To Defeat the Oligarchy That Steals Laws and Elections—LaRouche Had an Idea for That

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    To Defeat the Oligarchy That Steals Laws and Elections—LaRouche Had an Idea for That

Dec. 6 (EIRNS)—Of all the evidence, from hundreds of sworn witnesses in many states, of vote fraud and illegal election procedures to steal this election from President Donald Trump, the video from Atlanta’s vote-counting center, alone, should convince the world that something unprecedented has occurred.

How could Democratic election officials and workers commit such a copious and obvious fraud for two hours—with “mailed-in” ballots secretly concealed from observers and other workers who had all been told that counting was finished for the night and ushered out—so arrogantly that they were unconcerned that their own video monitors were watching and recording their acts? This obscene confidence was of operatives convinced that the plan—that this election would get rid of President Trump by whatever means necessary—was accepted by every official of influence of either major party, who might be confronted with such evidence.

The British House of Lords had already in 2018 pronounced a second Trump term intolerable; Wall Street bankers had shown by their contributions and their comments that they wanted the President out; leaders of British and U.S. intelligence-connected think-tanks such as the Transition Integrity Project had openly wished for a military coup against the President while “planning for a secure election”; a 2019 mobilization had pushed states to buy new voting systems from a company headed by a British Privy Council member bragging that he’d fixed elections in another country to remove “an autocrat.”

A City of London-Wall Street financial oligarchy, with its NATO military-financial complex, planned to steal the U.S. election—if necessary—to force President Trump out of office, in order to get a United States under Joe Biden supporting policies that threaten the entire human population. Trump had moved against their Paris Climate Accord, against their geopolitical war policy, and revived a Moon-Mars mission they thought only Lyndon LaRouche still fought for. This “imperial” oligarchy then attacked him for four years in ways that made their intention to steal election from him, if necessary, a foregone conclusion.

It is those City of London-Wall Street policies of forced “green” investments and taxes, economic sacrifice, stunted agriculture, population reduction and depopulating wars which President Trump has merely partially disrupted. They must be fought with determination and optimism by Americans, who need to stay mobilized in “committees of correspondence,” and concentrate on economic reforms which Biden’s Wall Street backers cannot stand for. A restored Glass-Steagall Act to break them up. Nationalization of the Federal Reserve to take it out of the genocide column of big central banks and make it a credit institution for invention, productivity and productive employment.

But this is the American republic at stake, and America must take the lead for the general welfare and economic progress of the world, not just the welfare of Americans. There is mass vaccination and hospital treatment which must be mobilized through 2021; “COVID famine” resulting from shutdowns, especially in North Africa and the Mideast, against which food airlifts and technology transfers are urgently needed. A summit or conference of major nations led by the United States and China, joined by Russia, India and others, can launch an international credit system as President Franklin Roosevelt intended after World War II.

This economic battle, against the oligarchy that has fixed a “regime change” election in the United States, carries the potential for a return from the 2008 global financial crash and the COVID pandemic to science, reason and progress. Lyndon LaRouche was blocked in 2007 by the same financial oligarchy, in a fight across many American states, from getting through a solution that could have prevented that crash. He then raised the stakes to the world economy, as he explained in 2009:

“In the first stage, what I proposed was legislation which was campaigned for throughout the states of the United States, for a resolution by state governments, to push through national Congressional legislation, to put the entire mortgage system of the United States into receivership under bankruptcy protection, in which the householders would remain in their homes, and we would, in due course, settle and resolve the mortgage debt….

“We have now reached a point, because of certain developments in the meantime, that it is no longer possible to do what I proposed then, back in 2007. Now, we’re in a general crisis, which can bring down, chain-reaction style, the entire planet. Because we have outstanding, a mass of debt, based on financial derivatives, and financial derivatives on financial derivatives, which, if the process of collapse occurs, it will bring down the whole planet….

“We have two questions here: Not only how to deal with the problem of the economy, but, how do we deal with the world economy as well. Because we have to maintain stability among key nations. I have picked out four nations, as absolutely crucial, that they must cooperate, because with their cooperation, and with that of others who join them, it will be possible to take reorganization of the world economy, by eliminating financial derivatives…. Go back to the honest debt of nations, go to a commercial banking standard, and create new credit to replace the worthless old debt. By creating new credit, and launching physical production programs, in infrastructure and other terms, we could, by agreement among nation-states, prevent a general collapse, and actually launch a program of orderly recovery. And these problems that we now face could be solved” (“LaRouche in Rhodes: A Four-Power Agreement Can Create a New World Credit System,” EIR, Oct. 23, 2009).

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