God gave humanity 2 wonderful things

beer and history, beer to forget the history and history to remind us not to just drink beer

The history of Rwanda makes you just want to drink beer because it is so bloody awful.What is history- history is a plot with a storyline. A good plot with villains and heroes, good guys and bad guys, winners and losers but the official narrative is always the storyline according to the winners.The history of Rwanda is shit, really shit, like the history of the DRC is shit shit shit. I am really tired of all the shitness, I am really tired of seeing the latest mutilations from Eastern Congo – like the little girl from a village found with her throat slit. She was only 9 years old and there is a picture of her father beside her grave on Ikaze Iwacu. Sometimes I look at that man`s face and I am ashamed of myself for wanting to stop writing about all the shitness in central Africa.It`s like another photo I can`t get out of my head – another really shit photo of shitness in Africa, that bit of African shitness was in Somalia, 2011 when a toddler was sat next to the body of his starved-to-death mother.Just more shitness…

And then comes the official narrative, the winner`s history – drought in Somalia and rebel militias in Eastern Congo and Kagame and the RPF saved Rwanda.You know damb well it was food shortages in Somalia because the Somalis are being starved into submission and you know damb well that the psycho-freaks on the loose in DRC are foreign forces from neighboring countries with massive aid budgets and you know damb well Kagame is King Genocidaire of the genocidaire Rwandan army.And then you read the headlines – British foreign aid to Somalia and Rwanda and Sierra Leone and any other God-forsaken area of African shitness – increased by millions, and the Blairs. The Blairs follow the trail of African shitness.It works like this : real shit with full on butchery rape mutilation famine and mass displacement followed by huge aid from Britain and permanent residence for AGI in latest African shitness zone. Yes African Governance Initiative ( Tony- Client of various global corporations -Blair ) is not yet in government residence in Mogadishu or Kinshasa but it did sniff out the shitness of Ebola and is homing in on Guinea while redefining the Rwandan and Sierra Leone governments to govern good.


Tony Blair with Alpha Conde of Guinea-  Photo AFP/Getty -Telegraph UK

What is with folk? Why can`t they realize British foreign aid budget and the Blairs are not following the trail of African shitness, they are leading it?

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