treasures for the mind

Tout homme qui est un vrai homme doit apprendre a rester seul au milieu de tous, a penser seul pour tous, et au besoin contre tous.”

Romain Rolland

which translates along the lines of :

All men who are true men must learn to be alone in the midst of others, to think only of others, and when necessary in contradiction to all.

(apologies for the lack of accents in the French version)

this quotation was found written  in a school homework book  discovered under 4 ft of pigeon shit in a derelict attic in France. It is such a beautiful piece of philosophy ( the love/respect of wisdom). But what is also interesting, is it was the home-work journal of a 12 year-old of France in 1953. How education has changed. Progress we call it….




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