Uganda Makes Them

Western delegations  have walked out on President Museveni`s inauguration ceremony in protest at his comments on the International Criminal Court and the presence of Sudan`s President  al Bashir. Museveni said that he no longer supported the ICC and that it is “a bunch of useless people”.

Well done President Yoweri Museveni ! I am beginning to like you even though I called you the Butcher of Kampala. Something for which I don`t apologize because you probably are.


But now you are turning against the puppet masters, something for which your country is famous. Dada Idi Amin has had a really bad press but personally I have to say – I kind of like him. He called the Israeli government – criminals,  expelled the Israeli ambassador and placed Palestinians in their embassy. He brandished a copy of the Protocols of Sion and then awarded himself a CBE, for which his definition was – Conqueror of the British Empire. Now, how can you not like someone that well informed?

You see, Dr Kizza Besigye has a really kind face and one cannot help but think he would make a good president but what worries me is his pre-occupation with meaningless United Nation`s drivel about democracy and human rights. Not that he doesn’t have an excellent point there concerning your little Ugandan empire and the way you have treated him. It is really not that I am a facist it is just that when leaders or would be leaders talk about such things then I know their understanding of politics is facile.

To call Omar al Bashir a genocidaire is truly extraordinary considering the mass carnage inflicted on Iraq, Libya and Syria by the Western puppets of the British Empire aka NATO.And none of them will get to go to the ICC.

So you are quite right, the ICC is a bunch of useless people.


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