Simone Gbagbo, the wife of former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo,   was sentenced today in Abidjan to 20 years in prison for assisting her husband.

untitledMrs Simone Gbagbo

What was Laurent Gbagbo`s crime?



from` African Agenda, the New World Order in Africa`

42% of people in Cote D`Ivoire live below the poverty line in a country hailed as the `Ivorian miracle’. The administration of Africa`s longest serving leader, Felix Houphouet –Boigny, has been a miracle for the Jacques Foccart business network, Vincent Bollore and France. This administration has helped to rob Africa of some of its greatest leaders and heroes including Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana,  and Ahmed Sekou Toure  of Guinea. His administration assisted in the attempted coup in 1977, led by French mercenary Bob Denard against Mathieu Kerekou of Dahomey. Houphouet-Boigny fully supported the United Nations led operation in 1960 called the Congo Crisis, which resulted in the death of Patrice Lumumba and the presidency of Moise Tshombe in Katanga. He assisted in the secession of Biafra, Nigeria and after forging economic ties with apartheid South Africa, attempted to sway all other members of the OAU into doing the same.  His role within the early years of the OAU was one of the primary destructive agents against African unity and the length of his regime did little for his country and everything for France. This administration has halted progress and development in West Africa, while under Houphouet `s moderate` leadership, incestuously close ties with the de Gaulle and Pompidou governments, ardent anti-communist and ardent pro colonialist foreign policy have miraculously perpetuated the status quo of African development for Africans. The `Sage of Africa` as Houphouet-Boigny was known affectionately by his western friends, also supported UNITA in Angola. For all these efforts UNESCO created in his honour the Felix Houphouet-Boigny Peace Prize awarded for the “safekeeping, maintaining and seeking of peace”. By the time he died he was worth between $7 and $11billion.

With such an unchallenged Francophile record, it is no wonder the UN became so involved in the events after the eventual death in 1993 of this “openly unpatriotic son of Africa.” Operation restore status quo of Francophile policy, under the banner of UNOCI (United Nations Operation in Cote D`Ivoire).In 2000 Laurent Gbagbo is elected by popular demand. Laurent Gbagbo blocked with reinforced concrete the underground tunnel which had long since connected the presidential headquarters to the French embassy. His intention was to do the same with Cote d`Ivoire`s politics.

Laurent GbagboPresident Laurent Gbagboarticle_OuattaraAlassane Ouattara

Within 2 years a previously unheard of, mysterious and extremely well equipped rebel force begins a gunpoint coercion in the north of the country which leads to the outbreak of civil war. Thousands of deaths, mayhem and extreme violence until Gbagbo brokers peace talks which lead to the 2010 elections. As incumbent president,  Laurent Gbagbo is the popular candidate but his opposition is Alassane Ouattara, former prime minister appointed by Houphouet-Boigny in 1989 and representative of the rebel movement. Bizarrely Alassane Ouattara is declared the winner according to the electoral commission controlled by the UN. These results are also treacherously recognized by the African Union and ECOWAS, giving transparency to the inclinations of these organizations of African disunity. Gbagbo denounces the results and accuses conspirators of electoral fraud and an international (French) plot to overthrow his government. Civil war and déjà vu of bodies fill the streets, thousands die. French president Nikolas Sarkozy denounces Gbagbo as a regime, accuses him of orchestrating the civil war and says his opposition to the election of Ouattara is a scandal.

It was horrible, terrifying, inhuman. Pretending that they are providing aid to Cote d`Ivoire, they use this as an excuse to overthrow its president. They could have done things differently to solve this problem. Diplomatically for instance. Simple negotiations could have been enough to resolve this issue. Why have they chosen to use so much is unacceptable. It`s our responsibility, as Ivoirians to solve certain domestic problems, like those related to internal politics. And we can solve them alone. It’s unacceptable that foreigners decide to solve our problems in our stead.” Source: resident of Abidjan on Documentary `France in the Dark` by Silvestro Montanaro, YouTube, `This is documentary is in English under the heading -How France Maintains 14 African Countries Under Slavery`, uploaded by arok bigo.

The UN upon France`s request mandates France to restore law and order. Eyewitnesses to the UNOCI operation observe UN helicopters bombing the presidential quarters. They clearly remember UNOCI on the helicopters. They also bomb the national television HQ, military camps that house soldiers and their families, university campus and even grocery stores, (whilst running a very similar operation in Libya). With the assistance of UN troops the rebel army in the north marches on and takes Abidjan at a bloody cost. Later the French government denies bombing the home of Laurent Gbagbo,  who along with family members is arrested. “We only destroyed dangerous military bases which threatened the population and which together surrounded the presidential palace. We had to do it.” Sarkozy and installed French-proxy- president Ouattara shake hands, turns out they know each other well. Cote D`Ivoire maintains all is well in the country and order is restored. Laurent Gbagbo is now like Charles Taylor awaiting trial in the Hague for crimes against humanity. A handful of African leaders spoke out that the trial of Gbagbo was not in the name of justice , Thabo Mbeki of South Africa was one and stated that :”What was really despicable was France`s involvement in the conflict.” He also commented that the 2010 election should not have been held , an opinion shared by the former government as conditions in the rebel held north were far too unstable(intimidating). “If you vote for Gbagbo, we will come and kill you”, this comment was made by a voter living in one of the northern regions, this is what the rebels told people before the election. These people already had good reason to believe them. Voting for Ouattara was done under extreme duress and intimidation. There is ample proof of this, displaced people, murders, burnings, destroyed villages and the testimonies of thousands. Representatives of Gbagbo`s government were murdered in droves. Those who do not flee to Mali or the capital endure rape, violence or death.

Not to be defeated,  the Ivorian supporters of democracy and Gbagbo, carry out their own scrutiny of the election results. Cote d`Ivoire`s Constitutional Court acting on their findings of grossly fraudulent figures (thousands of people unaccounted for) declare Gbagbo the actual winner of the 2010 election. The homes of lawyers, journalists and Gbagbo`s supporters are ransacked if not destroyed. Meanwhile this decision taken by the country`s Constitutional court is declared invalid by Ouattara, the UN and France. Those loyal to democracy, truth and Gbagbo with the bravery that is required to speak out, men who served in Gbagbo`s government are maintaining the following: That the last 10 years of civil war and bloodshed in Cote D`Ivoire is the work of France, violence and unrest orchestrated to result in the ousting of Cote D`Ivoire`s anti-imperialist president. That the rebel forces and the French `are two face of the same coin`. They maintain that French intelligence created a false flag situation in which nine French soldiers were killed in a bombing raid on a French military base, an event blamed on Gbagdo`s government forces. What France did in retaliation of these nine deaths was to completely wipe out the governments air force, completely destroyed it. France has always declared this a ridiculous conspiracy, however the French lawyer who represented the families of the four French soldiers also arrived at the conclusion of French Intelligence being the source of command to carry out that particular raid.(Raids were being carried out by government forces in the north to destroy rebel bases.)

With Gbagbo captive and `missing` and Ouattara in power, French troops are stationed in Abidjan as peace keepers. The people want their president back, the man they love, Ivoirians continue to protest in vast numbers, agitated but non-violent until in march 2011 when French soldiers open fire on an unarmed mass gathering. Hundreds of people are injured, nine are killed. Foreign troops firing on the soil of Cote D`Ivoire, firing on Ivoirians, unarmed protestors. And the UN, AU, ECOMOG stand by and remain mute…………..

So exactly who are the rebels?

When Silvestro Montanaro in his documentary, France in the Dark`, asked this question of people, their reply was “The truth kills here. We tell you the truth, you go and tomorrow someone kills us”. This is the climate now of Cote D`Ivoire. The truth, this film maker did obtain, however. When government forces reclaimed rebel held territories in the north in 2002, munitions boxes were found labelled: France Ministry of Defence for the French Embassy in Burkina Faso. In payment Burkinabe soldiers have taken Ivorian land, plantations and new government forces have `removed` the previous inhabitants as Gbagbo supporters and traitors. One villager alone can account for 130 deaths in his village. The rebel forces` atrocities are slowly coming to light as Ivoirians are piecing together the events of the last few years. Video footage and testimonies reveal the depths to which Ivoirians were subjected, massacres of chained people, women, children and the old, burned alive. These atrocities took place in regions under the supervision of UN forces, as was the case in Rwanda, all the UN troops did was to collect the dead, sprinkle them in lime and bury their numbers with bulldozers. As in Rwanda, the UN camps will to be found stationed just a few hundred meters from the multiple mass graves which is also the location of the massacring.

Countless people will testify to the fact that white faces were in the rebel ranks, will testify to the fact that the UN helicopters along with French troops were targeting government strongholds. Positive sentiment for `the blue helmets` does not run high in Cote D`Ivoire. In the former rebel held regions where people feel free to talk, it is of general consensus that French forces and `blue helmets` were engaged in ground and air combat and that were it not for the support of those forces, the Burkinabe rebels would not have made progress. France and UN provided the logistics for the rebel operation. Ivoirians KNOW this. After the rebels took control of a major city in the north, Duekoue, raped, burnt and murdered, worse was still to come in an ethnic cleanse of Gbagbo stronghold (those who had been brave enough to vote for Gbagbo in the election), the Guere  tribe. Survivors report this genocide lasting one week in Duekoue but continuing for many weeks in the villages. Again as in Rwanda, ID cards disclose ethnicity. Village after village after village after village have testimonies of the murders of Guere people. All men were targeted, all male children, aged anywhere between fifteen and three months old were shot in front of their wives and mothers who in turn were humiliated with rape. Women and female children were not killed in numbers as great, but were still included. Testimonies to these killings, all share another story, again mirrored in Rwanda. “Did the UNOCI not come to the aid of the civilians, were they not aware of what was going on, did they not attempt to protect you?”….”No, no! When they (the rebels) were entering our homes and were killing us, the helicopters were circling above, they saw everything, but did nothing. No they did nothing and they were the only ones to whom we could ask for help.” A woman from Duekoue explains how as she and other woman were being beaten and raped right in front of a “blue helmets camp”, a blue helmet soldier came out and told the rebels “not here, not right in front of the camp, wherever you want, but not here.” Over 1000 people are in mass graves in Duekoue. These graves contain the decapitated bodies of fathers, mothers, children and even babies. Each body has a living witness to remember the decapitation of her children, fathers, husbands and sisters. While being interviewed one mother, thin and harrowed recounts her witness to the death of her children. She tells the interviewer with tears streaming and the crowd around her with faces drawn in distress, that her children were so beautiful. She says their names one by one.

Gbagbo`s sealing off of the French access to the riches of Cote D`Ivoire had included the refusal to privatise the refinery and to put the country`s off shore oil reserve of an estimated 20 billion barrels out to tender on the world market and not into the hands of TOTAL.

Gbagbo had decided to move on from Houphouet-Boigny`s Francophile policy, he had made an attempt at dissolving the agreements reached, contracts signed in 1960 whereby the colony of France was granted independence on condition that France enjoys privileged economic rights and is consulted on all matters economic, decides to who Cote D`Ivoire can sell its products and produce. Cote d`Ivoire is the world`s third largest producer of coffee and the top global producer of cocoa. In 1998 under World Bank Structural Adjustment policies this cocoa market had to be `liberalized`, i.e. cocoa marketing board removed, small scale farmers removed, foreign  private (MNC) interest catered for. Gbagbo reverted this blatant robbery but the situation has since reversed back in favour of the WB and MNC`s and of course Cote D`Ivoire no longer has control over the cocoa sector, mainstay of its economy. Labour rates of cocoa growers have plummeted, strangely enough the price of chocolate in Europe has rocketed. A cocoa grower will be paid 1 euro per kilo of cocoa beans, today in 2013, while a 200g bar of chocolate will sell in Europe for anything upwards of 2.5 euros. The cocoa growers have never eaten chocolate it is beyond their means. All chocolate in the world`s top producer of cocoas country remains imported, Gbagbo`s plans for a chocolate factory have been put on hold. It is not just the cocoa sector that is no longer owned by Cote D`Ivoire, every single sector is run by French companies, banks, food, distribution, transport, ports etc. France even prints the currency and a Frenchman is permanently in position as director of the central bank, which is French.


The documentary from which this information has been taken is LA FRANCIA IN NERO by SILVESTRO MONTANARO.

This EXACT same operation has been mirrored in Sierra Leone and Liberia and Mali. It is being repeated to this day, on this day in the Central African Republic.

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