31 mai 2015


In the past few weeks all Rwandans and Africans in general were mesmerised, interested and focusing at political events engulfing Burundi. In my next article I will be looking at political and military flame eclipsing Burundi, where I will be analysing mineral dealings between the Kagame family and Gen Adolf Nshimirimana, a business partnership which ended in 2013.

10690091_10153366642110229_6442842335802711768_nIn my next article, I will also be looking at how President Peter Nkurunziza out manoeuvred Rwanda’s psychiatric ruler, in what is known as the political chess game. However, in this article I will be reminding Ikaze Iwacu readers about the numerous foreign trips which have been made by Rwanda’s jackass ruler. As we approach mid-year, readers will observe that 98% of the foreign trips made, they are all personal, non-essential, useless, and goalless. They have nothing to do with state issues like economic wowing or attracting foreign investors to Rwanda, but his personal grandiose as a showbiz and celebrity president.

Who rules Rwanda when the celebrity criminal is on his nonstop mobile trips?

From the beginning of this year, Rwandans have been witnessing DMI staged campaigns of changing the constitution especially article 101. Every day, signatory papers and petitions that reinforce the need to change this article are arriving at the Parliamentary building in Kacyiru. « Nyumba Kumis » (very low level leaders) who work as first step in Kagame’s intelligence service network are moving from house to house forcing their respective local residents to sign these petitions, companies, social groups and cooperative organisations are being intimidated into coming out to support the constitution amendment proposals. Now church leaders are being forced by Jack Nziza’s agents to be in the flay and they have now started singing the constitution amendment songs.

Her ADEPR leader is writing the last word on the cartons containing letters asking the parliamnent to amend the constitution

Top RPF sycophants are on media and airwaves campaigning and lamenting at how they want criminal Paul Kagame to stay in power, and continue with his “great work.” What these sycophants are forgetting is that their criminal ruler does not live in Rwanda. Bigger part of the year he is on air causing air traffic, living in expensive top world hotels, giving substandard lectures to university student in different capitals of the western world and when his in Rwanda, the criminal ruler spends his day time in bed sleeping and at night he will conduct meetings with his assassins and witchdoctors.

Dear Rwandans, the real president of the republic of Rwanda is umufumbira Jack Nziza, a man that has no single roots in Rwanda from either paternal or maternal side, a 100% foreigner. The RPF sycophants need to change their tune and start singing “we need Jack Nziza to stay and continue his good work.” While criminal Paul Kagame is trotting the world, its death merchant Jack Nziza who stays behind ruling Rwandans like a batch of unwanted beings. Even when Criminal Paul Kagame is in Rwanda, it’s still death merchant Jack Nziza who enforces all aspects of government controls and operations.

Gen Jack Nziza

A senior RDF officer told Ikaze Iwacu that, “Jack Nziza is everything here, he is the real president and prime minister. He has an office at Village Urugwiro, from where he controls all aspects of the state once president Kagame is out of the country. Now, he is even chauffeured around in armoured-bullet proof Landcruiser, which was given to him by President Kagame.

He is the appointing authority; his shadow lingers in all aspects of Rwandans life, as he controls them in an open prison. With all these powers, the man lives under constant fear as he knows that Rwandans of all walks of life loathe for his life, this is why he is rarely seen in public and when he appears in public, he is more guarded than Kagame.”


Rwandans by now know that their jackass president loves blings, which was accumulated through corruption and plundering, the criminal is enormously wealthy but he never gets satisfied. He now owns 2 jets worth $150 million as they were upgraded with anti- missile censors. Today I am not writing about his different off shore accounts, businesses in Rwanda and abroad or his mansion estates chucked all over the world. I will be looking at one of his jet, the Bombardier Global Express BD- 700, the ZS-XRS ultra luxury VIP jet, criminal Kagame calls this jet his “little baby.”

Her local leaders are looking on while people are signing letters to ask the amandement of the constitution

Between his two jets, this is the jet which he usually travels in while trotting the globe in his endless vagabond roaming; his travels have tremendously surpassed those of the UN secretary general or any USA secretary of state. He upgraded his private jet with a resting cabin, a small shower, a 57 inch TV, where he watches his games of thrones, house of cards, the blacklist, street outlaws, stalker and when the queen is on board, she loves watching scandal as it has too much of political thrillers; because of watching Scandal series, queen Jeannette Kagame now adores Kerry Washington and considers her as one of the best actors in this decade.

16665107223_598808c30a_kRwanda’s criminal ruler has now a taste for exotic food and new music taste. While on air, in his useless Vasco da Gama trips; as he reads books or revising his presentation notes, he is always listening to Nina Simone songs or Kadongo Kamu music by Paul Kafeero. You may blame the criminal in all other aspects, but he is a well informed individual; from movies, TV series, sports or any other street rumours, Paul Kagame is always there.

2015 air trips made by Rwanda’s mobile Jackass criminal

  • 31st December 2014 – 2nd January 2015: Spend his New Year holidays with his family in Mbarara at his Masha farm, the criminal was surrounded with his Ugandan friends. The Sajya man was feeling at home.
  • 20th- 24th January 2015: The Rwandan criminal as usual attended the World economic forum in Davos Switzerland. Throughout his ruling years, Tony Blair his public Relations chief and propagandist always secures his invitations as a speaker to this event.
  • 29th – 31st January 2015: He attends the 24th AU summit in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.
  • 10th – 12th February 2015: He attends an EAC meeting in Kampala Uganda for the north corridor project.
  • 18th – 20th February 2015: He Travels to Nairobi Kenya for an EAC summit. Another useless meeting just days after meeting the same presidents in Kampala Uganda.
  • 27th – 28th February 2015: He Attends a UNESCO conference on International telecommunication Union in France.
  • 3rd – 4th March 2015: He was commissioning the opening of a 140 MW Geothermal Plant in Naivasha Kenya. Rwandan’s criminal ruler looked happy, those who saw him or the photos thought the electricity plant was being commissioned and opened in Rwanda.
  • 12th – 13 March 2015: He attends the economic development conference in Cairo Egypt.
  • 14th – 16th March 2015: He attends the Education Forum in Dubai. The criminal ruler flies from Cairo to Dubai to preach on education. Yet in Rwanda he has destroyed any sense of Education.
  • 26th- 27th March 2015: He attends the regional investment forum in Dar es salam Tanzania.
  • 15th – 19th April 2015: he flies to Ethiopia for a State visit.
  • 19th – 21 April 2015: From Ethiopia, he flies to Algiers for a 3 day state visit.
  • 26th – 31st April 2015: He travels to Los Angeles for a Conference at the Milken Institute. On his way he stops in Washington to visit his children who study in highly expensive private schools and University, at courtesy of Rwandan tax payers.
  • 7th – 10th May 2015: He attends the St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland.
  • 13th May 2015: He attends the EAC’s special meeting on Burundi; the meeting was held in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.
  • 16th- 17th May 2015: He attends the Mali’s peace initiative conference in Bamako Mali.
  • 17th – 25th May 2015: He travels to Boston USA where he attended his daughter’s graduation on 18th May, and enjoyed a little break with his family. On 23rd May he flew to Dallas Texas for a Rwanda Youth Forum.
  • 29th May 2015: He travels to Nigeria for Gen. Buhari’s inauguration.

As I post this article, Rwanda’s bling ruler is on air returning back to Rwanda from Nigeria, the final part of his travels will be posted in December, as we continue to monitor his extravagance, nonstop and useless trips. Dear Ikaze Iwacu readers, just have a look at the above travels made by Rwanda’s King. Criminal Paul Kagame is living a Saudi or a Qatar King’s life yet presiding over a banana republic country. What is the state’s return in all these useless trips??? Totally a big ZERO!! We have to also put in mind that Paul Kagame travels around with a big tight of security units which includes advance travel unit.


It’s important to conclude this article by passing special greetings to Ikaze Iwacu’s devoted readers within Paul Kagame’s criminal government. I would like to say « Akajambo » to death merchant Jack Nziza, when will you return to your home land in Uganda?? You have killed enough of us. When will you say enough is enough??? You need to go back to your home country, enjoy the ill gotten wealth and carry out some repentance!!!

I pass my « Akajambo » to mass murderer Fred Ibingira, of recently I have been enjoying your gimmick speeches which lacks any single content. What happened with your Burundi planed invasion?? Ehhhh when you are drunk people appreciate your eloquence in English, you ought to give some English coaching to Rwanda’s ignorant local government minister, Francis Kaboneka. Ehhhhh the master degree holder ate his tongue in Dallas while trying to speak the queen’s language.

My « Akajambo » to Louise Mushikiwabo, what happened to you on Thursday the 28th May 2015 at Heathrow airport is in despicable!! The British immigration officers don’t know that you are the foreign minister from the superpower of Rwanda?? How can they refuse you to enter Britain?? Ehhhhh, they have no respect to our powerful Louise Mushikiwabo!!! Akajambo to DR poison Richard Rutatina, you are no longer on the scene. What happened? Umufumbira president has put you in a quite « agatebe », if Umufumbira sends you to Rweru I wouldn’t shade any single tear for you, as you personally poisoned many innocent people.

Kabarebe, Kabarebe, Kabarebe, Akajambo to afande young girls!! How is the open prison called Rwanda treating you?? After writing about you, I understand Paul Kagame warned you against young girls and your Tiger wood behaviours!! Old behaviours never ceases, Ehhhhhhh you must be banging G4 girls from Burundi.

My « Akajambo » to fat mama Agnes Binagwaho, how is your health service racketeering going on?? You have totally destroyed the health services in Rwanda, diverting all the ministry’s allocated funds into Kagame’s accounts. Ehhhhh we know that you’re stressed and alcoholic. Big mama, whisky will kill you soon!! Big Akajambo to Rucagu Boniface, where are you hibernating, you are totally lost from the scene?? I hope you have been enjoying Evode Uwizeyimana machine tongue!! God bless us all against Kagame, RPF’s criminalities and its criminal policy.


By Our Correspondent