Thomas Isidore Noel Sankara has become known as Africa`s Che Guevara. He was young, courageous, he was a revolutionary, he was brilliant and he was most importantly – for real. He genuinely cared for and loved his nation.

He is referred to as a Marxist like somehow his ideology was communist and that this is what likens him to Che Guevara and what made him a threat to the imperialist establishment that had him murdered. That is just an intellectualized political glaze. Sankara was a threat for one reason alone. He was a threat because he was good man, an incorruptible man of integrity.

He was only a Marxist in that he used the brand image of those times, the 70s and 80s.The brand image for a warrior of the people. I can`t see a man as strong, capable and `true` as him bowing to the ugly old image of Karl Marx. He was better than that. He simply used a basic ideology- that the people of a country form the nation and are the country`s greatest value and that all men and women are equal. Unlike Karl Marx who was in reality a British imperialist agent supported by the establishment to undermine revolution in Russia, Sankara given the opportunity of being in leadership, did not form an elite to rule his country as those who `are more equal than others.` Privileges were never granted to anyone in Sankara`s cabinet, least of all to himself.

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Who knows where Sankara`s economic policies would have taken Burkina Faso. It seems difficult to imagine communism having any long-term hold over an African nation because it is alien to people who live in regions that have or should have a state of abundance. Communism is an idea based on scarcity, scarcity of wealth, not enough to go around so everyone must forfeit. No way could such thinking work for any length of time in a place like the DRC where the land produces and contains enough not just for the nation but for the whole continent. Try and fit an exuberant Congolese spirit into the straight jacket of communism, they would burst the seams in seconds, take the straight jacket and tailor it into some wild designer outfit and start a new fashion.

Sankara used Marxism to uplift the mental attitude of his people, to rid people of the idea that they must bow down to figures in authority and that women are inferior to men. In this way he changed Burkinabe society that had two root causes of its hierarchical nature. One was colonialism and the other was feudal tradition.


Under Sankara, the Burkinabe were modernized. Here I would like to point out the single most important element of Sankara`s thinking which is a fundamental so lacking in today`s intellectualizing among many African people : Victimhood.

Look at a documentary of Sankara. You see a man who is beautiful to look at. It is not just that he has strong, handsome features. He is very often seen to be laughing, smiling, like his innate sense of humour could never be contained. Humour and victimhood can never live in the same body. Sankara was proud, strong, compassionate with an almost Christ-like inner light. His face shone full of light. That light was based on his own sense of worth, his own self-empowerment. He was capable of achieving anything. What he achieved in a mere 4 years was a unique miracle for Burkina Faso. Thomas Sankara was not a victim. He was not a victim of racism, religion, colonialism, imperialism or tradition. He did not believe in what is rapidly becoming Africa`s intellectual mantra – victimhood.

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He taught this thinking to his nation. He taught them that they could achieve whatever they set their hearts and minds to achieve. And in a mere 4 years- the results were a miracle.

For example in order to develop a rare-Earth metal mine in Burkina Faso, a railroad was needed to transport the ore across the country. The vile old World Bank refused to loan the money to Sankara`s government so Sankara literally got a pick and shovel and started building the railroad by hand. He led by example and this railroad was completed mostly manually by the efforts of the nation. Other infrastructure projects followed such as a network of roads that spanned the entire country to assist commerce and get produce to markets. Millions of new homes were built for which brick factories were needed and which all contributed to the most essential element of development – employment.

In this sense Thomas Sankara was Africa`s Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He started Burkina Faso`s New Deal and just like that magnificent American president, Sankara did it for the benefit and re-building of the nation.

All this sounds so idealistic in today`s climate where we are faced daily with the ugly images of our mostly vampiric government representatives. I often look at the faces of African leaders and think to myself how incredibly ugly they are, evil faces of the instruments of evil. Where are the men and women who shine with an inner light like Sankara did? Just where the hell are they? All we have is the rodent-face of Kagame or the ogres of Uganda and South Africa. The gross eaters, the pigs feeding at the trough while the children of their nations go hungry. Many of these ugly politicians are even part of the satan-worshipping Illuminatti. They literally worship the devil, satan worshippers who sacrifice children for riches.


Sankara was informed that his traitorous `friend`, Blaise Compaore,  was plotting to murder him. That is on record. He was asked by the general who informed him if he wanted Compaore to be done away with. Sankara`s response was that -“We will not behave like them”.

And so he was himself murdered. His body was according to the autopsy performed a few months ago, completely riddled with bullets. So a family was robbed of a husband and father,  and a nation was robbed of  many generations of prosperity.

But how is he remembered? And how is Compaore remembered? Compaore will go in the trashcan of history. He will go in the rogues gallery along with Bush, Blair, Obama, Hollande, Dos Santos, Zuma , Ouattara and the rest. That band of the Bankers` brothers in arms, that band of robbers, liars, thieves. That band of double agents who lied to their people, who stole from their people and gave to that corporate entity so it could wage more war and starve more children and fatten that inhuman elite who think they control the world.

thomas-sankara8          They murdered you Thomas Sankara but times are changing and what you said is true – they can kill a revolutionary as an individual but not his idea. You tried to teach us, all of us, Black/White whoever financially and mentally enslaved, about breaking the chains, about dignity, about not accepting the Bankers` rule by debt, about creating our own futures based on freedom.


Source : Robin Shuffield`s film – Thomas Sankara, the Upright Man

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