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AIDS, Opium, Diamonds,and Empire by Dr Nancy Turner Banks

“It is a great mistake to think that wars only concern armies, regulars or guerillas,  involved in active engagement – blowing people and things to smithereens. In today`s world, nothing could be farther from the truth. The real forces of evil wage another kind of warfare. This warfare is principally financial. The dark princes of debt finance have gained practically unopposed leverage over every important social, economic, and political institution- including and especially  the health care delivery system.As a result, death by iatrogenic medicine kills three quarters of a million people annually — more people in a year than either cancer or heart disease.[iatrogenic =prescription/pharmaceutical medicine]

The demons of capital and “free market” ideology have created an information monopoly by gaining control of the pharmaceutical industry, the teaching of physicians, the major media, including medical journals, and the flow of research dollars. They control a clandestine intelligence agency, the Epidemic Intelligence Service, which has silently infiltrated every major health department, hospital, newspaper, and medical journal across the nation enabling its control of information and the mounting of a  consolidated response at a moment`s notice.  The research dollars determine  if there is going to be a “war on cancer”, or a “war on AIDS”, or the promotion of the latest viral scare to sell more vaccines or worthless anti-viral products such as Tamiflu or Relenza. Such wars are planned and mounted with the same organizational and strategic planning as the Pentagon employs.What this ultimately leads to is the development of bad science and toxic drugs that are created ostensibly to fight cancer and AIDS but in effect cause more cancer and more AIDS- which is the point of the war. People die in war, and the profiteers substantially increase their wealth and power. The object of war is twofold: to establish power relationships and profit.”

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