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Illuminati Files: Satanic Temple In Detroit Unveils Statue Dedicated To Baphomet

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FILE - This July 6, 2015 file photo provided by The Satanic Temple shows the sculpture an 8Ω-foot-tall bronze monument featuring Satan was cast from in New York. A group plans to unveil the 1Ω-ton Baphomet, which shows Satan with horns, hooves, wings and a beard flanked by two young children, at a private event in Detroit. The Satanic Temple says it advocates the separation of church and state. (The Satanic Temple via AP, File)

Baphomet Statue Unveiled In Detroit

This can’t be a good sign. A monument to Baphomet was unveiled this weekend in Detroit.

Via Detroit Free Press reports:

About 100 people crowded together on a strip of sidewalk in Eastern Market Saturday to pray and protest the Satanic Temple’s plans to unveil a Baphomet monument in Detroit later that night.

The group gathered across the street from Bert’s Marketplace, where the Satanic Temple had originally planned to unveil the bronze, goat-headed idol. But Bert Dearing said he gave the group back its $3,000 rental fee when he learned who booked the place.

A news release billed the unveiling as the largest Satanic ceremony in history. The event was ticket-only, and the location was to be given via email to ticket holders on Saturday.

“This unveiling will not happen in the City of Detroit on my watch,” said Bishop Corletta Vaughn of the…

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