The Sick Evil World of the Western Oligarchs

Source: The Sage of Quay Radio Hour

Sage of Quay Radio – Sofia Smallstorm – Pedophilia: Domain of The Beast (Dec 2016) 

Published on 12 Dec 2016

Tonight Sofia Smallstorm returns to the show.

Sofia offers her insights into the dark occulted world of what she refers to as “The Club” and how this parasitical entity is behind the systematic desecration of humanity through crimes such as pedophilia.

Our discussion is based on two of Sofia’s recent newsletters – her October newsletter where she take us through The Club and it’s pervasive influence within society and also her November newsletter where she shares her thoughts on the John Podesta emails and Comet Ping Pong which many researchers believe is a glimpse into the sordid world of elite pedophilia. Sofia’s newsletters are subscriber based. Please visit her website at for details on subscribing.

** The views expressed during this show are opinions and observations based on the information available to us at the time of this recording. We are not accusing anyone of criminality. We are simply expressing our thoughts as free thinkers. **

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