Tony Blair – New World Order super-agent – AGI in Africa

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Blair benefited from classified intelligence while bidding for contracts, new biography claims


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair benefited from classified intelligence data while hunting for lucrative business deals with far-flung regimes, an explosive new biography claims.

The controversial book, which was authored by investigative journalist Tom Bower, paints a damning portrait of Blair’s conduct in and out of office. Titled ‘Broken Vows,’ it is due to be published later in March.

In a series of extracts published ahead of the biography’s release, Bower uncovers how Blair “blurred” the lines between his commercial interests and charity work. Central to the investigative journalist’s account are a number of key interviews with Cabinet ministers, mandarins and other senior sources.

Secret security briefings

Bowers’ damning portrait of Blair’s shady business dealings reveals a profit-hungry man determined to make millions.

After leaving office in 2007, Blair set up a number of charities, including the Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) and the Faith Foundation. Eight years later, he flew to Nigeria to meet the new Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari. The luxury jet he traveled on had been chartered by Evgeny Lebedev – the son of Alexander Lebedev, an ex-KGB colonel who owns the London Evening Standard newspaper.

The following day, Blair visited the British High Commissioner in Nigeria for a security briefing on the threat posed by terror group Boko Haram. In full knowledge of this classified information, he then made his way to Buhari’s offices.

The meeting had been arranged to discuss the prospect of Blair’s charity AGI carrying out work for the president. However, the former PM interrupted the proceedings mid-way and requested he be left alone with Buhari.

Speaking to officials in the room, Blair said: “Could you all leave us alone now? I have a personal message for the president from David Cameron.”

According to Bower, Blair touted for business for his private firm Tony Blair Associates throughout the ensuing 20-minute conversation. Among the proposals he mooted was an offer to sell Buhari Israeli drones and other arms with a view to defeating Boko Haram.

Following the meeting, the Nigerian president reportedly accused the former Labour leader of being merely “after business.” Bower’s book also accuses Blair of seeking overnight accommodation and security briefings in other British embassies.

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