4 juillet 2015


In the Great Lakes region of Africa, a handful of Elitist Tutsi less than one percent of the rest of the population, is in control of most of the wealth and pretty much in control of every aspect of life. From their experience dating back in 1400’s they have perfected their tactics. In early 1500, they managed to completely wipe out the then Hutu civilization order, which took them in as fellow Africans.

Empire mapIt was then that the real Tutsi dynasty begun their conquest to take over the remaining Bantu lands from western Tanzania (Karagwe) to eastern Congo (North and South Kivu). For the first time, an Empire is born in eastern central Africa. A small group of nomadic cattle herdsmen have been able to consolidate power and enslave the rest for at least three centuries, until 1959 social revolution. Suddenly Tutsi nightmare became a reality.

The king is toppled, Monarch is abolished and a Republic is born. The Republic of Rwanda. Since then the Tutsi Elitist took it by heart to return and reestablish their power. In 1990 their children returned with vengeance, aided by their strong ally a Hima Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who recently seized power in Uganda. The Hutu nightmare had just begun. The Tutsi dynasty is back, and in 1994 took total control of Rwanda.

In 1960’s when Tutsi monarchists tried to come back, they allied themselves to African nationalists in order to gain sympathy from socialist nations mainly China, Cuba and USSR. With lack of popular support, communist countries couldn’t save Tutsis ambitions to return to power.

Fast forward in 1990’s, right after the cold war was over and USSR (Union Soviet Social Republic) collapsed, the new era began, and Tutsis were quick to notice and took advantage of the dilemma. The western economy became even more vicious combining with their unopposed politics and military influences across the world. No longer needing Mobutu and his friends like Habyarimana in the region, Western corporates world teamed up with Tutsi rebels under the banner of RPF.

Through media boost, negotiation manipulation, terrorism and assassinations of Hutu intellectuals and leaders including of three Hutu presidents (Ndadaye, Ntaryamira both of Burundi and Habyarimana of Rwanda), Tutsi have now concurred Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Without any organized opposition, Tutsi Empire and their allies in west seem unstoppable. In 1997 together they invaded Congo, establishing a Tutsi government in Kinshasa.

It seemed as Hima-Tutsi Empire blitzkrieg is going according to plan. Soon after that Laurent kabila a former revolutionary who was used by the west and Tutsi to conceal their invasion of Congo, decided he had enough, and called in his rebel friends from Zimbabwe, Angola and Namibia, to fight Tutsis invaders and reclaimed his country. He was mysteriously assassinated.

Who will stop this Hima-Tutsi Empire?

It is going to take a combined Bantu’s effort to defend their lands and their children’s future. From south Africa to Mozambique to Zambia, Zimbabwe all the way to Tanzania, Congo and Uganda, Bantus have to understand that there is a strong will from Tutsis elitists all over the globe to have their own kingdom in Bantu’s lands, and no one knows really how far it will go. When that kingdom takes all the wealth and lands in Congo, we will see an empire. Hima-Tutsi Empire.


Is Hima-Tutsi Empire similar to Rhodesia?

They are many similarities. Whites in Rhodesia own Lands indirectly proportional to their numbers, so do Tutsis in Uganda, Rwanda, and are in conquest for more land in Congo and Tanzania. Tutsi elitists and Whites in Rhodesia are both supremacists, and have a natural hearted against Bantus in their own lands. They are both protected by the western military economic political machine, which permits them to get away with atrocities they committed.

They both use extreme tactics to maintain their power and eliminating their opponents all ever the territories they call theirs. Mozambican first president Samora Machel, South African revolutionary like Steve Biko, Mugabe and Mandela imprisonment…In Uganda Museveni and his Tutsi soldiers have exterminated a score of Baganda intellectuals, in Rwanda and Burundi, Tutsis have assassinated three presidents and got away with it.

In Rhodesia, Western are concerned more with land reform in Zimbabwe, not because it is bad, but because it is taking land from Whites back to Africans. Assassination attempts to Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe were fully supported by Britain and American agencies, just like assassinations of Laurent Kabila, Habyarimana, Ntaryamira and Ndadaye, all Bantus.

Being Bantu is one thing, but there are other reasons to put on halt this empire. It is simply in interest of all countries in Africa to help maintaining peace and democracy in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda, so their refugee issues can come to an end, therefore ending armed groups buildup in region, which is a security issue for host countries in Africa. The other reason is simply a moral one. No matter what race or ethnic group is being persecuted, Africans have a duty to defend them in the name of solidarity and brotherhood, without involving western entities like UN, EU and NATO.

Why should Bantu nations care more?

If the Hima-Tutsi Empire is not dismantled completely, there is no doubt that Congo will eventually fall in their hands. And if Congo falls, its wealth will permit the Hima Tutsi Empire to Conquer the oils of Angola and Congo Brazzavile, and in the east Rwanda and Ugandan Tutsi will reclaim Karagwe and other lands across Akagera river as theirs.

Tutsi being the only western henchmen in region who have carried out political assassination even inside countries like South Africa, they will be used again and again to assassinate strong African leaders in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and any other African leader who will interfere with Western corporations’ interest. As the new cold war remerges, the western corporates have already established their foothold militarily through Tutsi vast Armies of Uganda, Rwanda, even inside Congolese Army that is infiltrated at all levels by Tutsis.

In modern proxy warfare, Tutsi Armies are there as economic hitmen for the west. Nothing had changed in what is supposed to be done to maintain control, only methods and clients change, and this “Marriage made in hell between Hima-Tutsi Empire and the West” is no longer a nightmare, but a reality.
Jean Paul Romeo Rugero


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