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Four thousand Rwandan soldiers landed in Beni and eight thousand Ugandan troops are massed on the border of Kasese:  

The Congolese people are leaving the city to the forest!

There are barely three days, Mr. Honoré Ngbanda made ​​an address in which he alerted the national and international opinion of the plan mounted by Kagame, Museveni and their successive meetings in the National Park Queen Elizabeth in Uganda and Rubavu in Rwanda. This plan precisely aimed at triggering a major military operation for the effective occupation of Beni and the surrounding areas. The leader of the same APARECO had provided details of the inspection of the Beni airport by Rwandan and Ugandan military experts, whose aim was to ensure that this airport could well accommodate widebody aircraft were to bring troops and heavy military equipment.

For two days, several military and civilian sources in Beni invaded the site APARECO and drafting the Patriot eye to report the landing of 4,000 Rwandan soldiers in Beni airport since Friday August 19 morning. Other military sources confirm the presence of 8,000 Ugandan soldiers amassed at the border ready to Kasese junction with Rwandan troops in the field operations in the DRC. Informed sources indicate that most of the 4000 Rwandan soldiers sent to Beni are chosen from among the prisoners which the majority carries the HIV (AIDS virus). These “wild animals” dropped out of their cages were instructed to massively violate the Congolese of all ages: baby, kids, girls, adult women and old women!

This Friday, August 19th, a technical meeting was held in Gisenyi in Rwanda where 14 Burundian Tutsi generals led by General Niyombare coup took part alongside the M23 elements. The purpose of the meeting was to refine coordination strategies of large ongoing operations to diversify fronts and create a diversion.

Congolese populations of Beni began to massively evacuate the city to take refuge in the forest where she will certainly be continued and exterminated from the eyes of unwanted witnesses! This is part of the plan being implemented.

Meanwhile, Kanambe Hyppolite aka Joseph Kabila, alias rais …, he decided to flee Kinshasa where the situation gradually escapes him, and took refuge in Goma. There he is in the process of currently installed his headquarters among his own people to better conduct the delicate operation of the final stage of occupation and balkanization. As “3K” have decided to make a forced passage, come what may!

President APARECO launches a patriotic call to the Congolese diaspora, particularly in the resistant patriots, to conduct mobilization at all levels from international opinion to raise awareness about the turn of the drama experienced by the Congolese people following the massacres of mass perpetrated by the Tutsi military leaders who reign supreme on Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC.

Paris, August 20, 2016

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