This article deals with the subject of Tutsi hegemony in the Great Lakes region. The masters of colonialism have always divided people in order to rule. Historically in Africa this has been a case of engineering and promoting disharmony and resentment between people of different tribal origin. Tribes were selected in the last centuries to rule and act as the bureaucracy of the colonies leading to wealth inequality and social disharmony in regions where this had previously not been the case. The Tutsi people with their claim to Semitic origin have been politically favored by the Zionists within the USA/UK governments. The following is a quote from `The Media and the Rwanda Genocide` edited by Allan Thompson (2007). It is from an article published in a pro-Tutsi newspaper for the diaspora in the USA and shows how the Tutsi are being brainwashed into believing like the Jews of Europe, that they are a race apart from other people and are victims of history. This is Zionism corrupting people in order to divide society and create war and hatred,  as is done to the people of Palestine by the Zionist government of Israel.

“A nation in exile, a people without leadership, `the Jews of Africa`, a stateless nation, all these could very well make wonderful titles to depict the `saga` of our people. A nation in exile because we are a group of people who are of the same origin, speak the same language distant from the rest of the surroundings; a people who have been victimized for a long period of time yet survived and excelled under oppression. It is no secret as it is not our fault that we happen to be scattered in 5 or 6 different countries in which we are outnumbered and the consequent problems are not of our making that the partition of Africa left us in such dilemma we find ourselves in.”

This situation only brings harm to Tutsi people because they are being used and misled by the psychopathic leadership of Kagame.




By Bahebwa Kabambire

According to the history of the Tutsi in Central Africa, these pastoralist people travelled down the Nile Valley from Eritrea in search of grazing for their herds of livestock. Overtime the Tutsi came to be the rulers of the Great Lakes regions where they settled. This resulted in a feudal system that replaced an egalitarian clan system. The class barrier was kept by practices such as the high bride price for a Tutsi wife ( 30-300 head of cattle). Tutsi people are in Ethiopia, Eritrea , Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania where they are known as Masayi; in Rwanda and Burundi they are known as Tutsi. In Uganda they call them Banyankore, in Congo DR  they named themselves Banyamulenge. In DRC they named themselves after the name of village where they were living called Mulenge as one of the villages which was under King Lenge in Bavira territory. Name BANYAMULENGE – a tribe which does not exist in Congo, this means leadership of Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi where most of Tutsi are resided is where trouble is in central Africa.

For example in Central Africa for genocide which took place in Rwanda 1994, later in Burundi when Tutsi from Burundi killed president Melchiory Ndadaye  then four years after in Democratic Republic of Congo 1997 up to now. When Genocide took place in Rwanda in 1994, the blemish was upon majority tribe call HUTU, saying that because HUTU were ruling Rwanda on those years under leadership of late Rwandese president Haviarimana. All the world were behind Tutsi saying Hutu are killing them because they are minority in the country. Main reason of that war was planned with the eastern countries and other international countries. At that time after late Rwandan President Haviarimana was killed in plane crash, on his way back from Arusha Tanzania conference 1994. That is when genocide started in Rwanda . The main reason of that Genocide was political. Many people are arguing saying why Hutu tribe did kill Tutsi tribe, again these two nations were living together in peace for long time so why did that  happen! After Haviarimana was killed,  Burundian president followed Melchiory Ndandaye and others. Later on the plunder was to clean up all those who would bring darkness in their way, that`s why they started with those Congolese neighbors president in order to come where there are today. In that case Rwanda was target, especially president Haviarimana as they know Haviarimana was affiliated with President Mobutu at that time and as many people from Bukavu were calling him colleague as he did his secondary school in one of Bukavu’s high schools.He was mentored by Mobutu.

But after time the truth was revealed that among number of people who were killed, most of them were Hutu. Number of people killed in Rwanda genocide was eight hundred thousand peoples (800 000), but most of victims was Hutu people, according to the expert who did the count. On that time in entirety in Rwanda, Tutsi were 500.000 people that`s why they were called minority. The main raison of genocide in Rwanda as I said, army which was leading that war was called INTERAHAMWE, the man who was leading that army was Paul Kagame the president of Rwanda today; see film on YouTube called ‘Genocide in Rwanda, uncovering truth’. This means everything was well planned before Rwanda became what it is now. That`s why people are saying Rwanda (Kigali) is the city of blood. So the grand plan of Tutsi people in central Africa was “neo-colonial grand plan” Tutsis, who are minority in each of these countries, are destined to be local rulers throughout the region to protect and defend foreign interests against nationals. Thus, Tutsis were promised to receive (and indeed they have received) American military training, finance and favorable media coverage worldwide in exchange for their service as a roving neo-colonial force. National boundaries are rendered obsolete. The cabal assumed the right to choose rulers as they wish.


The tribal named of Banya-Mulenge, meaning Tutsis who reside in Congo DR living in South Kivu region, surfaced during the invasion of Zaire by Tutsi troops from Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi in late 1996. In actual fact, this was a politically coined up name to legitimize foreign invasion that overthrew Mobutu’s regime. They claimed having lived in that part of Congo/Zaire for over 200 years which is lies. That is a total fabrication. Tutsis came into that region as refugees in 1959/60. According to a U.N. document which was confirmed by local elders, a U.N. official wrote in 1961 to Rwandese Refugees reminding them of their status and advising them to stay away from politics. It was written in French and Kinyarwanda. The French version is reproduced here with an English translation.

Refugiés Rwandais,

Vous êtes isolsé en ce moment. Les ponts sont coupés et il y a des barrages sur les routes, et pour cette raison nous ne pourrons pas nous rendre parmi vous. Cependant, nous espérons que le calme reviendra bientôt dans votre région.

En attendant nous vous demandons de rester STRICTEMENT NEUTRES. Vous avez obtenu asile au Congo à condition que vous ne vous occupiez en aucune façon de politique. Si quelqu’un vient solliciter votre appui, vous devez répondre qu’en tant qu’étrangers, refugiés et hôtes de le République du Congo, vous ne pouvez pas, VOUS NE DEVEZ PAS prendre part à quelque mouvement politique que ce soit. Restez calmes. Travaillez, comme vous l’avez fait jusqu’à présent en suivant les conseils de votre agronome. Que chacun reste à son poste, MAIS SURTOUT RESTER EN DEHORS DE TOUTE POLITIQUE. Le Délégué de la Croix Rouge
La Délégué du Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les Refugiés
L’Administrateur de l’O.N.U.C.

Dear Rwandese Refugees,

You are isolated at this moment. Bridges have been destroyed and there are barricades on the road. For this reason, we cannot be with you. However, we hope that soon there will be peace and tranquility in your region.  In the meantime, we are asking you to remain TOTALLY NEUTRAL .You have been given asylum in the Congo on condition that you completely abstain from politics. If anyone comes to seek your support, tell him that as foreigners, refugees and guests of the Republic of Congo, you cannot and YOU MUST NOT take part in any political movement. Be calm. Keep on working as you have done in the past and follow your Agricultural Advisor. Let everyone remain at his/her station, but above all, stay away from politics. Red Cross Représentative UNHCR Représentatives  L’Administrateur de l’O.N.U.C. Furthermore, leaders of this invasion are not even sons of the above refugees but direct transplants from Rwanda and Uganda. A closer look at the self-acclaimed leaders of the “national rebellion” is further proof of their being imposters.


The African people are in a struggle for survival, freedom and self-determination. Political independence is a part of the unfinished agenda. The UN and OAU Charters clearly defend the principle of territorial integrity and strongly condemn armed aggression against member states. None of these organizations has defended the territorial integrity neither of Rwanda nor of Congo when they were invaded. Neither are the lives of African people been effectively protected as promised in those Charters. The way the UN responded to Bosnia and the way it has handled Congo and Rwanda certainly leaves a lot to be desired. The invasion of Congo is a tragic event; but a wakeup call to African states and their leaders. It has exposed the fundamental weaknesses in the OAU as a hollow and hopeless organization incapable of standing up for the people of Africa. Every African leader knows very well that Uganda and Rwanda do not possess the financial and military capacity to wage wars in the region. It is also known that these are proxy warriors for the U.S. neo-colonial interests disguised as the “NEW WORLD ORDER”. Yet whenever there is an opportunity to discuss the crisis in the region, most African leaders are afraid of speaking the truth or seek counsel from Washington on the basis of which they will discuss Africa’s tragic situations. The real problem is never addressed for fear of angering the powerful criminals, lest foreign aid  be suspended. Yesterday was Rwanda and Burundi; today is Congo. The next could be any of the neighboring countries, Tutsi hegemony is the main hidden agenda/ plan in Central Africa for an empire called ‘EMPIRE HIMA’

The fact is that Congo was invaded by Tutsis from Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi backed by USA. These countries are dominated by minority Tutsis who took power by force. The same clique is openly working for foreign interests who have taken upon themselves the right to determine who should rule Congo. It was a grave mistake for Kabila to team up with Tutsis in overthrowing Mobutu. He knew that they were not Congolese. He knew that they had a foreign master whose agenda was detrimental to Africa. Actually, Congolese people, who detested Mobutu’s dictatorship, did not fancy his being replaced by a foreign-dominated regime of Tutsis from Rwanda and Uganda. Some self-acclaimed ‘western experts on Africa’ have argued that “no country should send troops in Congo to save Kabila’s regime for he is a buffoon”. Their knowledge of Africa falls short of revealing that Kabila did not have a regime of his own but was riding on a foreign conquering force composed of Tutsis from Rwanda and Uganda. Those “experts” ignore the criminal part played by Uganda and Rwanda who invaded Congo in violation of the UN and OAU Charters. They also omit mentioning the U.S. criminal role in this invasion. Let us face it, Tutsis would not have posed a problem in the region without U.S. involvement. In the past some of these experts boldly condemned the Pentagon/CIA support for dictator Mobutu and denounced all its false propaganda. They are now resonating the Pentagon/CIA theme of calling the Congo crisis “an internal revolt” when all evidence shows that this is a Pentagon/CIA made “invasion” from Uganda and Rwanda using Tutsis as tools. They also avoid mentioning the genocide which Tutsis are committing in occupied eastern Congo. Museveni warned Ugandans few years ago that if they continue opposing his government, they will be treated like American Red Indians.

The issue is not whether to defend President Kabila against foreign invaders but rather to defend the national integrity of Congo and save African lives. It is no secret that Rwanda and Uganda are carrying out these barbaric military expeditions in the region on behalf of American interests who want to plunder Africa’s mineral wealth and depopulate the land. They display no regard to the lives and welfare of the African people. This is precisely what European companies did in Africa more than a century ago. King Leopold treated the Congo real estate as his personal estate. American corporations are currently pursuing the same, committing horrendous atrocities by proxy and devouring mineral-rich real estate in the Great Lakes region. The Congolese people should put aside their differences with Kabila and first defend their nation. The governments of Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia and others who responded positively to President Kabila’s urgent appeal for help because “African brotherhood” is not meant to be hollow words. Other African leaders should to get more serious about defending African lives. Foreign conspirators (whether Americans or Africans) should never be allowed to recruit local surrogates whom they may send out to topple African governments as they wish while the rest of the continent is watching by the sideline. Tutsis have prostituted themselves to neo-colonial interests against their fellow Africans.

They are committing genocide in eastern Congo and one wonders whether the U.N. will institute a SPECIAL GENOCIDE TRIBUNAL for the Tutsi killers of Congolese. The African people are not blind to the ongoing conflict in the region. They know who the criminals are and where their support is coming from. It is very clear to most people that America is supporting Tutsi minority to dominate and exterminate the majority of people. All this is consistent with Kagame’s declaration on Radio Rwanda three years ago that he will have no problem “emptying a drum of water using a bottle cap”. America has lost respect and honor among Africans. Along with the United States, South Africa has become a major supplier of weapons to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. These weapons are now used in invading and killing innocent people in Congo DR and throughout the Great Lakes region. South Africa cannot be making blood money through sales of weapons to murderous regimes of Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi who are killing Africans in Congo and at the same time try to mediate for peace. One cannot be against apartheid in South Africa and at the same time turn a blind eye on Tutsi minority sinister campaign to dominate the majority with savage brutality which surpasses that of apartheid South Africa. The defense for human freedom and majority rule cannot be on a pick and choose basis unless one is suffering from voluntary selective amnesia.

Is there still any humanitarian service around the world?

Have you been corrupted not to break the silence?

Finally, this is an alarm of EMERGNCY call to:

Stop balkanization in DRC.

Paul KAGAME and his associates to stop their hatred and atrocious games in our ancestors’ LAND.

Joseph Kanambe (Kabila) and rebels to be tracked to the International Court of the Hague, accountability and transparency needed.


We conclude with what Archbishop DESMOND TUTU who says ‘if you are neutral on situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor’.