Time for South Africa to Exit the British Financial Empire

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Time for South Africa to Exit the British Empire


Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane 29 June 2016



A few things need to be said about the so-called Brexit, which has been the subject of much discussion, most of which is hot air.

First, let’s be clear. The vote of mostly working people in Great Britain last week in favour of exiting the European Union is not the cause or reason for the chaos and collapse in the trans-Atlantic financial system. The Brexit panic masks the underlying state of collapse of that system, brought on by decades of wild speculation that has larded it down with a mass of speculative financial values and instruments, which values cannot ever, and will not be supported.

The commentators and pundits have it ass backwards; it was the collapse, the austerity measures, and general incompetence of the masters of the EU which drove people to vote to get out of the EU. But as the British people will discover, they can escape the Union, but cannot and will not escape the conditions of collapse and savage austerity demanded and imposed by the City of London in a futile effort to maintain the illusion of solvency. The EU itself is a victim of the collapse. But it rightfully earns the enmity of people and nations who oppose the austerity demanded of them on behalf of hopelessly bankrupt financial institutions.

Should Britons living under that Bitch Queen and the City of London centre of her Empire really believe that the EU—or the flood of immigrants from war, launched and supported still by the British Empire and its slavish supporters in Washington—is the cause of their current problems? That is what the ‘Leave’ people were saying. Rather, it is the Empire itself and its policies that are the problem, and are the cause of grief for Britons and the world. One must reject not merely Brussels, but the entire trans-Atlantic looting machine, before it kills us all. Mass murder is the certain fate facing us, should we leave the British Empire in place—mass murder either through its austerity policies, or through its drive towards a general thermonuclear war against the emerging Eurasian order led by Putin’s Russia and Xi’s China, an order of nations committed to peaceful development and the improvement of the human condition, through the cooperation of peoples and their sovereign governments, not of powerful oligarchies.

Even as you read this, the central banks of the trans-Atlantic system are pumping trillions of dollars into their illiquid financial institutions, citing the Brexit crisis as an excuse. But even among these self-same ‘masters’ of the monetarist financial universe, there is a fear that this game cannot go on much longer, that the whole shebang is going to come crashing down, not because of Brexit, but because their system is larded down with worthless, unsupportable financial paper. It is with good reason that the more sane among such people fear the push of the diehard imperial loonies—led by the Bitch Queen of the British Empire, and her lackey, the American President Barack Obama—for confrontation and war in nearly every part of the world.

Do not look to those enlightened among the elite to save the day. Too many of them cling to the delusions of monetarism, and still more are quite willing to savage the populations of the world to maintain their privileges and limit their own suffering. They will not save you, nor, in the end, will they save themselves. Their defiance of the laws of physical economy will also claim them as victims.

There is only one effective war avoidance policy, only one pathway that leads us away from the brink of destruction and puts us on a road to a glorious future that will carry mankind towards its destiny not only on this planet, but in the universe beyond: We must reject and walk away from the British Empire, and work ever more closely with Russia’s President Putin and China’s President Xi in bringing about the new just world economic order, based on creating real physical economic values that will improve mankind’s productive and creative capacities, including here on the African continent. It is precisely such a program that has been advocated for more than half a century by Lyndon LaRouche, the American statesman and the world’s leading economist, and his wife Helga, long known as ‘the Silk Road Lady’ for her advocacy of the same development policies that are now part of President Xi’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ program.

It is the Bitch Queen and her Brutish Empire that fight against the common interest of mankind for peace, prosperity, and progress. Yet, even in its own home, the Empire is weak, as the Brexit vote shows. We have a unique opportunity to kick the British Empire to the curb of history, once and for all time.

By joining the BRICS alliance, the current government of South Africa has placed our nation in alliance with Russia and China, and the progress they represent. Doing so has earned the Zuma government the enmity of London and its toadies in Washington who are attempting ‘regime change.’

But yet, that same government remains a loyal member of the Queen’s Commonwealth and curries favour with London, even as representatives of the Empire and its allies in Washington work to break up the ANC and overthrow the Zuma government. How can that be?

If Britain can leave the EU, we can certainly act to protect our future and leave the Queen’s Commonwealth. There can be no holding back now. We must have a full break with the British Empire and its institutions! Do we have the moral courage to do what we must do? I say we do!


Ramasimong Phillip Tsokolibane 29 June 2016

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