The primary goal of the so-called Arab Spring was to get rid of Muammar Al Gathafi. The US coup of Libya was also the biggest bank job in history. $6 billion of gold bars are missing. Where is Libya`s 144 tonnes of gold? Rather than the desire for democracy being the common thread of Arab` Sprung’ countries, was, up until now, the lack of debt owing to the World Bank and IMF, the ropes of democracy.

Al Gathafi was painted by Western media and governments as the raving madman. The truth is the complete reverse. AL Gathafi represented an economic and ideological threat to the great pillars of Zionism-Britain, Israel and America.

Possibly his most terrifying trait for the pillars of Zionism was the fact that he was an anarchist, that is to say Al Gathafi did not believe in centralized government of the people. Why he did not head Libya in that direction is explained in the words of Julius Nyerere who coined the term `neo colonialism`. He said it was better to proceed with a one party state in post-colonial Africa as democracy was a detraction that colonialists would use to destabilize newly independent countries.

The institution of parliament in the world today is the backbone of modern traditional democracy. Yet such an institution is a misrepresentation of the people, and parliamentary systems are a contrived solution to the problem of democracy. Parliaments as instruments of government are essentially established in the name of the people. Yet this underlying principle is in itself undemocratic, since democracy as a system of government means the power of the people, and not power vested in elected members of an assembly, in the name of the people. As such, the mere existence of parliaments underlies the absence of the people, for democracy can only exist with the presence of the people and not the presence of representatives of the people. Parliaments have become a legal barrier between people and their right to exercise authority.” Source: The Green Book.

“The preamble to the UN charter says that the nations are all equal whether they are small nations or big nations. Is this the case? No. The permanent members of the UN are acting against the charter. The preamble to the UN charter states that we will not use military force unless it is in the common interest, common interest of all nations. Since the establishment of the UN, 65 wars, we have had, 65. And the victims are millions more than those who died in the Second World War. Are these wars, the military force and the aggression in the interest of all of us? No. It was in the interest of one, two, three, four countries or one country, but not in the interest of all the nations….Hypocrisy…65 wars, aggressive wars took place without the intervention of the United Nations to stop and check these wars….victims amounting to millions…member states of the UN initiated these wars…they enjoyed the veto given to them by the Security Council.

Nothing in this charter indicates that the UN will intervene in the internal affairs of a country…no country has the right to interfere in these affairs whether it is a dictatorship, socialist, capitalist or progressive system. This is the responsibility of the society. It is the internal matter of the people concerned of that country. This veto is not mentioned in the charter nor is it mentioned that one country can object to all the decisions that the other nations make. Who is this country that has a member seat in the Security Council? Who has given them this member seat? These four countries that have given themselves member status…the only country we have voted in (to the Security Council) is China. This was done democratically but the other member seats were not done democratically. It was imposed upon us. It was a dictatorial procedure that was done against our will.

The Security Council is an executive body for resolutions  by the general assembly only…The security council should be a representative council for all nations…all unions; European Union, African Union, Latin America (etc.) should have a permanent seat on the Security Council. Now the Security Council is security feudalism, political feudalism for those who have the permanent seats. It should not be called the Security Council. It should be called the Terror Council.

This superpower, the superpowers have interests, complicated interests and they use the power of the United Nations to protect their own interests and these (powers) intimidate and terrorize the Third World. The Third World is living under intimidation and terror. The Security Council since being established in 1979 has not provided us with security. Provided us on the contrary with terror and sanctions. It is used against us only………Grenada War…this country was attacked, was invaded even though it was a member state, using  500 warships and 7000 troops! It is the smallest country in the world. After the establishment of the United Nations, the Security Council…how does this happen that Maurice Bishop was assassinated? How can this be done with impunity? This was a tragedy. How do we now guarantee if the United Nations is good or not? Can we trust the Security Council or not? Then we have to check and investigate the bombing of the Somali. Somalia is a member state of the United Nations. It is an independent country. Who gave the green light for such a country to be attacked?

No country should be destroyed like Yugoslavia that was built step by step after it was destroyed by Hitler, then destroyed again just like Hitler….for imperialist, personal interest…a peaceful country like Yugoslavia…how does it face a tragedy like this? Then we come to the Iraq War, the mother of all evils…the invasion of Iraq was in violation of the UN Charter without any justifications made by super-powers who have member seats in the Security Council. Iraq is an independent country and member of the General Assembly. How does this happen? How is it theses super-powers attack it/ According to the UN Charter the United Nations should have intervened and stopped this invasion…no one used the United Nations Charter…it was discarded and chucked away. Why does the general assembly not investigate? Why was there any reason to invade Iraq?…The invasion is a serious violation of the United Nations Charter. Then the total invasion, the genocide, more than 1.5 million Iraqi people killed…those who committed the general mass murder against the Iraqi people should be tried. It is an easy job to be done to try Noriega or Charles Taylor but those who have committed mass murder against the Iraqi s cannot be tried by the United Nations International Criminal Courts. Either these courts are meant for all of us –big or small or we should not accept them…….Then how is it Iraq prisoners of war are sentenced to death? We want to know why the prisoners of war were not tried and released after the war but were sentenced to death. Who sentenced to death the president of Iraq…is there an answer to that…This is a civilized world…how should a member of a government, a president be murdered, sentenced to death and hanged? Who has the right? Are they legal people, are they members of a judicial system? How is it a president of a member country is sentenced to death…Then we come to Afghanistan. ..If the Taliban want a religious country then that is like the Vatican. The Vatican is a very peaceful place…Who says that the Taliban are an enemy? Who said Bin Laden is from the Taliban? He is not Taliban and he is not Afghani………Piracy may be a phenomenon of the high seas but in talking about the piracy along the Somali Coat…The Somalis are NOT pirates. WE are the pirates. We went there, we took their economic zones, we took their fish, we took their wealth…Libya, India, America, japan every country in the world, you name it. We are all party to this piracy. The Somalis have become pirates because they are defending their fish stocks, their economic wealth, the food for their children and now we want to address this matter wrongly. Shall we send the warships… all this marine wealth should be protected because it belongs to the Somalis and all the countries should stop disposing toxic materials along this coast…the solution does not lie in sending more warships to fight the Somalis.

Swine flu…..maybe tomorrow we will have fish flu….because we do make the viruses, it is a commission, it is business. The capitalist companies develop the virus so they can sell the vaccine….Medicine should not be sold…medicine should not be a commission, medicine should be free of charge.”

Muammar Al Gathafi makes the further point in the latter part of his speech that the Israel-Palestinian conflict is poisoning the region. He says the young generations of Israelis and Palestinians want a shared country. They want to live in peace. The Arabs have no conflict with the Jews, they are of the same blood, the same race. It is the refugees who came from Europe when the Arabs gave them refuge, it is they who are stirring hatred and violence.

That Muammar Al Gathafi was assassinated and his country overthrown in the exact manner of which he spoke about just two years previously in relation to the assassination of so many other world leaders who were presidents of countries who are member states of the United Nations; and that he was murdered in the particular manner that this was done will forever be one of the most shameful acts committed by the United Nations permanent members. In years to come Muammar al Gadhafi`s name will be remembered as it should be by not just by the Islamic world but by the entire world, as one of humanity`s bravest leaders. Gadhafi`s vision had the potential to reverse the harm done in this world, it had the potential to create in Africa a situation which should have arisen fifty years ago.His vision of anarchic `government` may well be the model humanity one day chooses, and why not it was working very well in Libya prior to Libya`s dismemberment. Gadhafi will be remembered as a great man, one of Africa`s greatest, not so his  fellow actors on the world`s stage.