What does a pandemic like Ebola have to do with :
The global diamond trade
WHO vaccines
US Ministry of Defence
The United Nations
Multi National Corporations ?
In 2013 it was announced that diamond `pipes` had been discovered in Liberia`s kimberlites that will prove economically viable to mine.This region is unique for the size of its diamonds. The largest alluvial diamond ever discovered, the Star of Sierra Leone, was from this area, it is 969.9-carats.These diamond fields stretch across the borders of 3 countries and ironically these 3 same countries are those most afflicted by Ebola and therefore most in need of the militarized humanitarian presence of UK and USA.
What are the alluvial diamonds present in the kimberlites of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone worth to the USA and Israel?
The diamond jewelry trade in the USA is worth annually in excess of $30 billion. Israel buys over 55% of global rough diamonds.Israel is the world`s largest importer of rough diamonds.Diamonds are Israel`s second largest export worth estimated $10 billion annually.The diamond trade has been one of the most lucrative economic areas for over a century.
Who are the major diamond dealers?Diamonds have been part of the global parasitical financial/political system, also called globilization,New World Order, ruling elite, Establishment Elite or simply the Empire which is a global monetary system;since Cecil Rhodes established De Beers in 1888. By 1902 DeBeers controlled 90% of global rough diamond production and distribution. It still does to this day.

Diamonds have been a psyop ever since because diamonds are not rare and are not worth a tenth of their market value.The scarcity factor to enhance value was dreamt up by Cecil Rhodes himself.This scarcity factor is commonly used in marketing; `only 2 left in stock`,limited offer,while stocks last` etc. Money, energy,food and resources are also presented to us as scarce in order to justify rising costs. Diamonds were rare until the diamond rush in South Africa in the late 1800s. Up until then diamonds were only owned by monarchs. Rhodes had the criminal foresight to see that the amount of diamonds being found in South Africa`s Vaal kimberlites would crash the value world wide.Rhodes engineered a system to buy up supply,stockpile and thereby regulate the trade. He created the diamond trade cartel to monoplize the industry. De Beers has ever since bought out competitors and loaned to African governments in return for their diamond supply.Where co-operation from African governments has not been forth-coming DeBeers have paid mercenaries and their military outfits to destabilize countries and over-throw governments.
To hide the DeBeers monopoly within plain site it did what every other criminal cartel corporation does nowadays-DeBeers formed a network of subsiduaries with different names.In London DeBeers calls itself the Diamond Trading Company.In Israel it is called The Syndicate. In Europe it is called C.S.O., Central Selling Organization.In Africa it is called many names such as Diamond Development Corporation and Mining Services.For over a century it has been impossible to trade diamonds outside of DeBeers regulated channels.When diamonds were discovered in Siberia in the 1950s,DeBeers formed a lucrative channel with the USSR.
DeBeers next criminal campaign involved public relations and the media.This was to present diamonds as a measure of love, a rare, valuable token of a man`s high esteem for a woman; the engagement ring.In 1938 DeBeers employed the services of top New York advertising firm N W Ayer who used the deceitful tool of marketing psychology to not only make a diamond engagement ring` a must have` but craftilly included within this, that this gift was something to be kept in the family and never sold. Along came the slogan turned saying-Diamonds are Forever.
Cecil Rhodes was also the criminal mastermind behind the political power system that is in operation today.Cells within cells,rings within rings,networks within networks,spies within spies and every man corruptable and blackmailable to ensure every man has his price. This was Cecil Rhodes`s system for maintaining control of his enterprise.

Not only is DeBeers the sole operator in South Africa, Debeers is also the sole operator in Namibia and Botswana. In order once again to cover the tracks of a criminal corporate cartel, Debeers operates in Botswana and Namibia under the auspices of `a joint venture` with the Botswanan and Namibian governments. In Botswana DeBeers is called Debswana. In Namibia DeBeers is called the Namdeb Diamond Corporation.
In the last decade or so DeBeers monopoly has been under attack from Australia, Russia, Canada and Israel. To counter such rebellions in the ranks DeBeers simply releases millions of stock-piled diamonds onto the open market to push prices down. This is blackmail.DeBeers is now steering its way out of lesser quality diamonds, industrial diamonds and concentrating its efforts on the retail trade in more valuable stones.In 2011 it reported a 74% increase in profits for that year alone by opening retail outlets in Asia and China where its name is not known as well for blood and genocide.
Cecil Rhodes was financed by Nathan Mayer Rothschild.He formed a secret society with leading British businessmen and politicians such as Alfred Milner.The formation of a monopoly and cartel of the diamond trade was applied to the political structure of South Africa.This group of men bought their way into the South African newspapers and formed a political network that has ever since been the shadow government of South Africa.Racial segregation in South Africa and Rhodesia was a system devised by this group, in particular Rhodes.This was a psychological manoeuvre to unify the Whites; to give them a common enemy.The Whites of South Africa were predominantly from Holland and France and their allegiance did not lie with Britain. By providing the Blacks as a common enemy, Whites would stick together.
In Britain this same group of businessmen and bankers formed the Fabian Society which became the Liberal Movement in Britain.Across the Atlantic in America these same individuals formed the Anglo American Establishment.This was all done in great secrecy using Rhodes technique of subversion by infiltrating existing organizations and power structures and buying into the media. The Anglo American Establishment is now the shadow government of the USA. And Britain is considered the most liberal nation in the world when nothing could be further from the truth as Britain is a feudal society and its economy and nationhood has been annihilated.
The American tax-payer has unwittingly financed the creation of the American Military Industrial Complex which invades countries across the world in order to get control of resources and all this done in the name of democracy while Britain hands out foreign aid as if this were beneficial to African countries.This foreign aid from Britain is little other than bribe money. It is how DeBeers puts pressure on African governments, the same system.

South Sudan has oil and in order for MNCs to get their hands on it, South Sudan had to be created. Glencore now owns 49% of this state`s oil.This is the agenda in the DRC and the agenda behind Ebola.Glencore is owned by the Rothschilds.
In just the same way that Cecil Rhodes manipulated the political structure of South Africa, financiers, bankers, businessmen manipulate the United Nations. These individuals have become the world`s shadow government. For instance, Maurice Tempelsman is a diamond dealer, a diamond magnate. He is one of the main funders of the US Democratic Party and has funded the likes of Obama and Clinton.He has been in the DRC since Mobutu who he personally funded.They call such activity-` being an advisor`. His shoes have now been filled by his replacement, Dan Gertler. Dan Gertler and his lot saw to it that Laurent Kabila replaced Mobutu.As these financiers, bankers, businessmen manipulate/control the governments of countries it is a simple matter of funding the representatives/clients of these individuals and putting them in power. Museveni in Uganda is their primary client in central Africa.
Inter-corporate wars are behind many conflicts.In the DRC, a certain group of `investors` backed Jean-Pierre Bemba while another group of `investors` backed his rival,Joseph Kabila.Between them, tens of thousands of butchered lives were added onto the grand total of corporate carnage in the DRC.These were not rebel militias, there has been no civil war in the Congo because it is mini-warlords backed by foreign warlords who are financiers, investors, bankers and businessmen battling to get their Black man in power to be a front-man for their corporation.
Men such as Tony Buckingham are respectable businessmen and finance the Conservative Party in Britain.He wears expensive suits and hobnobs with the British elite. He lives on a tax haven called Jersey, one of the Channel Islands. He is worth about £500 million.His company is listed on the London Stock Exchange along with thousands of other `respectable` criminal enterprises. Heritage Oil is his `respectable` sounding corporation.Business men like Tony Buckingham fund the British government who bomb Libya so now Heritage Oil can take over Sahara Oil, a Libyan company based in bombed out Bengazi.His man on the inside is British Foreign Secretary, William Hague.Heritage Oil is also in Congo Brazzaville,Uganda and has recently won mining rites in Mali, since Mali`s recent power restructuring and extermination of the Azawad State.Heritage Oil has also recently won mining rights in Iraqi Kurdistan.Britain has been pouring `aid` into Kurdistan for decades, there must be a lot of oil there and thanks to UK/USA created ISIS, the people of Kurdistan are being successfully depopulated.

And it all leads back to diamonds.Tony Buckingham does not work for himself, he works for the Syndicate, he works for the Financial Establishment, for the Anglo American Establishment. He works for the family who owns the majority of the American Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, he works for the Rothschilds.When Cecil Rhodes died, not a moment too early, he was one of the wealthiest men in the world and he left the majority of his fortune to none other than Nathan Rothschild.
Maurice Templesman is like Tony Buckingham, considered a respectable individual because of his wealth and power.But these men and their like are nothing other than criminals, white collar criminals, money launderers,gangsters, mafia crooks, warlords and genocidaires.For his efforts Maurice Templesman is Chairman of the International Advisory Council at the Harvard AIDS Institute of the School of Public Health.Bizarrely enough this medical advisor is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lazare Kaplan International Inc. which is the largest diamond polishing company in the US. He is also Chairman Emeritus of the Corporate Council on Africa.He is also on the board of Trustees of the Africa-America Institute.And finally although not conclusive of Templesman`s roles, he sits on the CFR, the American Council on Foreign Relations.
The CFR is the American foreign policy body.It is the government body that decides where next to invade, aerial bomb, cover in depleted uranium and then pillage.The CFR is a British intelligence unit within the American government.It was created by the RIIA, the Royal Institute for International Affairs. The RIIA is the handicraft of the Rhodes, Milner, Rothschild criminal financial network.
Tony Buckingham was a director for DiamondWorks, a Canadian subsiduary of DeBeers , back in 1995.At this time Debeers was already operating in the Koidu area of Sierra Leone which is part of the regions kimberlite zone that stretches across Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.At the same time as being a director for DiamondWorks (DeBeers) Buckingham operated his `logistics` company Executive Outcomes that he had in partnership with Eeben Barlow.Executive Outcomes is responsible for genocide and mutilation in Sierra Leone and Liberia.
All across Africa people are dying in defense of their birthright, in defense of their land, their gold,their uranium, their diamonds.Millions have died in the DRC,thousands and thousands have been killed in Mali, in Niger, in Gabon, in Guinea, in the CAR, in Ethiopia. People are being killed on a daily basis. There are artisanal gold and diamond and coltan miners who are shot or hacked by the militias of the `investors`. There are farmers, whole tribes who are murdered in cold blood like in Gambela, Ethiopia, because their birth right, their land is wanted for mega farms.In Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya these farmers are removed from their land. Their land is sold from under their feet to investors. In Niger farmers can no longer farm within a huge radius of Uranium mines because their children and livestock die strange deformed deaths from radiation.

“The Press owns the minds of men“. Cecil Rhodes said this and it was why DeBeers bought out the South African newspapers by keeping editors on the payroll, shadow government censorship of the shadow government crimes.The media all across the world is owned by the bankers, investors, businessmen.In November 2014 an association of Kenyan doctors charged the World Health Organization with deliberate sterilization of Kenyan women via a Tetanus vaccine.This astonishingly criminal act, one of thousands that is on the hands of the WHO did not make media headlines even in Kenya.Over 1 million Kenyan women are now sterile and journalists within mainstream media become  deaf,dumb and blind.One doctor in Liberia has had the courage to connect the Ebola outbreak with a recent WHO vaccine program.
So we know the media is owned but so is the medical world which has been corrupted to be a money-making industry.As it is an industry  the more people who get sick the better it is for business.Vaccines are now designed to create diseases in the body after a long period of time when the vaccine will not be seen as the cause.That is not the only way the criminal owned pharmaceutical corporations benefit.Again we come back to diamonds and this explains why Maurice Tempelsman is Chairman of a diamond polishing company, a diamond trader and chairman of the International Advisory Council at the Harvard AIDS Institute.Maurice Templesman works within the DeBeers diamond Ring. Since the 1950s he has been the DeBeers representative in the USA, representing the diamond cartel interests.With diamond mining in southern Africa comes asbestos.The diamonds of South Africa and Botswana are embedded in asbestos.The tens of thousands of miners in southern Africa who have died of AIDS have not died of AIDS at all.These miners have not died of a `sexually transmitted disease`, they have not died because they are promiscuous, dirty and ignorant. They have died of Lung Cancer, Leukemia and Silicosis induced TB as a direct result of mining practices. Their deaths are work- related and ordinarily the employer would be held responsible.But conveniently AIDS covers all and omits all corporate responsibility for employees.
The answer is fairly straightforward. AIDS is part of the business model being used by the West to explain away the numerous atrocities committed by extractive corporations as a part of their routine business practices on this continent.” Dr Nancy Banks from `AIDS,Opium, Diamonds, and Empire`.

We cannot blame African nations like Uganda or Nigeria or South Africa, we cannot blame nations like France or Belgium or Britain or America because none of these nations are in control of their policies , domestic or foreign. None of these nations have sovereignty. All of these nations have been bought and paid for by financiers, businessmen, investors, bankers. The shadow governments are operated by the Merchants, The Diamond Ring of Power.

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