The Political Expediency of Climate Science

Here is a talk given by atmospheric physicist Prof Richard Lindzen. He explains the corruption of scientific thinking which has evolved from the spirit of inquiry into an  institutionalized, government funded tool for political agendas. In other words you can `fund` scientists to come up with the `right` answers.

According to the famous Russian Chess Master, Gary Kasparov, science in terms of fundamental invention, seems to have dried up since the 1960s. The esteemed American economist, Lyndon LaRouche,also pinpoints the 1960s as the decade during which the then free Western world began to collapse into corruption under the control of the bankers of Wall Street and the City of London.

Prof. Lindzen makes numerous astute observations including the connection between today`s environmentalist movement and its early 20th century appearance as the eugenics movement. Eugenicists believe in a master race. They were behind sterilization programs in the USA and Britain in the early 20th century.Margaret Sanger was an insane eugenicist who believed that it was cruel to bring children into this world. She founded Planned Parenthood. The environmentalists who are the driving force behind `eco-science` and the Climate lobby to restrict carbon emissions are modern day eugenicists because they too want to vastly reduce the global population. By restricting fossil fuel derived energy these policies will affect 85 % of the global population who are those who own nothing, ie, the 85% of people on Earth who are poor.

61RC8InYB5L   Prof. Lindzen`s recommended read by Russian Chess Master, Gary Kasparov and PayPal creators Levchin and Thiel – The Blueprint, Reviving Innovation, Rediscovering Risk and Rescuing the Free Market

Prof Lindzen`s paper entitled – `Climate Science: Is it currently designed to answer questions.` is available HERE

A pdf of another paper by Prof Lindzen `Science and Politics: global warming and eugenics`  is HERE

a brief excerpt from the above :

The thought that scientists would allow such an abuse of science is difficult for most laymen to believe. However, I suggest that what is happening may, in fact, be the normal behavior to be expected from the interaction of science, advocacy groups, and politics.

A study of an earlier example of such an interaction, the interaction of genetics, eugenics and immigration law during the early part of this century, reveals almost analogous behaviour.

Global Warming, Lysenkoism & Eugenics Prof Richard Lindzen



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