We are going to keep watch over the lands of our country so that they truly profit her children. We are going to restore ancient laws and make new ones which will be just and noble…We are going to rule not by the peace of guns and bayonets but by a peace of the heart and the will.“…from his inaugural speech 1960, Patrice Lumumba, last  democratically elected president of the Congo, 1960.

The heart of Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo,is worth $24 trillion in untapped resources.That is the equivalent gross domestic product of Europe and America.

This is why 7-8 million people have died in the DRC since 1996.That is between 7 and 8 million civilians, ordinary people.That is nearly 8 million mothers, fathers, children,families, aunts, nephews, uncles, grandparents, ancestors, human beings like you, like me. All innocent, all unarmed.

The DRC has become a frenzied feeding ground for corporations, African and multinational where policy before morality is a given fact,where the human rights of a constitution are only upheld by those who hang onto the bare threads of the fabric of society within the country and by those hundreds of thousands who have been part of the mass exodus from what is hell on Earth.The  DRC feeding ground is surrounded by  its `caretakers`. Since Pres Mobutu Sese Seko was ousted in 1997, the DRC`s neighbours have raped and torn this region to shreds on behalf of their own economic interests and those of foreign corporations who pay their  African puppet governments through foreign aid.

This mother of all wars is not over.In eastern Congo violence continues, episodes not large enough to warrant media headlines, a few hundred here a few hundred there, a steady stream of  brutal murders and missing lives.One episode of thousands : the 6 June 2014 a village was attacked in south Kivu, men, women, the elderly and children,raped, hacked, disemboweled, shot to pieces. Butchered.Simply butchered.

The media will tell you that this psychopathic behavior is the work of rebel militias, rebel groups vying for power and diamonds. Like hell it is! What eastern Congo has been experiencing is genocide. Genocide from an arch genocidaire, Paul Kagame. A man who was prepared to mass murder his own people.

M23 rebels ARE the Rwandan army and their unofficial mandate is to cleanse east Congo of anyone who is not pro-Rwanda.The desired outcome being the annexation of Kivu by Rwanda.Dissection of the Congo has always been the  foreign power`s aim and the one thing that Mobutu had to his credit was keeping the Congo intact.

Rebel militias, rebel militias that rape, maim and kill at will, crazy gun-totting, weed smoking underage crazy gunmen in wigs.This is the contrived picture of African civil war.The camouflage for insanity, for evil, for chaos resonating perfectly in a racists image of black savagery.This has been the screen behind which respectable businessmen in suits have hidden whilst masterminding corporate control.

Where are `the blue helmets`?(local term for UN) What is MONUSCO up to in the Congo? Why not ask the people of Cote D`Ivoire, why not ask the people of Rwanda, why not ask the Azawad of Mali, why not ask the people of the Central African Republic?

Almost 50% of the MONUC ( UN Organization Mission in the DRC) annual $1 billion budget went to a mercenary, guns for hire security group contracted to` bring stability` to the DRC. So decently called Pacific Architects and Engineers!This company is a mercenary force no different to a gun-toting, weed smoking militia outfit, they just look respectable on paper.They perform the same function that Blackwater and Denel perform in Somalia, that Executive Outcomes performed in the mother of all mutilation wars in Sierra Leone. And yes they work for the United Nations, they work for Multi National Corporations, oil, mining, diamonds, gold.

So who funds Kagame? Who funds fellow genocidaire Museveni? Foreign bloody aid.

We are not looking at underage gun-toting weed smoking psychopathic so-called rebel militia groups, we are looking at yet another Resources War, for corporations, by corporations, against other corporations whose mandate is policy before morality.Obama is a puppet, a PR man for the corporations that pay for his latest campaign. It is theatre for the public.Museveni, Kagame, Dos Santos, Zuma etc are corporate representatives, they are clients of mineral/mining corporations.

Why is South Africa `the big new muscle power` in the DRC ( and the Central African Republic) ?Are they there to keep peace and stability? This is a government which allows its police force to shoot to kill people protesting against abysmal wages.This is a government that on a daily basis demolishes the humble homes of the poorest of the poor and assassinates them.They don`t care about their people why should they care about butchering in the DRC. Jocob Zuma has vested economic interests in the C.A.R. and his family member Khulubuse Zuma has vested interests in the DRC. This is the nepotism of Mobutu of countless colonial puppets of yesteryear. Colonialism has not ended it is just a newer more sophisticated bunch of actors.Shit roles downhill, as they say, and the armed forces of these men reflect their inhumanity.

It is more than 50 years since the famine in the Nigerian province of Biafra. The event that first sent the African Poverty Porn machine rolling.As it is now past the official secrets act timeline we can learn who and why it was that tens of thousands of people were reduced to skeletal forms, lying in the Biafran dust for the world`s media to photograph.This famine, these deaths were because of oil, an oil corporation engineering and funding Colonel Ojukwu`s Biafran secession from Nigeria.

The people of eastern Congo do not have 50 years to wait to find out why their wives,mothers and children have been butchered in the mother of all killing sprees.

Who is the president of the Congo? He is not Congolese, he is Rwandan and his name is Hyppolite Kanambe. He is not even related to the arch gangster Laurent Kabila. He is the protege of Paul Kagame. Who is Paul Kagame? He is the protege of Roger Winters. Who is Roger Winters? He is the mastermind of a Zionist parasite within the American government. What is a Zionist? A Zionist is a banking operative, a person who represents the global monetary system , the Western corporate system, that IS the Empire in Africa.Roger Winter masterminded the Rwandan genocide to get rid of the Rwandan government and secure corporate interests of the region.He is responsible for the division of Sudan and backing of John Garang`s SPLA which has cost hundreds of thousands of Sudanese lives, exiled millions and renderered the people of Sudan scarred with the suffering of famine, mass rape and genocide. But all is well now in the new South Sudan, all is well now because 49% of South Sudan`s oil is owned by Glencore International.

“We are seeking the territorial integrity of our beautiful country and an end to the socio-economic conditions that we the Congolese are being subjected to.”Pastor R., representative of the Congolese diaspora in South Africa. There is love in this voice. There is love in this Man of God and there is love in his community of Congolese refugees.These people are the true Keepers of the Land and the Constitution of the DRC. But there is no place for them or their God given morality within the borders of their own country.

It is time now for the voiceless to be heard, for an end to butchering, for an end to lies, for an end to deception.”Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil. That put darkness for light and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Because we see now through your corporate veil of lies.Because we will raise the curtain and expose the true heart of darkness.Because despite what you do to us we remain in the Faith and we recognize our own God given humanity for our own fellow man.


  1. I’m profoundly grateful for the launch of this website. This is a sign and a testament to the very fact that our Continent’s future depends we the youths. This piece of article is highly inspirational , thought provoking and revealing . Thank you .

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