The Zionist Plan for Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo

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The installation of the Falasha Jews or black Jews in Kivu: What consequences for the DRC?

The president of the APARECO, Mr. Honoré-Ngbanda Nzambo, has launched an alarm call to the Congolese people and political leaders of the world denouncing the imminent conclusion of a secret agreement negotiated between the governments of Rwanda and Israel with the complicity of “Joseph Kabila” that is, everyone knows, the Trojan horse of Rwanda in DRC. This secret agreement covers a Machiavellian plan to implement, without the knowledge of the sovereign people of the DRC, a population of black Ethiopian Jews known by the name of Falashas (or “Falashas” for English).

But some may wonder where Mr. Ngbanda us he released another of his stories. No, it’s not a simple view of the mind nor a political invention of Mr. Honoré Ngbanda. This is indeed a real political problem whose origins date back to ancient times.

As a historian, we make it a duty to explain briefly but concisely, to the Congolese people’s religious and political origins of the problem and its consequences for the future of our country.

I. For the story of the choice of an African land.

By the late nineteenth century, the Jewish writer of Hungarian origin Theodor Herzl, one of the main initiators of Zionism, was convinced that the growing hatred against Jews made it difficult or impossible their integration in Europe. The latter being scattered throughout the world since, according to the Bible, the destruction of the Jerusalem temple also called the Temple of Solomon, under the orders of Emperor Titus by Roman legions in 70 AD. JC after a long siege of 2 years.

Theodor Herzl and the resonance of the Dreyfus affair amplified by the famous article “J’accuse” of Emile Zola, creating a clean state for the Jews became an absolute necessity to ensure their future and their security. To do this, he considered the idea of creating a Jewish state either Argentina or Uganda notwithstanding the ideal choice is and remains Palestine. Thus during the VIth Zionist Congress in 1903, Herzl presented his draft Jewish settlement in Uganda, then a British colony, to be used as temporary shelter – you never know (emphasis added) – the Jewish people. (1)

Indeed, the Ottoman Empire which still dominates on Palestine since the Middle Ages refuses to grant permission to the Jews to settle in the land of Palestine. At the moment, the choice of Uganda stated increasingly that the goal of Theodor Herzl and his friends was always to create a Jewish entity in Palestine.

Only during the VIth Zionist Congress held from July 27 to August 2, 1905 in Basel, Switzerland that a strong majority of delegates rejected the project “Uganda” in favor of Palestine because for them any attempt to implantation new state outside Israel was considered a grave betrayal in light of the Torah (Hebrew Bible). The “Uganda” was then definitively abandoned.
This cherished dream for many centuries became a reality following the formal vote at the UN November 29, 1947 in favor of the creation of the state of Israel in Palestine, some months later officially proclaimed by David Ben Gurion on May 14, 1948. This date is now commemorated as that of the independence of the State of Israel.

II. Why do we want to implement the Falashas in Kivu.

It should be noted right away that the Falashas are Jews fully in black skin. Hence the name of black Jews. They do not like the Ethiopian Falasha name of which contains, according to them, the negative connotation of “exile” or “migrant” in Ethiopia. They would much rather the name of Beta Israel more consistent with the name that gives them the Jewish religion (Judaism). According to tradition, two sources among the most serious historically attest to the Jewishness of the Falashas. On the one hand, they descended from Israelites who accompanied the Prince Menelik, a son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba when returning from Jerusalem to Ethiopia in the tenth century BC. JC (2).  On the other hand, the Falashas would come from the tribe of Dan would be a ten Israelite tribes lost after their deportation by the Assyrians in the eighth century BC. BC (3) We note in passing that nowadays, the historic Assyria lies in present-day Iraq.

Only in the nineteenth century that the Ethiopian Jews or Falashas come into contact with the western Judaism, in fact with the Jews with white skin. The fact that the religious practice of the Falashas is somewhat different from that of other Jews has greatly complicated their situation of non-recognition as such by others. But the religious authorities of Israel have ended, albeit belatedly, to recognize the mid 1970s the Falashas as being fully part of the community of the Jewish faith.

At this same time wars due to political instability prevailing in Ethiopia and also for famine had affected the whole world. The Israeli government, to rescue the Falashas of extinction risk, agreed to organize a huge airlift of several days, bringing them in waves in Israel. For them, it’s back, called “aliyah” in Hebrew, in the land of their origins.  According to current estimates, there are just over 110,000 returned Falashas in Israel. (4)

However, their integration into Israeli society is more difficult in many respects, as the Falashas are daily victims of discrimination and racism.

The secret negotiations begun several years ago between the government of Benjamin Netanyahu and that of Paul Kagame for a possible installation of the Falashas in Kivu are considered by the two interlocutors as beneficial – to the extent that they could reach agreement that would be imposed on the Congolese – to solve the recurring tensions that plague the cohabitation between the white Jews and black Jews in Israel.

III. The serious consequences of the presence of the Falashas in Kivu.

If unfortunately, with the complicity of world powers such an agreement were to be signed, the death knell of the territorial integrity and unity of the Democratic Republic of Congo would come! Because our country would thus be caught in a vise which he would not leave again.

On the one hand, Rwanda Paul Kagame, with the complicity of the Tutsi power embodied by “Joseph Kabila” in the DRC, intends to use the Falashas of implantation operation to pour heavily in the aftermath, hundreds of thousands of Rwandan population in the Kivu to complete while obscuring the Rwandan invasion. He will have benefited from the support of the powerful Jewish lobbies around the world, especially the American Jewish lobbies to stifle any reaction from the international community condemning this act of occupation.

On the other hand, the presence of the Falashas in Kivu would serve as a political cover for the Rwandan occupation will be sidelined. For under the influence of international Jewish lobbies, all industrial action and resistance from the Congolese people against the occupation of their lands will be presented to the world as the manifestation of primary anti-Semitism that would result Nations sanctions United!
We would then see the UN security Council to endorse hypocritically balkanization that would result from these mephistophelic maneuvers, pass resolutions to create buffer zones between the rest of the DRC and the balkanized part by arguing wanting to protect safety Falashas would be seriously threatened by the Congolese. And, according to a now classic scenario, a few years later, the same Security Council sanction by finally solving, self-determination of large parts of the occupied territory. There will then be the emergence of a federation or confederation between Rwanda and the (new) “country of Falashas” is still in the crumbling even the complete disappearance of the current DRC reduced portion congruous because of the successive secessions proclaimed here and there by the provinces, under the impulse of the same mafia lobbies.

The DRC will join Yugoslavia into oblivion countries that have been wiped off the world map by the will and interests of some countries and some multinational companies. But we still have the opportunity to write our own history by preventing méphistophélique this scenario to occur. We can all answer the call of patriotic resistance that we are launching APARECO and its leader to stand up against this project of death. It is not too late!

Done in Paris on August 20, 2016

José Yango W’Etshiko
SGA and spokesman APARECO Historian

(1) Barnavi E., Universal History of the Jews, Hachette Literature, Paris, 2002

(2) Friedmann, D., Children of the Queen of Sheba, the Jews of Ethiopia. History, migration and integration, ed. A. Métaillé, Paris, 1944. (3) Ankély-Yemini, L., “The Falashas of Ethiopia”, December 2002. (4)

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