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9 octobre 2015


I have been looking at this two organizations, and I found many surprising similarities in different categories. The reason I would like to share them is because I believe that globalization has not only linked world citizens, but also conflicts are more connected than ever before.

Spy webTraditionally we have the west with its colonial approaches to third world countries and other developing societies, and we have the eastern emerging powers, which to us Africans and developing countries means countering the west. In this era the eastern block is no longer a communist or a socialist led hemisphere so to say, but a mixed hybrid of self-sustained states like Russia Federation, China, Iran, supported or backed politically and ideologically by African nations like South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and other frontline nations with freedom fighting history. This coalition is stronger and bigger than most of us think.


  • ISIS/ ISIL has an ancient mentality of building a Sunni only Islamic state, run by SHARIA. They will call upon all Sunni Muslim across the world to join and concur other nations, disregarding international borders.
  • M23/ Hima-Tutsi Empire believe in ancient Empire of Tutsi domination, and creating a Hima-Tutsi Empire with other Tutsis sub-categories like Bahima, or even further more other Hamitic race in Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia. They will call upon all Tutsi and Tutsi categories young blood thirst all over the region, even all over the world to come and fight for one reason no other than “Tutsi Pride and domination”. All the fighters in M23, were current or former Ugandan Soldiers, Burundi, and Congolese, who have fought in each of those countries, fighting for so called “Freedom”. They have no loyalty to neither country except to “Hima-Tutsi Empire Concept” 


  • ISIS/ ISIL used brutality to bring population to submission. Mass beheadings of those who refuse to obey their religion, terrorism, destroying other cultural monuments..
  • RPF the forerunners to M23 used brutality from the beginning of their creation. In 1990 RPF used horrific torture like mutilating pregnant Hutu women to see what’s inside, raping women in front of their husbands and fathers, mass killings, and destroying everything that represent local Hutu population’s History.
  • M23 in Congo terrorized the entire region that their commander name was “Terminator”. They have literally wiped out entire villages of Bantus in Congo, decimated captured Congolese Bantu soldiers, even once captured hospital in Goma, killing every wounded or sick Congolese soldier.


  • Prior to Russia intervention in Syria, ISIS/ ISIL was highly publicized as the most trained and best equipped force, and that they were unstoppable. Once the western media gave them so much exposure that ISIS somehow became this super warriors in Middle East. Since the Russian and Chinese intervention in Syria, we all started to wonder what happened to that super soldiers we heard before.
  • M23/ RPF also had the same episode. In year 2012, M23 was outspoken by western media as the most trained, and professional Army in the region, and that no one would be able to stop them. M23 marched in Goma (Eastern Congo City) without any resistance from UN Forces or Congolese forces, cheered by the western media as the well dressed, well-disciplined soldiers in the region. It took a couple weeks for Tanzanian ground forces supported by SADEC countries to erase this mythical force M23

Social media

  • ISIS/ ISIL uses tweeter and Facebook extensively, recruiting and networking with youth across the world. It was so effective that kids in western countries begun to join at alarming rate.
  • M23 did the same with portraying an image of a civilized soldiers in an uncivilized world “Congo”, showing their leader greetings old men and women, flashing their new and crisp uniform, bragging how they will kill Tanzanian and South African soldiers and stack their dead bodies. They had a dedicated social media network that mirrors of the ISIS one today.

Western support

  • ISIS/ ISIL is the only Islamic groups that had not been targeted by United Stated Drone program. Despite their obvious targets like Tanks, Trucks, Oil fields, ISIS is not shy to parade a column of armored vehicle in streets of Iraq, all the way to Syria. Also ISIL financiers in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Arab Countries friendly to the west, have not been targeted by US Treasury for sanctions, for instance like US did to Russians because of Ukraine.
  • Through Rwanda, M23 received help in many ways; Rwanda received UN contracts for peace keeping in South Sudan, Central Africa republic, Haiti. Fully knowing that Rwanda itself is an oppressive regime. Weapons from those UN missions are the ones supplied to M23, and many soldiers from RPF took part in M23 incursion in DRC. Night vision devices were used in many night attacks on Congolese Forces inflicting a lot of casualties, those night visions were brought in by Rwandan Special Forces who are trained and monitored closely by AFRICOM (African Command; United States Command in charge of African Affaires). Despite Rwandan and Ugandan Tutsi Government involvement, Nor Kagame nor Museveni ‘people have been sanctioned by United States. In fact after M23 defeat, Rwanda went to Central Africa republic, and many M23 fighters are now in Rwanda enjoying hospitality

Intell/ Spy hub

Recently Rwanda which is M23 main supporter opened an embassy in Turkey. ISIS/ ISIL is also known to be based in Turkey. Many orders are received from Turkey in shadow meetings by shadow western spies. This is where everything happens. This is where money laundry from ISIS oils and other Syrian Art crafts take place, as well as Money from Rwanda wealth stolen from rich Congo.

There is also a main link to those who fight ISIS/ ISIL and M23/ RPF. They are all United States historic ideological nemesis. Russia, China, Iran, Syria.. And those who are known to be in bad terms with M23 and Hima Tutsi Empire are: South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, …

Syria might be the globalists’ battlefield in Europe, but the great lakes region is the battlefield in Africa. ISIS/ ISIL might be the western and Zionist creation in Europe and Middle East, but M23/(Hima Tutsi Empire) is their creation in heart of Africa. Colonialism had change tactics, but not characteristics. Brutal, merciless, greed.
Jean Paul Rugero Romeo

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