Trump Wins and Now for the Real Fight Against Wall Street

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Now for the Real Fight — Against Wall Street

November 8, 2016
The statue of George Washington overlooks the New York Stock Exchange from Federal Hall. [photo Gryffindor/Wikimedia]

Beginning with its Internet post-election broadcast at 1:00 EST Wednesday, LaRouchePAC believes that Americans can now resume the fight that really matters for their future and the nation’s survival.

They can pick up where they left off in straightening out the battle against terrorism, by forcing the Saudi/British role into the open this Summer and defeating President Obama’s attempt to veto Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. Now there is a chance to win justice against Wall Street, starting with a new Glass-Steagall Act.

Both Donald Trump, who promised to reinstate Glass-Steagall, and Hillary Clinton, who opposes it on behalf of Wall Street, knew that it is an immediately crucial action issue for Americans. The former Commodity Future Trading Commission head Bart Chilton was asked in a Bloomberg interview on Election Day, if any of Trump’s policies might be strong enough to be enacted by Congress under a Clinton White House. Chilton replied, “This is surprising — but Donald Trump wasn’t very clear about much in his program, but one thing he was clear on: bringing back the Glass-Steagall Act.”

It represents the economic justice which large numbers of Americans want, and can now really fight for.

Wednesday’s Internet broadcast at will make clear what success in that battle, can lead to. We must have national credit issued for productive employment and productivity, by tackling high-technology infrastructure projects. This in turn needs a “science driver” for the recovery of the economy, at the frontiers of fusion power and space exploration. That means collaboration with the Asian powers working on the “New Silk Road” projects both on Earth and in space.

Americans agree on this, on employment that is productive and must pay more; on a new national infrastructure; on ending 15 years of continuous, disastrous wars under Bush and Obama.

We face the next two months with a Wall Street puppet still in the White House; perhaps with another one elected to follow him. That Barack Obama has completely failed the American people, and left them economically devastated and dying since the 2008 crash, was bluntly admitted by Bill Clinton himself at a private fundraiser a year ago, in damning remarks that finally became public only on Election Day.

And Hillary Clinton “ain’t Bill”; after four years serving as Obama’s “puppet’s puppet,” she has become a rich woman by being paid huge sums to talk at 50 secret strategy meetings of top Wall Street and London bankers. She belongs to Wall Street; they bought her fair and square. The American people can look for nothing from her. Only war: Obama’s policy, but escalated, of wars and war provocations against Russia and China.

Whoever has “won” the Presidential election, millions of Americans have come to understand that progress for the nation now depends on their own actions; and are ready, and hopeful enough, to act

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