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The road is being paved for a future slave society, freedoms to be further restricted under TPP

While proponents of the TPP say the deal is ‘good’ because it reportedly will phase out some 18,000 trade tariffs–skeptics like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I/VT) say the deal is outright “disastrous” and for good reason.

But even more important to point out is a hidden clause, buried deep inside the deal [TPP], which may effectively restrict aspects of the Internet in the near future. That’s right, after more than 5 years of strategic, intense, negotiations Trade Ministers from 12 Pacific Rim Nations, including the U.S., just concluded the first major hurdle of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), a move that may soon effectively change, limit, our use of the Internet as we know it. And believe it they know what they are up to. Although the plan still has to pass through a multitude of Congressional hoops Per sey–the Obama Administration still sees that the goal is within reach and will likely press hard in coming months to push it through.

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