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March 23, 2015



Who among the Bantu peoples and Hima-Tutsi peoples of Central Africa are they racist? Who do they feel superior to other people, the peoples of Africa and therefore they feel compelled to rule all costs, including sacrificial genocide on others? Who are they responsible for more than 10 million dead in Central Africa over the last 20 years?

Deo Mazina, Pr Jean-Pierre CHRETIEN, Dr. Marcel KABANDA and Professor Jean-Philippe SCHREIBER in a conference in Brussels ULB

The Tutsi Marcel Kabanda and his accomplice Jean-Pierre Chrétien explain the origin of the ideology of the supremacy of the Hima-Tutsi people on Bantu peoples throughout Africa (A) , a racist ideology of Hitler’s kind on which Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda, Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Jean Baptiste Bagaza of Burundi founded to convince Bill Clinton and Tony Blair … to help them create a Hima-Tutsi empire under the protection of a more giant empire and strong Anglo-Saxon (B) .


First define the term “racist” to understand the presentation of Marcel and Jean Pierre. According to the Larousse Pocket 2003, “Racism is the ideology that attributes superiority to a race, ethnic group; it is also the resulting behavior. Racist is the proponent of this ideology, one that proves it. ” It follows from this definition that the Bantu peoples have never learned that they would be superior to other races around the world, they are therefore never behaved like superior races. They are not racist and do not intend to be and act like racists.

As against the Hima-Tutsi learned settlers and missionaries they would be a superior race, and therefore they behaved as members of a superior race from the Bantu race and the pygmies . For about two centuries, they consider themselves a superior race, and they do everything to be and remain so. They are racists choice … even now. It is a fact, verifiable phenomenon on the ground. Doubts in you? Going to see Rwanda where 85% of the population holds just 1% in the public sector and 0% in the command of the army and other security forces. Have you seen the world where an entire breed is characterized as criminal in nature? This is the case of Rwanda where all Hutus, 85% of the population are “genocidaires” in nature depending on the Tutsi regime in Kigali!

Hima-Tutsi yes themselves as a superior race! This is what Marcel Kabanda and Jean-Pierre Chrétien remind us here. Read them to understand the origin of the racist ideology of Hima-Tutsi:  “… According to the ideology of the time, all human stands and all animal categories came from Noah’s Ark, saved from the flood. In a fit of anger, the patriarch Noah was then cursed his son Ham (or Ham), who fled with his wife and children to who knows where. This mysterious asylum would it not the “Land of Mountains of the Moon” , where the great geographer Ptolemy placed the ancient source of the Nile, legendary river?

It was the conviction of Richard Burton and John Speke, and also their interest “media”. Inspired by the time racialist, also persuaded themselves that “ordinary Negroes” (= THE BANTOUS note) were not really men, they were not out of the Ark of Noah and constituted a component lower, somewhere between primates and humans. But faced with other “Negroes” on different morphology, larger, with fine features and sophisticated empires who ruled in the Great Lakes region, Burton and Speke – especially what denier – clamored for their return that they not only had found the source of the White Nile, but the lost tribe of Israel (after the Flood, the curse of Noah would have their dark skin).

Otherwise, how these “Negroes” would they be able to “rise spontaneously to civilization”? These people “higher” were, according to John Speke, the “Hamitic” or “Hamites” , depending on how you spelled the name of the son cursed. The “Hamitic” (the terminology used by posterity) were scattered among the other Negroes, they called themselves Hima Tutsi, etc. In the story of John Speke his discovery of the Nile sources, there is a picturesque passage where the explorer tries to convince the King of Ankole his Jewish ancestry / Hamitic. …

Jean-Pierre Chrétien and Marcel Kabanda. “September 18, 2013, by Christopher RIGAUD

Strange as it may seem today publicly denounced by some, the racist ideology is the leitmotif of family education Hima-Tutsi children and diplomacy hima-Tutsi regimes including Rwanda, Burundi and the Uganda. Thus eg. taken as a mythic idea in the 80s, the Hima-Tutsi empire has become, with the accession of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to power a reality. Since the Hima and Tutsi in Central Africa downright refuse to admit they have the same blood with the Bantu peoples of this region.

They claim to be the Semites, the Jews of Central Africa, a superior people at all compared to the other peoples of this region. They must be lords and Bantu slaves. Thus a Tutsi noted scholar on a Jewish site, that  “… Tutsi women are” unusually graceful. “They-have never intermarried with the Bantu peoples around ’em, are much Desired goal by Them. The Tutsi features of Both men and women are distinct and therefore an “identity card” For Those Who want to prey upon ’em. The Refusal to intermarry with the Bantu is one purpose of the Tutsi-have the Ways respecté the Laws of Moses (Deut 7: 3-4). The Tutsis and Hutus are the now, and always-have-been, different people … “BY Irwin M. Berg & Professor Yochanan (John) Bwejeri.

It is also their political discourse. Indeed, during the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, the Hima Museveni, President of Uganda since 1986, officially declared:  “Rwanda, along with Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania parts of North Western, Eastern Congo, Western Kenya, is share of the Great Lakes area That HAS, since several millennia, beens occupied by the inter-lacustrine Bantu, Nilotic, Nilo-Hamitic and the Sudanic peoples. The Rwanda people are Themselves Bantu share of the inter-lacustrine Bantu. “

Is not it clear here that this is the mastermind of the Hamites, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, here categorizes human beings as animals Bantu, Nilotic, Nilo-Hamitic and Sudanese? The magical idea behind this speech Museveni and that intimately believes Nilotic and Nilo-Hamitic are of a superior race to the Bantu race; he thinks the race is intended to establish its supremacy over the Bantu race.

Since coming to power he does everything to get there: it is behind the assassination of Melchior Ndadaye, it is he who is the architect of the secession of South Sudan, it is he who invaded Rwanda in 1990 and triggered the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Everyone knows he is the architect of all Tutsi rebellions ravaging the DRC since 1996.

The Tutsi Marcel Kabanda and Jean-Pierre Chrétien did open the eyes of those who did not see the cancer, HIV ravaging central Africa and soon all over Africa: DEAFENING OF RACISM AGAINST HIMA-TUTSIS BANTOUS PEOPLES . This racism against the Hamitic Bantu long existed, especially since the 19th century, Central and East Africa. That racist ideology is the invention of the settlers, missionaries or not, the reality is that the Hima-Tutsi are racist and that the Bantu peoples suffer for centuries.


And I agree with Marcel Kabanda and Jean-Pierre Chrétien on one point: the racism of Hamitic, Tutsi to Bantu is not only the main cause of the 1994 Rwandan genocide but also other not officially recognized genocides, as committed against the bottom of the Bantu race, which reverberates Central Africa since the days of independence. This is the case of the Hima-Tutsi empire under construction which has just shed the blood of more than 10,000,000 “true negro”.


This is explained Alain Fogué TEDOM on 21 November 2011 in the journal Geopolitics, as well:  “It is important to mention that behind the US challenge of European supervision is mainly France which is referred. The end of the Cold War that led to free political and economic competition in Africa, Washington has engaged in a dialectical understanding with Paris. In order to gain ground in France, the US administration exploits the weaknesses of African politics of it. It denounces the anachronistic political tutelage of Paris over its former colonies and critical support for dictatorships. More generally, it heard the case of official development assistance. »

The empire, how? In fact, after the conquest of Uganda by the Hima-Tutsi Kaguta Museveni, it will quickly approach the Americans and the British to sell this ideology of superiority of his Hamitic race. It will also interest by offering its major project to create an empire led this time by the “superior race”, but subject completely, since minority, the Anglo-Saxon. The will of the Anglo-Saxon hunting France in Africa and the meeting Museveni to create an empire in which the superior race, Hima-Tutsi ruling would be and the lower race, Bantu, labor or slave .

As soon as the meeting of the insured will, as soon as the plan to eliminate the Bantu leaders Melchior Ndadaye, Samura Machel, Juvenal Habyarimana, Mobutu Seko If … Laurent Kabila had started. Reducing the number of Bantu peoples who also pose problems for the viability of this empire is a priority. More Bantu 10,000,000 were sold to date. The extermination of some Hutu survivors of the genocide recognized by the UN in the mapping delay continues in eastern DRC. None to Tell the Story!

It is this racist ideology and re-colonization of sub-Saharan Africa than Bill Clinton in March 1998 was implementing when he praised the “New Breeds of Leaders of Africa”  ​​”When US President Bill Clinton made ​​form His African journey In March 1998 he Helped popularize this concept When He Said he Placed hope in a new generation of African leaders Devoted To Economic Reforms and democracy.

ALTHOUGH Bill Clinton About did not Identify the African leaders by name, it is ASSUMED That He Was Generally REFERRING to, Among Others, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia and Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea. “

Noted that it is only as Nilo-Hamitic to whom Clinton was addressing. The Hima-Tutsi empire is still what Pean demonstrates in his book CARNAGES, The Secret Wars of the major powers in Africa, Fayard, November 2010. On page 220 we read: “… April 4, 1997, he (= Museveni) was Hitler’s praise! ” Before the General Assembly of the East African Law Society, … the President of Uganda and the mission justified its responsibility: that of creating a regional group: ” My mission is to ensure that the Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Zaire become federal states within a nation.

Now this is not my choice, but an obligation of East Africa to become one nation. Or we become one nation, or we perish. (Hear … that those who are afraid to die is the Hamitic race, Hima-Tutsi. Museveni called them to come together against the Bantu race, the Bantu peoples threatening note). This is what Hitler did to unify Germany, so we have to do it here. Hitler was a type of good, but I think it has gone too far in trying to conquer the world. ” He alone can set limits to his ambition, but, in his speech, his admiration for Hitler was clearly no sleeves effect.

Since coming to power in 1986, Museveni has sought to expand its influence beyond the borders of Uganda once drawn by the colonial powers. His pan-Africanism is not far from the Pan-German doctrine, and when he speaks of the gathering of the Germans, he first thinks of living space concept Lebnsraum qu’utilisait Hitler in Mein Kampf to justify its future policy … Before expressing his imperial vision of a Swahili Republic ‘, Museveni had first dreamed of a space that is the Tutsi-land, which would include Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Kivu … “.

Everyone knows that Museveni helped by Kagame in the run-up to this great project are behind the Americans, the Jews, the Canadians … and the British. And, given the economic, financial and diplomatic support they receive from these powers and impunity they enjoy from the crimes they are attributed to them, no one has the right to deny and to doubt The existence of this unfailing support.


There is no doubt that the Hima-Tutsi learned they were racially superior to that of the Bantu race. Learned behavior to feel more beautiful, more intelligeant, cleaner, and richer … necessarily leads to pride and to the exclusion of the other supposedly ugly, stupid, dirty … and poor. It is this exclusion of the other of racism. Hima-Tutsi are racist because they learned that their race is superior to that of the Bantu. They are very racist as they even prohibit their daughters and son to marry young Bantu. They would feel disgust to share the meal, to sit … or even be treated in the same hospitals with the Bantu. They accept a very difficult Bantu supposed “idiot” is their leader.

This is what racism pushed to the extreme and frustration that result which is the basis of secular conflict and genocide ravaging the African Great Lakes. Yes, it’s true, history repeats itself in one way or another. The project missed Adolf Hitler 1940 to create a German empire cleansed of Jews, black and all the mentally disabled; his assertion of the existence of a superior race destined to rule the world; its unlimited expansionist; … Are being currently applied by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and Paul Kagame, his right arm in Central Africa.

Ironically, Jews yesterday “genocided” and their protectors unconditioned, the US would support this satanic plan to destroy in whole or in part, a part of humanity, the Bantu, for geostrategic interests. Already more than 10 million of these Bantu have already succumbed under the bombs of the superior race to the total indifference of the “international community” and the World Superpower blessing. Former Under Secretary of State for African Affairs said: When the superior races annex part of an area of ​​the lower races, this does not constitute the crime of aggression and annexation of another country, banned CRIMES and severely punished not the UN Charter!

The existence of the project of the Hima-Tutsi empire is well established as a European justice respectful of human rights country, Spain, has made a thorough investigation and concluded: “Thus, if we go back behind the recording of the complaint that is the origin of this procedure, going back to the decade of the 1990s, many Rwandans from the Tutsi ethnic group, mainly son of refugees in Uganda received military training in the National Resistance Army (NRA). Many of these recruits have occupied high ranks in the NRA and gave their support in 1986 to this organization took power and the presidency for its leader Museveni.

From this platform, and with the initial military, logistical and financial government of Uganda, a significant number of Rwandan Tutsi extremists based in Uganda founded the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), in order to achieve three objectives: i. Dispose of as many people from the Hutu ethnic group, majority in their country of origin. ii. Come to power by force. iii. A strategic alliance of the Tutsi ethnic group, in collaboration with other Western allies, primarily to terrorize the population of Rwanda and later all the people of the Great Lakes region, to expand its area of ​​authority, control and influence, and invade the region of Zaire to appropriate its natural resources [p.3]. In this way a group was formed to politico-military structure consists of a military unit under the name Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA), the political arm being the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF). ” And what of the Rwandan opposition?

On 21 August 2007, a Tutsi Deo Mushayidi, then Secretary General and Spokesman of the Partnership Intwari (which included the FDLR), did not have cold feet before writing this: “The sinister plan of building in Africa East of a great empire “Nilotic” itself under protection of a mega Anglo-Saxon empire that would eventually cover the entire African continent largely explains the fratricidal conflicts that have marred Africa daily with their cohort of crimes against peace, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. ”

I am not a prophet but I see the horror, the ocean of human blood still ahead of me on the black continent. Until this racist ideology exists, if the project of the Hima-Tutsi empire is not stopped and, as long as the Hamitic, the Nilotic and Tutsi will consider themselves superior race, blood will continue to flow and galore . Not to be pessimistic, the solution of this problem is unique to accept that all human beings are created equal, that they should be equal before the law and that the accession to power must absolutely be done through the ballot box. Hima-Tutsi will they accept it. I doubt very, very strong, because as Professor Philip Reyntjens affirm in “BBC Rwanda’s untold story. “” Tutsi can never accept democracy. ” Never. Would it be the consequence of their curse by Noah, their ancestor?


Article written by

Samuel Lyarahoze


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