Pope Francis has taken it upon himself to lecture the world not only on issues of religion but those of science and politics. The Catholic Faith is also now offering absolution from abortion.This is in light of recent disclosures made about Planned Parenthood policies in the U.S which cannot be called anything other than `human baby harvesting`.

These disclosures have exposed the wide-spread practice of Planned Parenthood`s commercial enterprise whereby aborted baby organs, tissue, body parts and brains are sold on the open market for so-called scientific research. Sanctioning abortion stands directly in line with the New World Order`s depopulation program. The Pope has openly called for depopulation by supporting the Carbon Tax and calling for a global policy of de-growth with draconian limits on energy production and a new frugal world order which will undoubtably kill the African dream of development and industrialization. This policy will firstly kill off the poorest of the poor and return the world, Europe included, into a new form of  feudalism whereby human beings will be denigrated to the lowest level of life on Earth with the well-being of the environment, animals and our planet superseding all human needs.

Here we come to the realm of Cecil the Lion. With any luck this bizarre news story has helped at least Zimbabweans, to realize that the Western world is stark staring insane, having lost any grounding in reality. Unfortunately Cecil the lion is not just symptomatic of animal rights extremism but of a new religion emanating from the United Nation`s itself.


imagePhilip J Briggs

This photo is of Lord David Attenborough speaking to the lion guardians of Amboseli, Kenya.Attenborough is a mouthpiece for conservation. But he is not just wanting to preserve African wildlife, his backing like that of the Pope`s,  of the United Nations climate and depopulation policies want also to preserve rural poverty in Africa. Attenborough is trapped in a time warp of Victorian- age explorers like David Livingstone extolling the virtues of the noble savage. David Attenborough is of the mindset of all imperialists, saviours of Africa, saving Africa from Africans.

Saving Africa from Africans, saving the Earth from humans is the founding principle of the United Nations occult religion. We are comfortable with this religion when we know it as Environmentalism but that is just the PR campaign behind the New Age Religion which is in the process of removing all religious tradition in the name of peace.

The Pope will be visiting 3 African countries later this year. He will visit Kenya, Uganda and the Central African Republic.He will no doubt be promoting environmentalism and climate change. The Pope will be pressing these governments to adopt the UN`s environmental policies of de-growth/sustainable development. But there is yet another reason why he should choose to visit the Central African Republic.

The C.A.R is a perfect example for the Pope to use of religious divide, Christianity vs Islam.And will use this to push for the unification of all religions, a one world religion under a one world government. Pope Francis is unlikely to be denouncing foreign interference in African states and the creation of humanitarian crisis for cover of military presence.


EU military operation in C.A.R. Issouf Sanogo/AFP/Getty Images

The Central African Republic has been experiencing a destabilization program run by corporate interests investing in the country`s bountiful resources. The sectarian violence has been engineered by foreign intelligence under a national psyop to create pro-Western regime change in a country where Chinese investment has the potential to bring peace, security and development to Central Africa. This has left the nation in a state of chaos and crisis. Nearly 500 000 people are displaced and currently refugees in neighbouring countries. Recent decisions to with-hold voting for the displaced and bringing the country`s election forward to October will dramatically affect the election results of this small population of under 4 million. The United Nations is currently running the country with a strong European Union military presence.




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