15 août 2015


In his tucked thin body which weighs at around 57 K.G per my last information, tailed under the comfort of Village Urugwiro, hiding under a roof of presidential guard protection brigade which is equivalent to 4 battalions. He has retreated from travelling; only venturing from his mansion under a cordon of tight security reminiscent of medieval totalitarian rulers. The cowardly movements of this criminal who tells the world that he is loved by 99% of the population, it’s trough heavy armoured cars, endless escorts and the senseless military check points. Given his behaviour, life style and his murderous spirit; Criminal Paul Kagame is the number one coward in Rwanda.

Paul Kagame surrounded by bodyguards, in Kigali. There was no single other person on the streets.

The murderous ruler lives in a medicine of constant fear; thanks to the work of patriotic Rwandans. His paranoiac level is hitting over the roof, true sons and daughters of Rwanda are surely driving him to the edge of the cliff and now, he has reached a point of no return. Soon, him and his RPF system will be joining past neo-colonial gangsters, past political criminals and genocidaires, who like him wrecked havoc in different parts of the world. The rate of underground decent taking place in Rwanda, soon the paralyzing fear engulfing our beloved nation will evaporate in the thin air.

Rwanda’s pretender lives in constant fear which surpasses those citizens he torments on a daily basis. While in his own backyard of Rwanda, the strong man pretender is 24/7 guarded by no less than a thousand guards (PGB, DMI, S.P and CID operation unit), security rotation in defence of the cowardly ruler at State House in Kigali is relentlessly enormous.

The number of guards at the killing field of Village Urugwiro is greater than that of Kim Jong-un. The shameful tyrant will always sing that he is loved by 99% of the population. The end game for the tyrant who chose to be deaf, dumb and blind, to peace and social justice is around the corner. Criminal Paul Kagame doesn’t even trust himself, neither his shadow nor those around him. As the saying goes – there is no soul which doesn’t yearn for peace; even Kagame.

But peace, he will never know for the rest of his devilish life. If anyone doubts his paranoia with paralyzing fear; watch the procession during the opening of a Complex owned by Bertin Makuza; where all the roads were closed for around 8 hours, as criminal Paul Kagame and his delegates strolled on the streets without any single person on the streets. Near the venue there were countless plain clothes killers at guard while he was inspecting his complex, now dubbed M. Peace Plaza.

This complex which was fronted as Bertin Makuza’s complex is in fact owned by the Kagame family, after hijacking his project and land; only forced to stay in the project as the front man. Of recently, criminal Paul Kagame has been heard telling the British ambassador that, “he is not the monster people claim he is”. Saddam Hussain, a poisoned fruit from the same tree as Paul Kagame once uttered: “I am not a monster; I am a lovely individual who is only in power to serve the interests of the public”.

Yes, 21 years has been too damn long to have put up with RPF tyranny but our relentless fight has driven criminal Paul Kagame to the end of his rope. Either he hangs himself or we will uproot him by any means necessary. For quite some time, criminal Paul Kagame has started realising that true patriots are starting to pierce through his “armour of invincibility”, rendering all his ghoulish sacrifices and amulets (“elluminate”) useless.

Like tyrants before him, the consequences of his reign of terror have begun to melt away the fear which his regime fed on for the past years. Now, criminal Paul Kagame is drowning in the sewage of his repressive regime. After unleashing every imaginable act of terror against the people of our peace loving Rwanda, he resorts to the oldest trick in the “book of tyrants”. Paul Kagame now has resorted to deceitful acts of sympathy and questionable benevolence such as his recent figures showing that around 99% are happy with his presidency.

His appointed parliamentarians’ are coming up with factious statements in support of their paymaster. The criminal dictator is secretly planning to release prisoners, but the majority will be petty criminals like street vendors, not prisoners of consciousness like our Hero, Madame Victoire Ingabire. I have to note that, the majority of prisoners under this criminal regime were illegally imprisoned without legal processes. The criminal regime in Rwanda is at desperate best; the net is closing in, it will be impossible for the criminal elites in Kigali to survive the mass movement which will soon engulfing the country.

Criminal Paul Kagame never does anything at the goodness of his heart. If he did that, he would have had friends. Everyone that was a best friend to criminal Paul Kagame ended tragically in a grave or in betrayal. Some Rwandans mistakenly assume that death Merchant Jack Nziza is a friend to criminal Paul Kagame. Jack Nziza is an enabler, a Ugandan mercenary who was hired by Kagame to kill and eliminate Rwandans at will.

Additional pressure, aside from the resistance of Rwandans which is bearing heavily on criminal Paul Kagame’s mind; the international organizations and governments are ascending on him with continuous pressure to relinquish power after the end of his terms. Different sources especially from his Anglo Saxon masters are pressuring him to diffuse the mounting political crisis, by beginning to lay down his “exit plan” some going as far as assuring him with legal freedom and protection.

The “genie is out of the bottle”; it can never be put back. As the genie got out of the bottle, his “Killer Ace” be warned, the reckoning time is around the corner. It’s time to distance yourself from the buffoon Kagame regime. The bottled –up bitterness against the RPF regime is soon erupting like a hot blast. Make sure the flames don’t catch up with you; the arm of the court will be merciless.

Criminal Paul Kagame has a lot to answer to Rwandans and their neighbours. This criminal and his marauding thugs will be defeated by all means necessary, under whatever circumstances. Like most Rwandans, a mere scratch on the surface is not satisfactory. We must dig deep down into the rot which the RPF has created during its reign of terror, and this reign must come to a closure.

There are no doubts that the wilfully ignorant sycophants of the regime and the advocates of “meaningless peace” will be at it again in their baseless defence of this dying but not yet dead regime. They have become masters at spinning reality wrong side up with their empty slogans “Rwanda is developing” and “Rwanda is a peaceful country”. Where were these hypocrites for the past 21 years when violence is the only solution Paul Kagame which he applies in every political situation?

If you want meaningful peace, you must be willing to fight for it. The sycophants will protest against any attempts to speak out truth or dissenting voices. They will try their best to sanitize criminal Paul Kagame for the sake of protecting their cheques, jobs and ill-gotten wealth. No “meaningless reconciliations” that can ever happen under the RPF terrorist organisation. There must be a new beginning in our beloved Rwanda which cannot co-exist with criminal Paul Kagame’s tendencies.



Within the RPF it’s known that Birtin Makuza is one of the supervisors of criminal Paul Kagame’s wealth. After the war in 1994, he became a friend to James Musoni and this is when he started working as RPF’s business partner. He became a whole sell importer of building materials, where he was allowed to not pay taxes/tax avoidance as all the profits where shared with James Musoni, obviously James Musoni represents criminal Paul Kagame’s interests.

The tax avoidance operations took place between 2000 to 2005, when James Musoni was still at inland Revenue as the deputy commissioner then Commissioner. This is the time when Bertin Makuza and co made a lot of money, but all these was for the Kagame family.


By Our Correspondent

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