The South African Riots

It is 22 years since Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa. For 2 decades Whites have been legislated against in the employment market and public and private enterprises have had enforceable non-White quota systems under the State`s racially selective program of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) .

Since 1994 Whites have been legislated against on racial grounds. In South Africa,  Blacks, Indians, Coloureds and Chinese are categorized as non-Whites.

Whites constitute 8.9% of the population and Blacks constitute 79.2% . Coloureds constitute 8.9% and Indians 2.5%.

8.9% of Whites equals 4 586 838 people. Of those 4.5 million an estimated 1 million are now near destitute or destitute.

And yet according to the university students , the ANC government and South Africa`s government- in- waiting ; the EFF; Whites are responsible for the current wealth disparity and economic downturn.

The hate speech that comes out of the student protestors cannot be called racist because only Europeans can be called racist. So what do we call people who want to `kill all Whites` and `hope you are raped and murdered` because you are a White woman?

Is such hatred justifiable ? Such things are being said by a generation who never even lived under Apartheid so they will not remember its multiple evils such as free education and free health care for all poor people, Black and White. They won`t remember that the National Party raised the budget for Black education on average 30% every year since 1970. Which was a greater increase than any other department and which resulted in a literacy rate of 80% compared to Egypt 38%, Kenya 47%, Nigeria 34 %, Mozambique 26%.

Soweto during the height of apartheid was not a `ghetto`. There was and still is extreme poverty but at the height of apartheid in the late 1970s the living standards of Blacks were rising at 5.4% per year against that of Whites 3.9%.Soweto at this time had 115 football fields, 11 cricket fields, 2 golf courses, 47 tennis courts, 7 swimming pools built to Olympic standards, 5 bowling alleys, 81 netball fields,39 children’s playparks, cinemas, clubhouses, civic halls,365 schools,8 clinics and 2 technical colleges – all built by the State. Soweto alone had more schools and public amenities than most African countries at that time.[1]

In Soweto alone there were 2300 registered companies that belonged to Black entrepreneurs and around a 1000 private taxi companies.

The Blacks of South Africa had more privately owned vehicles than the entire population of the Soviet Union at that time.[2]

That is written not in defence of apartheid but in defence of the truth as to what apartheid entailed as what is being said is lies and propaganda.

Katlego Disemelo  is a PHD student at Wits University (Johannesburg) and is a spokesman for the protests says:”The demonstrations have grown to be a national movement of solidarity….Far too long have we black and poor students languished under the yoke of perpetual struggle just to get an education. That is the chief impetus behind our struggle.” Which he claims is “”having shone light on the heinous blight of institutional racism and exploitation in South African higher education..”[3]

Across the country students have acted out their grievances against “institutionalized racism and exploitation” by spreading human faeces on campuses, setting fire to campus buildings including an entire science lab,  and burning university artefacts and paintings that depict White people. Campuses were spray- painted with ” Fuck black exclusion” and ” Fuck white people”. Among the leaders of the protests at UCT (Cape Town) was a young man called Itumeleng Molefe who is the `financially struggling` son of Brian Molefe, millionaire and CEO of Eskom who earns R15million per year. Itumeleng Molefe has never experienced any form of poverty or `Black exclusion`.

Black exclusion from higher education is in fact an impossibility because in order to qualify to study medicine at Cape Town University (UCT) a White or Indian student must achieve a minimum 78% average for their final school exams. A Chinese student has only to achieve 73%. A Coloured student needs 64% and a Black student a mere 59%.[4]

Quota systems based on Black Economic Empowerment also apply to universities. Preference is given in order of the majority ethnic group and therefore X number of placements must be given to Blacks before Whites are even considered regardless of academic results.

Another of the students hashtag demands is to abolish the use of Afrikaans in all universities because it is `the language of the White oppressors`. In fact Afrikaans is spoken as a first language by more non-Whites than it is by Afrikaners. 13.5 % of South Africans,6 855 082 people, consider it their mother tongue. It is the language of the Coloureds in the Cape Province and widely spoken by Blacks in large parts of Mpumalanga, Gauteng and the Free State. It is a growing language with a rise of nearly a million speakers since 2001, making it SA`s third language. In neighbouring Namibia nearly 12% of the population speak Afrikaans most of whom are Black Namibians.

Defacing and removing symbols of oppression in South Africa became a national past-time last year, mostly led by the Economic Freedom Fighters which is an extreme radical hate-driven party led by ex ANC Youth League leader – Julius Malema, who is allegedly funded by Jewish billionaire Nathan Kirsh ( resident and `owner` of impoverished Swaziland) presumably for the same destabilizing purposes that his globalist Jewish bed-fellow George Soros funds his multitude of NGOs in Syria, the Ukraine and elsewhere.[5]

A statue of King George V was covered in white paint in a call to end white privilege, Queen Victoria was defaced along with a monument to Mahatma Ghandi and Martinius Pretorius. Ghandi we all know about, Martinius Pretorius was the first president of the South African Republic and the man who wrote its constitution which was based, contrary to commonly held myths about South Africa`s history, not on racial prejudice according to skin colour . Only Boer/Afrikaner citizens could vote in the Republic, anyone else White or Black were prohibited.

In Durban, Fernando Pessoa` s statue was defaced in red paint and the words written `EFF response – end white privilege`, in a “a stand against  a symbol and reminder of apartheid oppression. [6]

Fernando Pessao who lived in Durban at the turn of the 20th century is considered Portugal`s greatest poet.

I am nothing

I shall never be anything

I cannot even wish to be anything

Apart from this, I have within me all the dreams of the world

Even the horses of the Boer War were not spared from the virulent hatred of the `end white privilege`. A monument to the animals that died in the Boer War was dismantled on the 6 April 2015.This symbol of` White oppression` depicts a soldier offering a drink of water to thin and war-weary horse. Underneath are written the words …`The greatness of a nation consists not so much in the number of its people or the extent of its territory; as in the extent and justice of its compassion`.

The statue of Cecil John Rhodes was covered by students in excrement and on 9 April removed from UCT, denounced as the symbol of White imperialism. The students complete lack of intellectual and historic interest in the presence of that unpleasant individual in South Africa`s history showed more about them and their movement than it did about the statue`s removal. The Boers of the Boer Republics considered Rhodes their greatest enemy and the greatest threat to their freedom. Two thirds (26 000) of their women and children died in the world`s first concentration camps in South Africa`s war against British imperialism. But the Boer Memorial to those deaths meant nothing to a new breed of `rebels` in search of liberty from oppression.

The protestors hatred blinds them from a wealth of information, freely available on the internet which explains the most significant role that Cecil Rhodes has played in the creation of a financial empire that currently has all citizens of the Western world enslaved. On his death, Rhodes was one the wealthiest men in the world and left the vast majority of his estate to Nathan Meyer Rothschild. He also formed a scholarship to Oxford University, the Rhodes scholarship.

It is quite laughable to see that young South Africans enjoying that scholarship are demanding the removal of Rhodes`s statue in the grounds of Oxford University. One such student is Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh who is leading the Rhodesmustfall movement in Oxford. Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh has enjoyed privilege and wealth all his young life on a level the  majority of people in the world have never experienced. His father Dali Mpofu is a prominent politician and former CEO of the SABC (South African version of the BBC). After bringing the SABC to bankruptcy, Mpofu resigned with a golden bonus of R13.4million.He has since become a leading member of Julius Malema`s Economic Freedom Fighters. Before attending Oxford the young Sizwe was a student at St Johns which is South Africa`s most prestigious and exorbitantly expensive private school. And like Eton, the grooming ground for the State`s ruling elite.[7] Young mister Mpofu-Walsh is fighting imperialism from its very own pedestal, whilst enjoying the cream of its fruits. He and his comrades are the most obvious synthetic revolutionaries.

The ANC government`s role in `fighting racism and apartheid` in present day South Africa is the cheapest, oldest and most pathetic trick in the book – inventing enemies for the purposes of popularity, the old blame game. On the 19 February this year the ANC mobilized thousands of supporters in their latest bid to secure votes and counter-act the current destabilization.

“We are not in a protest march. We are in a march for building. It’s a positive march. We want to build a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society. We are not marching on ourself. We are mobilising society to appreciate that building the ideal South Africa is not an event, but a journey….Freedom on its own is not sufficient. What we achieved in 1994 was the beginning of a long journey, not the destination. We’ve not achieved economic freedom. That economic freedom required a united people. If we’re not united, the land reform will remain distorted. Poverty, inequality and unemployment is traceable to land hunger…..We must have access to land. Our people must have access to land” Said Gwede Mantashe on behalf of the government.[8]

Once again the Whites are held responsible for the State`s ills in a Zimbabwe style removal of all White farmers who are currently dying at the rate of 1 every other day in homicides that defy the word sadistic.

Who is to blame for the gross unemployment in South Africa, the  malnourished and starving children, the crime  that makes Johannesburg the rape and murder capital of the world, the impunity of criminals facing the current legal system and the spiralling trend of desperation?

Of all the statues and monuments  that were doused in paint and shit, Paul Kruger, Queen Victoria, Cecil Rhodes and the horses of the Boer War not one of South Africa`s protesting intelligentsia even thought to give the privately owned Reserve Bank of South Africa, a passing curse. They completely missed the only monument in honour of oppression.


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