and president of an extraordinary social movement in South Africa, Abahlali baseMjondolo.This social movement has protected tens of thousands of South African citizens from government legislature and government actions that refuse to recognise the rights AS HUMAN BEINGS of the poor. Abahlali baseMjondolo is confirmation for all of us that it is possible to build a better world for all even though you own nothing and live in a country that considers you a non-human being.

S`bu Zikode has endorsed the Congolese Solidarity Campaign. Please view the Congolese Solidarity Campaign homepage on this website.

And for what it is worth, so do we at Africanagenda.

If you can help please contact the CSC on



donate to www.abahlali.org – please specify that your donation is for the CSC

or contact

PD Lawton   lawtonpip@yahoo.co.uk