Tribute to Rev Mtikila – Tanzanian whistleblower

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15 octobre 2015


To my hero , rev. Christopher Mtikila.

This day of October 4th 2015 will remain a menorable day in my mind. On that day, not only Tanzania and its peace loving people have lost a hero, but also the entire great lakes region of Africa. A human rights activist was murdered in a bizarre way. How did a warrior die in such a manner? Why was he not offered extra protection? Why did God allow that at this critical moment when even people beyond Tanzania frontiers needed him? How did a valiant die? He was a man who spoke for millions of silent victims who could not speak for themselves.

Late Rev. Christopher Mtikila

When I was in Tz, I did not pay attention to what you were saying, but upon leaving that country, I had the time to learn more about you and started to appreciate your valuable work. You were saying the truth that many people could not dare say. Gone too soon, comrade and reverand Christopher Mtikila. My heart and eyes are in tears because of your death.

To the family: I am with you at this painful moment and though I am physicaly far from you, I am with you in prayers. Rev . Mtikila, you have left a big gap that will be very hard to fill. To the people of Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, D.r.Congo and Kenya; we have lost a father, a brother, a pastor, a comrade and a fighter.

To those inside Tanzania and outside who did not listen to your patriotic messages, time will come when they will realise that you were sent by God to deliver a message. And that message has been received. Once comrade and comandante Ernesto Che Guevara said that  » even if he dies, if his revolutionary messages have reached a receptive ear, he would be happy ». 

As a christian, I believe that this was why you were sent in this world and God who sent you on that specific mission saw that you have accomplished it. As human being, I find it hard to believe as I know that you still has many things to do. Kazi ya Mungu haina makosa. My your brave heart rests in eternal Peace.



Kennedy Huruma. 
2015, October 6.

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