UK Column News – 14th December 2016

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please note as mentioned in this broadcast that the Iraqi Archbishop of Mosul and good men like him are denied entry visas to the UK. Britain is an occupied country governed by politicians who in many cases have been compromised by their own, or knowledge of others sexual deviancy. These politicians, the Westminster Elite, do not represent the people of the British Isles. They represent corporate interests whose Prophet is Profit.

the view above is that of and not necessarily that of the UK Column

UK Column News – 14th December 2016

Published on 14 Dec 2016

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Alex Thomson and David Scott for today’s news, including:

START Nobel economist calls for end of EU centralisation and the Euro
04:40 Germany calls for “decarbonisation” of G20 economies – population control
11:45 Ben Bradshaw MP claims Russia responsible for Brexit vote
12:45 U.S. Intelligence “veterans” pour scorn on claims Russia responsible for Donald Trump
20:15 Mainstream media is dead
21:30 Trump appoints more staff
24:15 Putin prepares liberation of Palmyra
28:00 UK gives visas to radical Islamists, denies Christian archbishops
37:45 UK government behaviour abroad
43:47 No justice for non-English speakers in the UK

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